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The Easiest And Healthiest Way to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

If you are not happy with your figure and would like to reduce body fat the following advice will help to maintain your desired body weight. Out there are a lot of great remedies like herbs, specific diets, or body slimming devices that can be used to get positive outcomes but only the following method will provide lasting results. Which is balancing some hormones and it is possible to get results even without exercising because the body will use stored fat as energy source for all internal activity. However, exercise has incredible anti ageing benefits.

Burning internal fat without exercising is easy if you focus on balancing a few hormones.

It is the same strategy used to reverse the biological age. Which obligates the body to start using internal fat as energy source helping to release out that horrible inner fat. That's why, as an anti-aging coach, I know this amazing method to successfully lose weight that many nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors still ignore. And I'm going to share it below with you.

Many people harm their body by trying to lose weight by following the wrong advice.

Some of them lose weight temporally and later, they gain it again result of ignoring what I going to share next. Because it is superficial to only focus in eating a few calories and practicing a lot of sports. The lack of sleep, toxins, and stress promote overweight as well as I described in this other article I wrote. I mean, people don't gain weight just from food.

The Easiest And Healthiest Method to Lose Weight

The body automatically uses the internal fat as energy source when there is no insulin and cortisol released in the body. When they are liberated the fat-burning process is paused, no matter how much exercise you do, the internal fat will remain there. It is no used as energy source. If you practice a lot of exercise for a long time thinking that going to help burning fat, your body can stress and Cortisol going to be released blocking the fat-burning process.

The release of Insulin or Cortisol stops the fat-burning process.

Insulin is released in large amounts when sugary products are consumed, as energy drinks or soda. Many people drink them to have energy to be able to exercise longer and burn more fat but they are blocking the fat burning process. If they lose weight it is by sacrificing tissue and health. But to be honest, they almost never succeed and they get frustrated because they are trying so hard without getting results for ignoring what I am talking about here.

Every time you eat something, insulin is released and the fat burning process stops until insulin is completely diluted in the bloodstream. Sugar skyrocket the release of insulin, which blocks the fat burning process for longer. Also the release of cortisol causes the release of insulin. This is the hormone produced under stress, and by this pathway a person can gain a lot of weight if they are stressed frequently even if the diet is perfectly.

Many people are not obese they have deformed bodies because of hormonal imbalance. Everyone is beautiful but often the physical appearance is a reflection of the improper function of the body and nowadays many food products promotes hormonal imbalance. Even healthy fruits, vegetables and other products contain pesticides that greatly damage the gland function, the part of the body that produce hormones. For losing weight it is important to maintain estrogens, insulin, cortisol in low amounts and the thyroid gland working properly.

How to burn fat while you sleep ?

In order to burn fat while you sleep, you must eat early the last meal so that the body does not have insulin in the bloodstream, what activates the burning fat process by releasing growth hormone something that happens only when there is no insulin for hours. The time when your body sheds the most fat, even much more than during exercise, is when you sleep. It is more important getting quality and enough sleep(around 8 hours), than practicing a lot of sports what can stress your body creating sugars that keep your weight at the same.

During sleep is when the body remove out more fat even much more than during exercise.

Growth hormone is what activates the pathways to burn stored fat and use it as an energy source. This hormone is also released during exercise, but in much larger amounts during sleep, but if you eat dinner late, the release is delayed because in the presence of insulin the body does not release growth hormone. Therefore eating early makes your body burn much more fat, and release more growth hormone if you don't drink caffeine 8 hours before bed.

If you want to burn much more fat keep your body without insulin as much as possible after waking up by delaying the breakfast. A coffee with some coconut oil and little cream will not interrupt the fasting. On this moment your body is using the horrible fat you want to release out as energy source. But it is important that you push the breakfast little by little day by day.

People who eat a low nutritious foods, which are around 80% of the population of this planet, should consume supplementation to prevent very serious health problems result of the new life style. When you have enough nutrients in your body you can stay without food for longer time feeling ok. It has the opposite effect eating low nutritious food. Many people feel hunger very often because of the low nutritious food they eat, for best results introduce in your diet, sprouts, raw fruits and vegetables or follow the advice provided in this article.

Hormones Responsible For Weight Gain

The main hormones that promotes obesity are Insulin, Cortisol and Estrogen. Also the low production and activation of Thyroid Hormones and Vitamin D3 causes overweight. Estrogens are hormones that make things bigger and they are everywhere. Most people have no idea that toxins in foods, plastic containers, and other products act like estrogens inside the body promoting overweight. They are called obesogens and they promote obesity.

So, it is not only about your diet what you need to take care of, these toxins are also in deodorants, makeup products, and beverages in plastic bottles. But also in the foods that contain GMOs, like dairy, red meat, chickens, and farm fish that are feed with these foods with pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. As well as birth control pills and to clean your body from them follow the protocol described in this article and try to eat only organic foods.

These toxins could slow down your metabolism which is the worst thing that could happen to you if you want to lose weight. In this condition losing weight requires a lot of effort but other circumstances can make you gain weight like stress and lack of sleep. If you have sleeping issues buy an orgone generator and introduced it in your bedroom, this is the device that cured the chronic insomnia I suffered for 15 years. This is why I know that gonna help you.

During sleep is when your body burns more fat this is why is important to have quality sleep and if you sleep less than 6 hours the next day you will release a lot of cortisol the hormone that blocks the fat-burning process. Also, you will have hunger and cravings because your body needs more energy due to the lack of sleep. Then, if you want to lose weight the best is to sleep deeply for 8 hours, and if you wake up tired often introduce an orgone generator in your bedroom to solve this because high-quality sleep is needed to release growth hormone.

How to accomplish your weight loss goals ?

The best method to achieve the desired body is undoubtedly having a weight loss coach. An expert that shows you simple and easy steps to integrate in your lifestyle that help to maintain the ideal weight forever. Many people integrate short term solutions that improve the symptoms but do not solve the root of the problem. If you are interested in having me as your coach, I will hold you accountable and help you to look amazing and live much longer.

Losing weight is not about eating boring food and avoiding delicious meals, the problem is not the food but the way it is prepared. Some ingredients cause hormonal imbalance as excessive processed sugars and losing weight is only about balancing hormones. Some foods unbalance insulin and promotes an excessive release that can be reduced with herbal extracts or Apple Cider Vinegar. Which are some easy tactics that can be implemented.

My services are not for people who want to lose weight quickly to look amazing for a special event. I guide people who want to transform themselves to a new version and keep it forever. If you're over 40, you'll get a lot of benefits from my guide because my method is to help people reverse their biological age, but one of the benefits is cleansing internal fat. So, if you are interested talk to me in Telegram, my username is @Pranachy or book a session here. .

If you cannot afford having a coach, check out Biofit which is a weight loss supplement with 180 day money-back guarantee that I recommend because if you don't get the results you can call or email them next 6 months to quickly get your money back. However, the best thing, in my opinion, is transforming your lifestyle what can lead you to maintain your body in great shape and good health during your whole life and I will be happy to guiding you.

Revitaa is other supplement that I recommend you to check out, Which is very popular in Clickbank as Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. I do not recommend them to my clients, because using one solution for everyone is not a good idea, everyone is different and gaining weight due to different factors. Some people are gaining weight because of stress, others only need to detox their bodies, or improve the thyroid gland or liver function and so on.

Well, I hope this information helped you somehow. There is plenty of weight loss content in this blog as this article with 13 unique tips for losing weight and I going to publish much more information soon, so subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Pinterest to keep in contact. And before you go please check out these fat burning devices available in Pranachy store...

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