EMF protection for home: How to neutralize electromagnetic fields ?

Updated: Sep 16

The best method to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation is spending most of your time in healthy environments. Normally, people who consider Electrosmog safe, drink alcohol, eat garbage food, drink water in plastic bottles, and even their cooking food on microwaves ovens, all these harmful actions considered normal for most people cause Cancer and other diseases because weaken the body. It is very easy to avoid Cancer or any other disease with the right habits, a healthy diet, positive thoughts and feelings, and by living in healthy environments but above all ceasing to be ignorant. Ignorance is the root of all evil.

If you play sports, eat the right nutrients, take herbs or other natural supplements, meditate, and you are expanding every day, it is easier for you to find value at spending most of your time in a healthy environment. That is why you are here, to know how to create a wonderful ecosystem inside your home, especially in the bedroom. Where you spend the most strategic time of your life, the sleep, which is when your body heals and rejuvenates.

How to neutralize electromagnetic fields at home ?

By creating a healthy environment inside, especially in areas with appliances. It is very possible to create it by introducing the next elements of the forest: abundant oxygen, abundant Life force energy in a continuous flow, clean air, and a positive field where the energy vibrates in a natural frequency, which could be 528 Hz. The bees pollinate the flowers by buzzing at a 528 Hz frequency and the breathable air is made up of 528 Hz.

How to clean the air at home ?

By introducing plants is possible to purify the air from toxins and to infest your home with oxygen which is very beneficial for the body. There are many studies that concluded that by introducing plants in an office the performance of the work team is increased 20%. Also, negative ionizers clean the air and the negative ions give us many health benefits like reducing stress, improving sleep, and even killing or inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, and viruses. Then could be a great idea to have a negative ionizer in the bedroom, to be exposed to negative ions during the most strategic time, the sleep.

If you are interested in purchase a negative ionizer, please be aware that does not produce ozone, its operation is silent, and that it produces up to 20 million negative ions per second. Keep in mind that you need to be close to the device if you remain close to it, this is why the best place to keep one is in your bedroom close to your bed or in your office in a place close to your body, around a meter and a half.

How to maintain a home with abundant life force ?

It is very easy to maintain your home with abundant Life force energy in a continuous pulse with a Life force generator but as well by introducing many plants of different sizes.

The advantage of the Life force generator is that produces a field that reduces the negative impact of artificial frequencies by maintaining the atmosphere with a positive frequency that you can choose as the 528 HZ. Electrosmog is a type of noise for our bodies as the noise from an old fridge, then imagine that you listen to music that makes you feel great and the noise of the fridge disappear because the music is louder, something similar happens with the life force generator who pulsation dissipates the noisy and perturbing artificial frequencies produced by technology.

The best place to maintain a Life force generator on the 24 hours is in your bedroom or office. There are generators that include transfer discs for free and you can bring with you a field of life force energy wherever you go in the world by keeping one disc close to your body and the second in the machine at home. They will teleport the life force energy even if you are in another country miles away from the device at home. The only thing you need to do is to keep one disc close to you and the other in the generator switched. These machines should remain on 24 hours as a fridge and they are essential for every single home.

How to clean dirty electricity at home ?

It is very easy to clean the harmful and unhealthy dirty electricity at home by installing the Power perfect box. This device compresses electricity into a single frequency and because 99% is used, the electricity bill is lower and not electricity remains in the building. This is how is created a healthy environment without harmful electrical fields around the walls, lights, and electrical devices as the fridge.

I consider this device free, well it cost some money but it is a type of investment since your money is recovered within 3 to 5 years in energy savings and then you continue saving money in your electricity bill. In addition, you will contribute to creating a better environment on the planet because generating electricity contaminates a lot and 15% of all electricity that is distributed in the world is wasted. This electricity remains inside building as unhealthy fields and it is harmful to humans, animals, and the ecosystem.

If you want only to clean a small area of your home or office, probably where you have enough electronics, you can use this plugin filter that will make you save some money as well in electricity savings. I consider it very useful for music producers who are surrounded by many electrical devices like synthesizers, computers, and CD players.

Now you have an idea of how to neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution at home by creating a nice and healthy environment that protects your family, your cells, and your pets from electromagnetic pollution. I did it in my bedroom and this is how I solved insomnia I suffered for more than 15 years. I introduced plants, a Life force generator, and some orgonites, and a wonderful environment was created that helped me to fall asleep. But exactly what solved my insomnia problem was the Life force energy pulsed at a low frequency. It makes me sleep deeply and relaxes me a lot, especially the frequency the 3.5 Hz

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