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It is a waste of time to go vegan to lose weight and stay healthy

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

For whatever reason you've gone vegan, I'm proud of you and happy that more and more people are walking in this direction regardless of the purpose. But it is important for you to know that this diet is not the most beneficial for losing weight and reversing your biological age, even if it is much better than eating animal products and dead foods. Today, saturated with toxins, medicaments, hormones, and the suffering that I'd rather keep away from me.

But next, I going to tell you 3 vegan products important to avoid to fix this because they cause obesity, aging, and diseases and if you want to lose weight, improve your health, and reverse your biological age successfully is strategic to keep them away from your body. They unbalance your hormones, what promotes overweight and aging. Weight gain has more to do with hormones than what you eat and the glands can become unbalanced by frequently consuming the following products, which are suitable for vegans.

Go vegan to lose weight and keep healthy

What vegan products cause obesity?

Products with sugar

Foods with sugar cause obesity and aging. It is the first ingredient to avoid to reverse your biological age and lose weight because sugar skyrockets the insulin levels. When your body does not have insulin it burns the internal fat as energy source, which is accumulated to be used when necessary. And if you do not release the hormone insulin your body starts using fat as an energy source but consuming sugars release insulin in your body, keep it in mind.

The ketogenic diet is healthier and more beneficial for both, reversing your biological age and burn fat. I recommend it for vegans as well to maintain insulin levels low what makes your body produce growth hormone. Which is the "message" released by your body to say to your cells, it is time for repairing, cleaning fat and build new muscle and skin, among other thousands of great benefits. On the other hand, sugars deplete your body's nutrients.

But do not stop consuming fruits even if they are sweet because they have very powerful nutrients but for losing weight consume them less frequently and during the mornings only. But all the sugars in ultra-processed foods should be avoided as much as possible and so are soft drinks. They are vegan-friendly poisons, which deplete your body´s nutrients.

Eating sugar stops the fat-burning process within your body and it is accumulated as fat inside. The fat of many people you see with saggy skin is just a lot of sugar in their tissues. And it is very addictive so you need a good coach like me if you want to successfully lose weight with the guidance of a holistic expert and the support of a friend who believes in you.

So, book a session with me right now to balance your hormones what going to make your fat disappears and improve your health. Because many vegan foods have sugars and artificial vitamins and minerals that your body does not assimilate. They are not healthy especially for children even if they are Bio products. Consuming a lot of sugars is dangerous and in my opinion, the excessive sugar consumption has a connection with the main causes of death.

Go vegan to lose weight and keep healthy

Vegetable Oils

Now let's talk about the top four vegetable oils consumed in the United States which are soybean, canola, palm, and corn oil. Which are everywhere and they cause both, aging and obesity and avoiding them is some of the most complicated things in my life because you never know which oil is using in the restaurant you are and even in fancy expenssive restaurants with vegan food people can be using these oils I recommend to avoid.

On the other hand I highly reccomend consuming coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil without heating them too much, otherwise, they will rust. I use olive oil to cook almost everything I eat but when I visit a restaurant is hard to know which oil they are using, right ?

So, even if you are eating everything vegan there, the hallumi can be fried with corn oil for example, which is very fattening and promotes aging. It is even more important to avoid sugars, vegetable oils, and herbices for losing weight than counting calories, and practicing a lot of sports that can promote the release of insulin, which stops the fat burning process.

If you find it difficult to avoid sugars and fried foods, try consuming them only 3 days a week as first step. With small steps I am able to change completely the lifestyle of the people I am coaching. So, avoid chocolates some days of the week and also the fried foods. Chips are the worst food to eat if you want to lose weight because they contain those oils, sugars and potatoes are carbohydrates, so avoiding them is the best option to lose weight successfully.

Herbicides, Pesticides and fungicides

Many vegan products have them, for example, most of the seed oils contain them as well as sodas, cereals for children, and even many fruits and vegetables you eat were sprayed with pesticides. And these are endocrine disruptors that promotes cancer and unbalance your glands. They can affect your thyroid gland what can slow down your metabolism, which is the worst thing that could happen to someone who wants to lose weight.

It is very easy to burn fat while you sleep even without practicing exercise by balancing hormones and many ignore it even professionals which are giving a very dumb advice for losing weight like keeping a low-calorie consumption what can slow down your metabolism. They also recommend a lot of sports what can stress your body and making it produce cortisol, which makes your body produce sugars that are accumulated then as fat.

That's why I recommend you book a session with me right now if you've never heard of losing weight by balancing your hormones. Which is the method I am using to reverse my biological age that makes your body burn fat as an energy source. It can be achieved by changing your lifestyle and I will guide you and help you to conquer this transformation.

Herbicides are endocrine disruptors and the hormonal imbalance they create makes you gain weight. There are many women fat because of estrogens and many man because of cortisol and by balancing their hormones you help them losing weight and not by telling them to avoid calories and run more, and these toxics herbicides are in vegan products as well.

The solution is to eat mostly organic and Bio products but as well having a diet rich in vegetables, especially those described in this article I wrote teaching you how to detox your body with the diet and the best plants and herbs to consume. And it is important you keep this diet because there are pollutants and metals in the air, in plastics and medicaments.

Herbices, fungicides, and pesticides are endocrine disruptors that imbalance your glands and hormones promoting aging, and obesity. And you can be vegan and still consuming products with soja or corn that are mostly GMOs saturated with herbices, fungicides and pesticides. And even famous food brands, vegan friendly, cointain them as sodas or beers. And many other food products even for children that you never imagined that have them.

So, now you know that you should be a ninja when you choose the products you eat for the benefit of your health, beauty, performance, and to burn fat successfully. And the most important action is to keep your body without insulin, which will help you burn fat as an energy source and activate body functions that reverse your biological age such as longevity genes that start working much more when there is no insulin.

If you are eating a vegan diet to lose weight, the best advice you can get is to detox your body and sleep a minimum of 8 hours each day because it is during delta sleep that your body produces growth hormone, which is the messenger that makes your body to release fat out by breathing. And if you don't sleep deeply, buy an orgone generator and keep it running 24 hours in your bedroom pulsing the energy in the 3.5Hz frequency.

Some people lose weight successfully after detox their bodies because toxins unbalance the glands what promotes overweight and here is a vegan product you can use to detox your body from toxins introduced from the environment but also eat a lot of greens.

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