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Professional Body Slimming Device
  • Professional Body Slimming Device


    Professional Loss Weight Equipment for cellulite reduction, body shaping, lymphatic drainage, skin tightening, skin lifting and rejuvenation. With a touch screen and 7 different tools, Lipo Laser, Radio Frequency, Vacuum and Cavitation for body contouring and facial skin.


    It includes a very unique tool to appy microcurrent photon light teraphy to the skin with 7 different tones for promoting cell growth by 5 times and ATP production, what increases the energy of cell stimulating collagen production.





    For better nutrient absorbtion and skin rejuvenation.



    To renew skin and reduce wrinkles.



    To smooth scares, brighten skin, and decompose pigment.



    To promote blood circulation, collagen production, smooth skin, and heal xerodermia.



    Suitable for acne, promote protein, activate skin, tighten slack and reduce wrinkle.



    For balancing sebaceous glands, reduce black heads, sores and moisture.



    To strengthen skin, calm down and release stress.


    It has also a 40k cavitation tool that emits a resonant frequency that causes the breakdown of fat cells instantly. These broken lipocytes are then moved to the liver and safely metabolized out the body which is assisted by drinking a lot of water.

    Other tools included are 3-polar handle suitable to use around the eyes and on the face. 4-polar handle with a proper size for face and small areas on body. 6-polar handle suitable to use on larger areas of the body.


    The Flat handle is mainly used for body parts that need to be shaped, but be careful not to use it on your head, heart and back and a Vacuum suction handle mainly used in the body, and cannot be used on delicate body parts such as around the eyes.


    Package included:

    1 - Main Device
    1 - 40KHZ Burst Fat Head
    1 - 4 Polar RF Head
    1 - 3 Pole Face Radio Head
    1 - 6 Pole Face Radio Head
    1 - Photon Light Head
    1 - Cold Hammer
    1 - Vacuum RF Head
    6 - Big Laser
    2 - Small Laser
    2 - Laser Holder
    1 - English Manual

    1 - One Year Warranty
    7 - 10 Days Delivery


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