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How to clean your body from negative energies and keep them away ?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Energies have a certain impact on us. For example, sometimes when I dream with someone after waking up I find a text message from that person. This is how the energies that come from others impact our lives, that's why I distance myself from some people and I respect when someone leaves me. There are no good and bad people, there are only people compatible and not compatible and each other takes a certain position in the Universe.

I noticed how negative people energetically influence my reality and it is best to keep them away, even if they are away from you, their thoughts affect your reality. I had many bad experiences, but the following text has nothing to do with metaphysics. I am going to tell you the simplest method to clean the toxic frequencies of your body which is mostly water and it stores frequencies as shown in the following video with Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize after leading the team that identified the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Also, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He took pictures, so this is nothing esoteric, the energies coming from your thoughts, emotions, and electromagnetic pollution can affect the structure of your body which is mostly water, and the thoughts from others even if they are away from you which is more an esoteric concept but they do.

To be healthier and more beautiful, positive thinking and emotions are helpful. If it is difficult, probably you have a deficiency of vitamin B, magnesium, or potassium, which sugars, alcohol, and other substances deplete from your body like antibiotics that kill bacteria that assimilate important nutrients in your body. To learn more about how to improve your mood, check out this article with tips to raise your vibration or this other for curing depression.

How does your body stores negative energy ?

Dr. Emoto studied how sound affects water. His research showed us how polluted and toxic water, when exposed to prayer can be altered and restored to beautifully formed geometric crystals found in clean, healthy water. A similar method used John Hutchinson and Nancy Lazaryan to clean the Gulf water after the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

They used wave and audio frequencies broadcasted with 6 thousand pounds of military grade frequency generating equipment. John Hutchinson is the person who built all the inventions made by Tesla, he even already reproduced the Philadelphia experiment. He is quite famous, appearing in many documentaries, even on MTV music channel and the Canadian government paid millions for the devices built in his laboratory.

After the disaster of the Gulf of Mexico, he went and clean the waters by using audio wave frequencies as is shown in this video and this is how you can remove negative energy from your body every night. This is nothing new, people listen to frequencies to maintain their bodies in a good vibe but there is something better called, Orgone generator. Which is a device you can use to create living water that is the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with life energy. In this state, water hydrates more and taste better.

Some people use orgonites and crystals to improve the condition of the water they drink as I did for many years before having an orgone generator. But you never know if they are working because there is no change or improvement as it is by using an orgone generator that improves the taste. And everyone can feel it, even a friend of mine that did not know about my generator. She only told me that the water was softer and I did not ask her anything related. The improvement is evident because it hydrates better and people feel it.

When I drink another type of water I feel lucky of knowing and having a Chi generator because there is a huge difference between the low-quality water that almost everyone drinks than the living water produced with a Chi generator which tastes much better and hydrates more. The water people drink is low quality and they do not know it, it is rotten, with a horrible molecular structure while the water in nature has this shape...

How to clean your body from negative energies and keep them away ?

The orgone generators not only maintain molecular movement that keep the water alive as it is in nature but as well remove the toxic information stored there by saturating the beverage with abundant clean Life energy. It is like a glass with coffee that is filled with clean water. There is a moment when the coffee is diluted and the glass remains with only water. The same happens when you saturate the water you drink with the Life energy coming from a Chi generator. The toxic information is diluted and only clean life energy remains there.

But guess something ?

Your body is more than 70% Water that stores frequencies that can be removed at night if you keep an orgone generator in your bedroom close to your body. But not only that, they emit frequencies and in some models, you can select the frequency that you want that predominates in your place. A good one is 528 Hz used by John Hutchinson to heal the Gulf of Mexico which is the frequency of love that you can use as well to balance your heart chakra. The one I recommend for sleeping is the frequency 3.5 Hertz or a lower one.

The interesting fact of this device is that influences the brainwave activity when the pulse is low. So, you can tune in a low frequency to promote delta sleep, which is the most beneficial sleep cycle when your body produces a lot of hormones that rejuvenate the body, burn fat and heal. One of them is growth hormone which I help my clients to produce as much as possible to be able to reverse their biological age. Keeping this hormone abundant is very important for reversing age, burn fat, build muscles and remove wrinkles, even growth hormone can improve your skin much more than the most expensive cream for wrinkles.

And delta sleep is reduced when a person gets older, this is why this device is amazing. It is what cured the insomnia I suffered for 15 years, so if you know a person with insomnia or someone interested to remove the toxic energies produced by EMFs recommend them. They cleaned my bedroom perfectly from the depressive atmosphere produced by a 5G antenna that is 400 meters in front of my apartment. The energetic pollution coming from that device made me waste 3 years of my life with chronic insomnia and very strong migraines even for 6 consecutive days and the orgone generator cleaned it perfectly.

How to clean your body from negative energies and keep them away ?

This is the only Orgone generator in the market. Invented by my friend Karl Hans Welz who invented the orgonites as well which are a mix of the ingredients that Wilhelm Reich used in his orgone accumulators for attracting the life energy from the environment. I recommend you to try them, they have one month money-back warranty but for sure you going to feel the improvement in the water you drink and from the environment at home, especially if it is very contaminated with EMFs as it was my apartment before bringing the orgone generator.

And keep it close to your body while you sleep to maintain a beautiful molecular structure beneficial for your appearance, your health, and inner spirit. The device should be on the 24 hours as the fridge to maintain the healthy environment of the forest at home. You can bring with you the energy produced by the generator to wherever you go by using a transfer disc.

They teleports the energy produced by the machine to you at any part of the planet even if you are miles away from the generator. You only need to keep one disc close to your body and the second pair in the machine. With the disc, all the negative energy stored in your body going to be purified constantly by the field of vital energy produced by the disc, what going to keep the water in your body with a beautiful molecular structure most of the time.

So, now you know a better method to clean the energy stored in your body. During my whole life, I have been collecting crystals and I never felt a change in the environment by having them at home or they never changed the taste of the water I drink. I just know that the structure was improved but the Chi generator improves the taste of the water, hydrates more and everyone can feel it and the same positive impact that has on your body.

For more information about them feel free to write me an email to meet virtually, also if you have any questions regarding my coaching services. We can meet on skype for 15 minutes to see if having me as a coach can be something that will benefit you and change your life. And if you want to keep in contact with me subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Pinterest. I am sending often coupons with discounts and other surprises through email as well as notifications each time I publish a new article on this blog.




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