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EMF Protection for Home: How to Neutralize Electromagnetic Fields?

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Knowing how to neutralize Electromagnetic fields at home is essential for your health, family, and pets. I discovered how important is to create a healthy environment in my bedroom after suffered insomnia and headaches for two years due to the EMFs there. Which I reduced and their negative effect by building a positive energetic atmosphere with the method below.

I witnessed the emf dangers for more than 2 years in the apartment where I lived in Berlin by suffering very severe conditions like strong migraines, even for 5 consecutive days, and chronic insomnia. I had difficulty to sleep every single night due to a chaotic mind result of the pollution. I was even pressing the jaw during sleep and dreaming often that all my teeth fell out. And keep in mind that persistent insomnia is not only a sleeping issue, it is condition that affects your whole existence and increases by 50% the risk of dying for some disease.

So, I know that the method that I am going to describe below is useful because it helped me to eradicate the symptoms that I had before implementing it, which were anxiety, negativity, fatigue, chronic insomnia, severe headaches and unconscious jaw clenching. So next, I'll share how I counteract the effects of EMFs at home and what I learned from this experience because electromagnetic radiation is a type of pollution very harmful to your overall health.

EMF protection for home

Why are artificial electromagnetic fields harmful?

Your body operates with electrical signals and has bio-energetic processes that are disturbed by artificial electromagnetic fields. The functions of your cells, organs and other systems can be affected by artificial EMFs as well as the vibration of your body. Everything in the Universe is vibrating, including your cells. Each organ vibrates at a specific frequency called resonant frequency that can be measurable by non-linear medical systems devices. Artificial EMFs are waves that doesn't exist in nature that cause stress to your cells, body and spirit.

People must be aware of the negative effects of EMFs. According to this review many studies have shown that electromagnetic fields can have destructive effects on sex hormones, gonadal function, fetal development, and pregnancy. Glands are especially vulnerable to electromagnetic pollution, this is why EMFS promotes obesity and elevates blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes by affecting the hormonal activity of the thyroid and pancreas.

Other affected areas are the Pineal gland and the Pituitary gland, which is called the "master" gland of the endocrine system because it controls the functions of many of the other endocrine glands. But the danger is even worse because every energy center of your body is connected to a gland. So artificial electromagnetic fields unbalance your whole Chakras. And there is no meditation that can help, you can align and open your energy centers with this meditation but if you are exposed to EMFs the chakras going to be affected.

What Causes Artificial Magnetic Fields in Homes?

Wasted electricity produce a field around electronics and wire systems that are harmful for humans and pets that is called dirty electricity but also wireless communication devices inside and outside home generate fields in different areas that often are hard to detect with regular Apps from your phone. And the fact is that an antenna meters away from home can be generating a harmful field in your bedroom or other area where you spend a lot of time.

Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, computers, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors, microwave ovens and smart meters produce an invisible waves of energy harmful for the human body. They cause deterioration, inflammation, oxidation and even lethal diseases if the field is very strong. Scientists have discovered adverse health effects ranging from inflammatory immune responses to neuropsychiatric effects and cellular DNA damage according to this review.

It is important to know that metals attract electromagnetic pollution, polyester and feathers to avoid beds with metal structure, polyester sheets or pillows with feathers. Because, if you dress a polyester t-shirt and you go to the metro station with all those toxic mercury lamps the dirty electricity will be attracted by your clothes and you going to be covered. But also there are some materials that can help to reject EMFs like trees which are the best shields against electromagnetic radiation but plants can help as well, so let's talk about solutions.

How to Neutralize Electromagnetic Fields at Home ?

By mimicking a healthy natural environment inside your home, it is possible to completely reduce the harmful effects of artificial EMFs produced by the technologies we use or coming in from the street. To create it you need to introduce the following elements found in nature: clean air, abundant oxygen, Chi energy in a continuous flow, and maintain a field of energy vibrating in a natural frequency, which could be 528 Hz. The bees for example, pollinate flowers by buzzing at this frequency and the breathable air is made up of 528 Hz.

Artificial electromagnetic fields are inharmonious while everything in nature has harmony. A good example is your heart that beats with a rhythm, many of the people who died from the Covid-19 vaccine did just because the heart began to beat without rhythm, what is called cardiac arrhythmia. Basically, the remedy caused the loss of harmony in the heartbeat with lethal consequences. These EMFs are inharmonious waves and cause damage to your body and spirit, but very healthy fields can be produced inside home that will predominate.

How Can You Improve Air Quality at Home ?

Introducing plants is an excellent solution to keep the air bioavailable for your body. Artificial EMFs reduce air quality and contaminate oxygen but plants no only clean the air but as well produce abundant oxygen which is very beneficial for your health. Plants can be a great emf harmonizer for indoors, so introduce them especially in your bedroom to clean the polluted air produced by emf radiation in the room where you spend hours sleeping.

Trees have the capacity to block 5G radiation, planting them in your garden can be a great emf protection for your home or business if you live close to antennas. There are plants able to absorb negative energy as Snake plant or Peace lily, which are also beautiful, they clean air and produce abundant oxygen. Introducing them is very beneficial they are not the solution but part of it. In this article, there is a list of plants that I recommend for indoors.

Also, devices called negative ionizers clean the air, and being exposed to negative ions has many health benefits like reducing stress, improving sleep, and they kill and inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria. It could be a great idea to have a negative ionizer in your bedroom, to be exposed to negative ions during sleep which is the most strategic time for your health.

There are many ion generators on the market so it is important that you choose one that does not produce ozone, operates in silence and produces up to 20 million negative ions per second. I saw many good models in eBay and if you get one keep it close to you. A good place to put it in your bedroom is near your bed or on your desk in your office. The negative ions produced by these devices have a reduced range area, around a meter and a half.

How to neutralize electromagnetic fields ?

How to Make Chi Flow In Every Room of Your Home?

By using an orgone generator is possible to remove the toxic energies produced by Electrosmog. Those fields make the Life energy stagnant and rigid. The energy we need to keep our body alive and vital is polluted by these artificial fields causing a host of negative symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, negativity, anxiety, cellular exhaustion and other conditions that deteriorate your body and increase the risk of serious diseases.

By saturating home with abundant and clean Chi energy in harmonious vibration, this emf harmonizer dilutes all toxic energies produced by EMFs, even if they continue arriving home continuously. Because it is not possible to block them at least you build a Faraday cage and introduce yourself in it. So, this gadget is a good option because produces a very healthy energetic atmosphere in harmonious vibration that promotes well-being and positive feelings.

I am using an orgone generator to clean the EMFs in my bedroom. It is, without a doubt, the best emf shielding device for the home. Without a working orgone generator I cannot sleep in areas infested with electromagnetic pollution. As a person with Electrohypersensitivity I can easily detect an energetically contaminated place. I feel negative symptoms and disturbances in my mind, and if you are practicing meditation or yoga, you will get a lot of benefits from using these devices, because they positively influence your mind and spirit.

The atmosphere they create relaxes and promotes deep sleep, which is strategic for all areas of your life. As an anti-aging coach, I know how strategic is to sleep deeply for 8 hours, for reversing your biological age, losing weight, and for having a high performance. If you do not sleep soundly can be for the artificial frequencies in the bedroom which imbalance your mind. They promote a very chaotic brain activity that difficulty sleep.

Electrosmog is a type of noise for our bodies as the stressful sound from an old fridge. Then, if play some music the noise of the fridge disappears because the music predominates, even if is still there. Something similar happens with the vibration produced by the Chi generator, which predominates making the body and mind remain in harmony. Because inundates the area with trillions of sparks of life energy pulsating at the same harmonic frequency.

There are some generators that are radionic devices that allow you to choose the exact frequency you want to predominate in the environment and there are many with very positive effects on your body, mind, and spirit which I gathered on this list. Another great benefit of having a generator is that you can bring with you anywhere the energy pulsed by the device by carrying with you a small transfer disc that is included for free in some models.

In my opinion, the best method to clean EMFs is having an orgone generator and some plants. This is how I cleaned with success the negative atmosphere on my bedroom but after did a deep research about the topic I found another great product that I consider important to mention because cleans the wasted electricity, which creates a very unhealthy environment.

How to neutralize electromagnetic fields ?

What is dirty electricity ?

Dirty electricity are electric fields created around appliances and wiring system with the frequencies of electricity that did not arrive at the destiny and is not used. More than 15% of the electricity distributed in the world is wasted and creates toxic and unhealthy fields that unbalance the natural pulses occurring inside the body, so it is important to clean them.

The electromagnetic energy flow in a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz and the spikes that oscillate in a higher or lower frequency scapes from the cables or electronics generating a field around that interfere with the electrical pulses of your body, what is dangerous. Your heart beats because of electricity produced by the electrolytes you consume and each cell of your body operates with electricity, and all the electrical activity in your body is unbalanced.

Did you know that your body produces and operates with electricity ?

When devices are operating is created a field around them that is unhealthy if your body or spirit touches, which is the invisible area of your body and its size is around 3 meters depending on your spiritual training and dirty electricity unbalance this area which is part of your body. You do not have body and spirit, your spirit is a part of your body as your head or arms are and it is very easy to clean this pollution. So, it looks that companies distribute the electricity in this way to make you pay more by generating this waste that you can avoid.

How To Clean Up Dirty Electricity at Home ?

It is very easy to clean dirty electricity and it is even free, well, you need to make an investment that you will recuperate in the future in energy savings but the most important fact is that you going to create a healthy environment at home and you going to reduce pollution in the planet because it contaminates a lot producing electricity for human consumption.

By installing the Power perfect box the voltage will be compressed into a single frequency what makes the electricity reaches its destination and 99% going to be used instead of being wasted and spread at home or in your business. What produces a harmful environment that causes depression, diabetes, dizziness, migraines, insomnia, and even hair loss.

The reduction of that waste lowers the electricity bill by around 15% and creates a healthy environment without harmful electrical fields around the walls, lights, and electrical devices. Also the new clean voltage will extend the lifespan of your electronics and if you did not know that your body operates with electricity, I highly encourage you that you keep reading this blog with strategic knowledge that will help you to live a healthier and happier life.

In case you are renting an apartment you can use a dirty electricity filter to clean only a small area where you are using many electronics. For example, if you are a music producer or DJ you can plug in this filter and then connect your electronics there to maintain the environment clean of those toxic fields of wasted energy. What can make you save money as well and protect your expensive equipment from irregularities of the voltage.

So, now you know how to clean the depressive environment produced by electromagnetic pollution by building a healthy environment that will protect your family, your body, and pets from those harmful fields. This is how I improved successfully the atmosphere in my bedroom and since then I can sleep deep and I do not suffer migraines anymore. If you know someone suffering from insomnia please share this article with that person, this device is the solution.

Still many people ignore that our bodies are electrical, it is important to make this knowledge mainstream for helping society having healthier and happier lives. This is why I invite you to help me to spread this information by sharing it on your social media or by making a donation here that I going to use to promote this content. And before you go please subscribe to my newsletter to receive notifications from this blog and coupons from our anti-aging shop.

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