How to cure insomnia naturally and easily?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

If you would like to cure your insomnia forever, next, I will reveal how I did and it was easy but I did not know how to treat my insomnia naturally without medication. And the lack of this knowledge made me suffer this condition for 15 years. All this time, sleeping was very difficult for me, but I noticed that was harder in some bedrooms than in others. Then, I understood that the ecosystem is strategic to fall asleep and by introducing plants and a Life force generator is possible to create the right environment to fall asleep naturally.

Yes, I cured my insomnia forever !

It is amazing that nowadays I can sleep well after more than 15 years with this unhealthy condition. I lost a lot of my life because the next day after a night without sleeping is just impossible to continue with a normal life. I am really grateful that the Orgone generator changed this situation that was a complete nightmare. During that time I was in a very negative state often and feeling horrible and tired, the days that I slept were pure gold to me. People without insomnia can not even imagine how difficult is, it is out of their understanding, really !

The next article is a product review about my experience using a Chi generator, which was the solution to insomnia I suffered for more than 15 years. In my opinion, it is the best insomnia remedy and I tried everything, even hard legally drugs, and nothing fixed that issue, only the Life force generator. It is why I consider it important to talk about this great invention that cleans the Life force energy at home and reduces the negative impact that 5G, EMFs, and dirty electricity have on the people and pets. I am using it also to create living water, so it is a quite interesting device for anyone who cares about their health and enjoys looking beautiful and young.

My history

Since I was a child, I liked waking up early to go out into nature, sleeping was not something I enjoyed so much, I prefer to be awake enjoying life, but later, during my university studies, life began to get stressed causing me serious problems for sleep. Since then sleeping for me was very difficult, of course, some days I could sleep and some days not, but spending the whole night at bed trying to sleep and then see the first rays of the sun coming through your window is the worst thing anyone can experience. "Another night without sleep and it is time to wake up and continue with the normal daily activities". When you don't sleep your mind is very chaotic, it is almost impossible to keep a long thought. When you are in this state, all you want is for the night to come again to try to sleep, which is not a sure thing, even if you are very tired.

Thinking about my life in retrospection I discovered that in some places I was sleeping better than in others, one of them was a huge bedroom with high ceilings where I lived for 3 months or in my apartment in Vancouver. But in Montreal was not easy especially when I was living in Hochelaga even if the street in front was very quiet. There, searching on the internet for the best way to fix sleeping problems I found the orgonites and made many of them. Since the first one was finished the environment changed enormously in a very positive way. I noticed it easy because I am into witchcraft and I am sensitive to energies. The environment was amazing but still, my mind was a little rebellious. I started to meditate since then and I consider it a strategic discipline for creating the life of your dreams.

Let´s talk about the present time because 3 years ago things became horrible :(

I moved into a new studio apartment and there I started to have very strong insomnia. The situation was nothing new for me, I was thinking that I was stressed or I was unable to sleep because it was a new place but this lasted for 2 years. I was having migraines as well very often. On my birthday I suffered a strong headache for 5 consecutive days. Until one night before sleeping I noticed that I was pressing my jaw very strongly. On those days I frequently dreamed that all my teeth fell out because I was pressing the jaw. This weird situation makes me research deeply until I found out that my room was fully infested with electromagnetic pollution. This is why I really hate all those ignorant people saying that 5G is safe, fuck all them ! They are making a lot of damage to society. Also, fuck all the people saying that orgonites are not useful because after I discovered that my apartment was infested of Electrosmog I did 3 big orgonites and the atmosphere improved remarkably in a very positive way as happened when I was living in Montréal.

The environment was amazing after I did my orgonites but still I was unable to sleep well some days. However it was possible to fall asleep more frequently and researching the orgonites I found the inventor, Karl Hans who invented them to boost the potency of the Orgone generators, a device he invented as well in 1991. I was surprised that something like this exists, they are really astonishing gadgets and Karl Hans sent me the model Junior1000.

The insomnia issue solved !

During my whole life, I tried everything for sleep, even melatonin some of the worst things someone can take. It atrophies the Pineal gland a very important part of the brain and the whole body. I wrote this article with the best 10 remedies to cure insomnia naturally, in that article I am sharing some remedies I used successfully to improve my sleep but what cured my insomnia issue was the life force generator that Karl Hans gave me. But this device will not cure your insomnia after turning it on, let me explain my experience after it arrived home.

Since the first day with a Chi generator in my bedroom, I slept deeply. It took me time to fall asleep as usual and I slept only 6 hours but deeply as long ago I did not and I wake up revitalized. Feeling great, I knew that the problem was solved thanks to Karl Hans. Even he has no idea that his invention can help people with insomnia because he has no sleeping problems. Then, in the following weeks, it was still difficult to fall asleep, but the few hours I slept were deep. This was a tremendous improvement and it was gradually getting easier and easier for me to sleep the next days. Since the Chi generator arrived, the problem was solved in some way, but I was still feeling stressed before bedtime. When you have insomnia for many years the time before sleeping is stressful because you know that there is a probability that in the next hours you will waste your time at bed trying to sleep. Even if I was sleeping better during those days, I wasn't sure that my insomnia problem would be resolved soon, so my pre-sleep stress was still on my mind but it dissolved later naturally.

My insomnia issue was cured completely around 4 months after the Chi generator arrived but since the first night, I was able to sleep profoundly because when the Life force is pulsed in the frequency 3.5 Hz the mind relaxes tremendously and it is created a very healthy environment with a continuous flow of clean Life force energy that facilitates sleep.

The Chi generator

This device reduces the negative impact that electromagnetic pollution has on our bodies, that pollution was causing me very strong migraines and insomnia. Electromagnetic pollution and 5G radiation are very harmful to the organism and people that are saying the opposite should research deeply about it because humans beings are bio-electrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bio-electrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body. In some cases, this may cause discomfort, or sleep disruption, or loss of well-being (impaired mental functioning and impaired metabolism), or sometimes, maybe it is a dread disease like cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. The Chi generators create a healthy environment that reduces the negative effect of 5G and EMFs because they pulse sparks of life force that will predominate in the environment as well as the frequency of the pulse, this is how predominates at home a healthy shield of life force. The cool thing is that it is possible to bring with you the Chi produced by the generator at home to any part of the planet you go by bringing with you one transfer disc while the other is connected at the device. Our body uses Chi energy every second to maintain all its functions and without the vital force, life is not possible.

For more information about how a life force generator reduces the negative impact of 5G I recommend you to read this article. I do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive news about our upcoming articles regarding the spirit, health, personal development, and the law of attraction. If you find value in this text, please share it with someone with insomnia because I consider it important that they know that this type of solution exists.

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