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Why it Could be Strategic Having an Intermittent Fasting Coach?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Fasting is a strategic practice for maintaining excellent health, lose weight and reverse your biological age because very beneficial body functions are activated when there is no "insulin" and each time you eat something this hormone is released inside your body. So, spending some hours without eating anything is the best tactic I use to help people successfully lose weight by obligate their bodies to burn their own fat as an energy source.

But also when there is no insulin very beneficial hormones are released that keep cells healing and repairing the body constantly as when we are younger. So, after listening all the surprising benefits of spending time without food I decided to eat my last meal at 8 or 6 pm and the first one at noon or after without eating the last hours of the day and the first ones as well, but drinking coffee as my energy source and taking some adaptogen herbs in extract.

Fasting is very beneficial !

To reverse your biological age and cure diseases as cancer. Spending days without food is helpful, it stops cancer growth and expansion. Let your body having time to remove the damaged mitochondria, and after 3 days without food is created a completely new immune system, which is awesome because it is your immune system, who destroys cancer cells.

Therefore, you may be interested in fasting for certain purposes, and having a guide increases your chances of success and makes the process more fun. This is one of the benefits of having the guidance of a holistic coach with experience in fasting like me who lost weight after started having only 2 meals a day which was not my purpose. I am skinny but experimenting with anti-aging purposes let me see on my own how fat can be removed out.

Fasting can be quite easy

It was surprising to discover how easy can be to spend long periods without food when the body has the right nutrients and by having nights with quality sleep. Which is the only thing that I consider more strategic than fasting for losing weight and reversing your biological age. Because it is very beneficial having 8 hours of sleep with delta brain wave activity and if you want to know more about it in detail check this article I wrote as well.

People who eat more than 3 times per day are wasting a lot of energy that can be used in maintaining tissues in good condition, cells repairing the skin, cleaning inside, which improves your overall appearance. Even, any skin condition that many people develop in the legs, belly, and butt can be greatly improved or completely removed as well as wrinkles with fasting and giving the right tools to the body through the diet and supplementation.

The transition to a lifestyle with only 2 meals a day can be easy with the right guidance, but the most important benefit of having a coach is the achievement of your desired goals. Because you can take strategic herbal extracts during your fast to improve the healing of certain diseases, while Matcha tea can be better to drink if what you want is only burning fat.

You can damage your body by fasting

Stop eating for the next 24 hours because the great benefits can be extremely dangerous. Your body is electric and you need certain minerals that help the production of this electricity. They are called Electrolytes and the lack of them can make your heart stop beating for lack of the electricity generated by these minerals that are calcium magnesium and potassium. This is why I recommend you to book a session with me by using this link or by talking to me on Telegram, my username is @Pranachy

My secret weapons for reversing the biological age, remove fat successfully, and improve the overall appearance are Intermittent fasting, keeping insulin low, and the right diet. And by reading my blog you will find certain powerful secrets to achieve your desired results as using Curcuma in extract to start the autophagy and green tea to increase it.

Autophagy is the desired outcome from someone fasting for reversing the biological age or removing wrinkles. And if you want to know more about how to remove old cells to improve your skin and avoid cancer visit this article with detailed information about senescent cells and the best natural Senolytics for reversing the aging process.

I see more and more people doing their best to have a holistic lifestyle, they buy bioproducts, avoid certain brands and chemicals, but still, they can do more, such as avoiding sugars, sleeping well, and going hours without eating, which is very strategic and what people usually believe is that skipping a meal can be detrimental.

What is an intermittent fasting coach?

It is the person that guides people to build strategic methods to prepare the body to be ok without food for a long period of time. What is easy with the right nutrition but everyone is different and every person needs different tactics to accomplish the desired health outcomes.

Eating specific vegetables, drinking certain teas, and taking some supplements can improve the results of your fasting. For other purposes, can be better to simply avoid any food and drink, what can be a little bit hard but achievable with a very positive impact if you prepare your body before and doing it when you feel good without eating and you extend it as much as possible instead of fasting next Monday just because you want it during that day.

Fasting can be a difficult moment when you do not have the right nutrition and many people ignore that not everything you introduce to your body is absorbed. People taking antibiotics, some medications, eating ultra-processed foods, canned soups, GMOs, dairy products, or conventional meat need to detox their bodies first and consume probiotics and prebiotics to be able to absorb efficiently the vitamins and minerals by the bacteria from the gut.

Most people cannot perceive or ignore what a holistic expert can see in your habits and diet. It can be considered healthy taking anti-biotics for some people but the truth is that they kill very important organisms that help your body absorb the nutrients you introduce and even the best natural supplementation can be wasted if killed your gut bacteria with medicaments. They in huge colonies are important for the absorption of the nutrients you consume.

This is why is better that you put your health in the right hands and my services can help you to accomplish your desired goals and improve your health and lifespan through a healthy lifestyle that will give you real power. Who writes this blog has not visited any doctor for more than 10 years. I am living without illness for the last 10 years. Ask your general doctor about the last time that was sick to have an idea if you are visiting the right health care practitioner.

About my holistic services

You will have a guide that helps you to enjoy fastings when you want it instead of planing it. This is because the more time your body is without food the more beneficial is for your health and the planet and by consuming the right nutrients is easy to just avoid eating anything when you consider it, the day you feel able to keep it and extend it as much as you can.

Sometimes only some days you can do it because of your job or another reason and you plan it but always feel good, if you failed and you eat something. All this is a natural process during the transformation of lifestyle and like a holistic coach I going to help you to enter in a condition where you will be able to fasting when you feel enough good to do it which is the best method to do it to keep enjoying life instead of suffering hunger and wishing to eat.

The fact that a person finds it difficult to have fasts is a sign of malnutrition

Feeling hunger often is proof that with your food you are not supplying your body with the nutrients it needs, then ask for them often and the opposite happens when you have the right nutrients and they are absorbed. And this is how I facilitate everything to the people interested in my services because depending on your lifestyle I could know the best herbs to take to introduce the nutrients you need.

I am going to help you to prepare your body to be okay without food for long periods and with ease, but at the same time, we will work to achieve your desired results. Because if what you want is fasting to remove wrinkles you can improve results by taking Super collagen and Hyaluronic acid as well or some herbal extracts. But another protocol I gonna give you if your intention is reversing your biological age or losing weight.

So, if you want to take your first steps to introduce intermittent fasting into your lifestyle or prepare your body for longer fastings book a session with me now or write me on Telegram in case you want to know more about my services or about the orgone generators which are machines that help you maintain delta brainwave activity while you sleep, which is the most important sleeping cycle because it is when your body produces more growth hormone, the anti-aging hormone that helps you more in burning fat while you sleep, interesting right ?

In the next few days, I going to write more about fasting and share more anti-aging tips, so keep in contact with me by subscribing to my newsletter where I going to contact you each time that I publish new content or I have discounts and other surprises to share with you.

Let´s keep in touch and I hope this content helps you somehow to improve your quality of life.




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