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3 reasons why you are unable to lose weight yet and the natural solutions

Updated: May 29, 2021

If you simply cannot lose weight this document will be of great value to you. As well if you have a child with obesity which is today a global pandemic. Most people imagine that obesity is related to calories and exercise but is more related to hormonal imbalance, pollution, and low-quality nutrition. This is why as an anti-aging coach I created Be Honest for helping people to lose weight after I noticed how superficial are the methods that most people use.

Losing weight is not about diet, it is about a lifestyle and if your goal is to lose weight or help your children with obesity you need to focus only on having healthy habits and avoid the pollutants that cause obesity. Next, I going to talk about toxins in many products we use as plastics that are making people fat. About how low quality sleep and stress block fat burning and the production of growth hormone, which is important for fat burning and I will tell you solutions that going to help you to finally arrive at your desire weight by balancing hormones.

Why low quality sleep increases obesity risk ?

Multiple Laboratory and epidemiological studies have linked short-sleep duration and poor sleep quality to obesity risk. This is because during sleep we burn fat and the growth hormone is important for achieving it. If you want your body to burn fat efficiently the sleep time is very strategic and achieving a quality delta sleep as well allows your body to burn fat successfully to lose weight. Delta sleep is the moment when your brainwave activity is in a delta wave. And there is more and more evidence of the correlation between peak growth hormone secretion and the occurrence of delta wave sleep according to this study.

The amount of time you sleep is important but as well achieving a delta sleep to your body produces more growth hormone which is important for reversing your biological age as well. As an anti-aging coach I know secrets to increase the production of this hormone and delta sleep is one of them, another is consuming GABA before sleeping, practicing exercise, and sleeping around 10 pm because your body works together with the circadian rhythm.

But not many people achieve delta sleep for many factors and I will describe below how low quality sleep increases internal processes that maintain you gaining weight but you can achieve easily a good quality delta sleep by having in your bedroom an orgone generator pulsing the energy at the frequency 3.5 Hz or lower. This is because the brainwave activity is influenced by the frequency emitted by this device, especially when you are not thinking.

If you cannot sleep well it can be the reason for your weight failure so introduce a generator for improving your sleeping. This is the device that cured the insomnia I suffered for 15 years and since the first day, I used a few hours I slept were very deep and I wake up feeling awesome. It is a device to clean electromagnetic pollution which is very unhealthy for you and your family, it promotes headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and so on.

I invite you to read this article with tips to improve your sleeping because by not sleeping enough and deep your body boosts cortisol what increases your appetite and make your body produce sugars even if you do not consume them. What peaks insulin the hormone that blocks fat burning. So, as you see lack of sleep can maintain you gaining weight even if you eat a few calories, or you have a ketogenic diet, or even if you are practicing fastings.

Obesity is a hormonal imbalance

Losing weight is only related to hormones and not calories and exercise. Even eating low calories can low your metabolism which is even worst and practicing a lot of sports stress your body what boosts cortisol, the hormone that creates sugar inside the body and promotes insulin, your worst enemy. This is why I launched my package Be Honest to help you achieve your desire weight after seeing how many people are doing everything wrong.

Even chemicals on plastics, animal foods, and personal care products cause obesity and I going to talk later about it but it is because they interfere with hormonal signals. Even before I talked about how important is to sleep well for losing weight and the reason has a connection with hormones as well. Grow hormone helps burning fat and melatonin another hormone that blocks insulin the hormone that stops fat burning, still talking about hormones,

Also, estrogens cause weight gain especially on the butt and hips of women and if you have a big belly could be because of cortisol, the stress hormone but as well for insulin resistance, I said insulin ? which is another hormone. And people are counting calories.

As you see gaining weight is more related to hormones than nothing else, of course, the diet is important but not only that, your whole lifestyle and environment. It is more important you avoid sugar than fat because it boosts insulin, the hormone that blocks fat burning and by counting calories, many people are consuming foods with low calories but block fat burning for days. This is why the keto diet is awesome but the best is to keep hormonal balance.

The hormones that you need to keep low are cortisol, insulin, and estrogens. Later I going to talk about the toxins that increase estrogen activity in society. They are called obesogens and they are almost everywhere. Regarding the exercise, it should be moderated otherwise cortisol is increased what activates insulin. On the other hand, the hormones that you need to maintain high are growth hormone, melatonin, and testosterone if you are a male.

It is important for your diet to maintain a hormonal balance and the best foods to eat are cruciferous vegetables. Every day you should eat them if you are trying to lose weight. They are simply the best foods for reverse aging as well and prevent cancer. And the worst foods to eat are conventional milk products and meat because the hormones and chemicals are given to the animals to make them grow fast what are hormones that arrive in your body.

For balancing hormones the best herbs to take in supplements are Ashwagandha and Chlorella. Ashwagandha is an herb that balances hormones and reduces stress and chlorella helps you to get rid of toxins inside your body that disrupt the proper function of your hormones. This alga is strategic to consume to detox your body frequently from chemicals introduced even by the plastics we touch or deodorants we use every single day.

This is why is important having a diet with foods that constantly eliminate those toxins from your body that causes obesity. And these foods are described in this article I recommend you to read because those chemicals that cause obesity are everywhere. This is why is important to include in your daily diet the foods that help your body to eliminate them.

Obesogens could be the reason for your obesity

If you are working hard to lose weight and it is impossible even if you are on a ketogenic diet and fasting often, it could be because of your exposure to obesogens what imbalances your hormones. These are artificial chemicals that contribute to obesity found in various food containers, baby bottles, toys, plastics, cookware and cosmetics. When these chemicals enter your body, they can disrupt its normal hormonal function and promote fat gain.

As I described before, gaining weight is completely connected with hormones and you need to focus on balancing your hormones to achieve your desired body and avoiding obesogens is mandatory because you can be gaining weight by your exposure to these endocrine disrupting chemicals that can interfere with any aspect of hormone action.

What is an obesogen ?

Toxins to which we are exposed almost continuously in the foods and beverages they consume and the products they use. These are chemicals that disrupt the body's normal homeostatic controls in such a way as to promote adipogenesis and lipid accumulation.

They interfere with your hormones causing harmful effects in both women and men. Some obesogens have not only been linked to obesity, but also to birth defects, premature puberty in girls, demasculinization in men, breast cancer, and other disorders. Unfortunately, many of these effects happen in the womb. When pregnant women are exposed to these chemicals, their child’s risk of becoming obese later in life may increase.

How do obesogens make you gain weight ?

By increasing stored fat, slowing down your metabolism, and lowering testosterone, which is a key fat burner. They increase the size and number of fat cells, they alter the hormones that regulate appetite, satiety, and food preferences. Also, they modify the energy balance promoting calorie storage, insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism in endocrine tissues such as pancreas, adipose tissue, liver, gastrointestinal tract, brain, and muscle.

3 reasons why you are unable to lose weight

How to avoid obesogens ?

- Do not consume beverages in plastic bottles and canned food. Even sodas are infested with pesticides which are endocrine disruptors that cause even cancer.

- Do not consume products with patheletes, instead, consume them with organic ingredients like these shampoos I found on eBay. These products contain those chemicals:

Nail polish, Skin Cream and Lotion, Fragrances, Deodorant, Hair products, Shampoo, Body wash, Diaper cream, Infant Soap, Body Wash, Face & Body, Paint, and Glitter Gel.

- Consume meat and milk from animals that grew up naturally without medicaments and hormones and they weren't fed GMO corn. infested with pesticides.

- Consume organic fruits and vegetables without pesticides, they promote obesity but as well horrible lethal diseases as cancer and deformation in your baby.

- Use a ceramic pan, avoid canned food and plastics as much as possible. From toys to foods in plastic packages. If you have plastic food containers and just can’t give them up, just don’t heat food in them, which can release the problematic chemicals.

How to detox your body from Obesogens ?

Because they are everywhere you need to consume foods and supplements that release them outside your body often. And it is not enough to buy a detox supplement like this one to expulse from your body these chemicals because often they just move from one area to another. This is why you need to eat cruciferous vegetables often, chlorella and milk thistle.

Watermelon is great to detox but if you want to lose weight do not eat any sugar at night and if you are following a ketogenic diet consume broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach, celery and beverages as green tea, Jiaogulan, and dandelion often. I already wrote an article with a protocol to detox your body through the diet often that I recommend you to read now !

Now you have an idea of how to lose weight successfully by keeping cortisol, insulin, and estrogens balanced. Insulin is the hormone that stops you burn fat to keep it low only eat 3 or 2 times per day and nothing between meals. Avoid sugars and low-quality food because it depletes your body from nutrients. For example, sugar and alcohol eliminate important nutrients from your body, your cells use them after you ingested them, if you consume often alcohol or fast food and carbohydrates take a plant-based multivitamin like this one.

I hope this information helps you to maintain in shape, healthy and beautiful. I wrote this other article with some secrets to look more beautiful and younger than your age with great advice. And if you found a lot of value in this article help me to spread this information on your social media and subscribe to my newsletter to receive emails from me each time I publish new content here. If you have not idea of what to eat to be healthy book a session with me right now by using this link. I going to be happy to meet you soon :)




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