What is a radionic device? Everything you need to know to operate the wishing machines

Updated: Apr 13

If you are completely desperate trying to manifest your dreams with techniques of the Law of attraction, you going to be interested in radionics and next, I going to introduce you to this technology that many people are using with great results. It is the perfect tool to nourish your desires with a lot of energy what increases the speed and positive effects.

I read very often new positive testimonials from users of the radionic devices created by Karl Hans over and over again, there is no doubt for me why this company is the world leader in radionics technology. Just last week a client from Toronto was astonished because the Rad 2400 was working pretty well for her even if she was incredulous before bought it. We met virtually to show her some methods to use it and days later she was in awe of the effects.

Definitely, these are the best wishing machines you can purchase in the market. Well, Karl Hans Welz is world-renowned for inventing the orgonite that creates a new global movement of people purifying toxic energies around the world.

If you are new to radionics by reading the next text you will know how to make your dreams true by using these machines and by taking action as well. I will talk about what exactly is a radionic device ? and how to use them to accelerate the manifestation of your goals ? What will bring joy, peace, love, and abundance to your life, friends, family, and pets.

What is a radionic device?

What is a Radionic Machine ?

It is a device used to amplify the power of your mind and accelerate energetically the manifestation of your goals. The machine transfers energy to a subject for promoting the balance of the energetic field what enhances the inner state, and mental and spiritual abilities of that person. This technology can be used to connect an intention (such as wishes or longings) to a specific numerical value that is constantly emitted to the Universe, which sufficiently strengthens the intention and accelerates the results.

Many people are journaling, do affirmations, and other methods to constantly emit to the subconscious mind a desire, and these techniques are used to energetically nourish that intention but you can use a device to do the work for you, they are all the machines available here with 3 dials, which are life energy generators as well. Devices that clean your home, and the water you drink from toxic energies that surround us and imbalance our bodies.

As a health coach and a person who suffered from insomnia for 15 years, I found a lot of value in having a Life energy generator not only for energizing your intentions but as well to take massive action on the material world. Which is the funniest part, the life experiences. We want manifestations to occur to enjoy life, to have fun, and the Life energy emitted by these devices balances your mind, body, and spirit and revitalizes you as well.

These devices are great for overall wellness and not only for manifesting your dreams. The insomnia suffered for 15 years was solved with a Life energy generator and then I decided to share with the people my experience with these devices that should be in any home to maintain a healthy energetic environment in this era full of toxic energies everywhere.

What is Radionics used for ?

Radionics is used to accelerate the manifestation of goals energetically. With these devices, you can charge up constantly your intentions by connecting a thought or visualization with a specific frequency that going to be emitted by the machine often to enhance results. You can use them as well to balance your energetic field or to send energy at a distance to another person, but only if they ask you to do so, otherwise it going to be an energy waste.

Using them is easy but you need to gain experience first, to then manifest more difficult goals. The most important fact is to have certainty of positive outcomes. Most people do not manifest because their minds are programmed to work hard for anything desired and second because their thoughts and feelings are negative and they are reflected back with the shape of negative events because the universe is a mirror that reflects back your emotions with certain events and for manifesting successfully reading this article going to help you.

Let´s talk about how to operate these machines but before let me tell you that if you purchase a Radionic device on Pranachy Store you can meet me for free to learn how to use it. Before any operation, it is advisable to do an energetic clean, cut negative attachments from other people, and kick away energetic vampires that drain your energy. This what I going to teach you in our meeting and you can also book a coaching session with me, if you are looking for a mentor for achieving your goals faster by having an accountability partner.

How to use a radionic device ?

The first step is having a very clear intention that going to be connected with a certain frequency of the device. Each operation requires 3 main ingredients, the intention, the target, and Life energy. Pictures, symbols, and papers to write down your intentions and affirmations are used as well during the ritual. Which is done with the following steps...

Relax enormously preferably after wash your body and before sleep for better results. Then, take your picture and place it on the pad and think about yourself feeling happy, with a lot of light around your body, golden or white, and feel good because things are great in your life while you are moving with your fingers the first dial to connect the target. Good job !

It is time to connect the intention by using the second dial you. So, take a small paper and write an affirmation regarding the goal, as I am a great leader, I am reaching a lot of success, joy and good people are attracted to me. You can write more using other papers, and then you going to take the middle dial and moving it while you are visualizing your self accomplishing your goal in present time, as it was something that happened today, because for your mind there is only an eternal present time and what you feel and think you become.

Now your intention is connected and the last step is to place a symbol, that could be a tarot card that represents the event you want to attract, other symbols of your choice or even better draw something related to your intention. This is to produce magnetism of the event to the material world, it is created on the etheric plane and from there should be attracted to you energetically until becoming part of the story of your life.

Then use the third dial to imagine the planet and the event happening there while you are moving the third dial randomly until your intuition tells you to stop. This device is a tool for manifesting like affirmations or journaling and people are having great results. But remember that at the beginning is the best to make operations for attracting easy goals to gain faith and noticing that you are making things happening, this fortifies your abilities. Because like everything, you need to do it, again and again, to gain experience and see powerful results.

This is why these devices are very popular but they also clean the negative energies produced by Electromagnetic pollution and facilitate sleeping which is essential if you have children and you want them to sleep or being protected by EMFs. A lot of parents suffer because their babies do not let them sleep. So this could help them to promote the sleep of their children by pulsing the life energy at a low frequency what slows down brainwaves.

Certain models allow you to tune in specific frequencies because they have a meter, what is useful to tune in frequencies that are beneficial for the body, mind, and spiritual development. In this article, I wrote a list of frequencies with their holistic benefits according to different sources. Check them out and also subscribe to my newsletter to be updated with the content shared on this blog or to receive coupons with discounts and other surprises :)

If you want to know more about these devices check this tutorial or send us an email to virtually meet and answer all your questions or send them to me through Instagram as well. Let´s connect there or on Pinterest and if you want to help me, please share some of my pins on your boards. It going to support us and make people know about this great project.

Thank you :) You are awesome !

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