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Secrets to look more beautiful and younger than your age

Updated: May 22, 2021

There are simple habits that you can have to improve your beauty, reverse your biological age and lose weight. As an anti-aging coach, I know secrets that I'm going to reveal below and they all help improve these 3 areas and more. They going to help you to avoid aging disease which is the condition of old people in suffering. There are a lot of people that enjoy life even if they are old while others have pain or can not move, that condition is aging, which is a disease you can prevent with the next tips or by booking my coaching services :)

There is a lot of superficial information out there promoting solutions that don´t help like skincare products, which improves less than 20% of the skin. Wrinkles are deterioration results of functions that decrease when you get older or because of your diet and lifestyle. Processed sugars destroy the skin and cause wrinkles and if you mix them with proteins as result you going to build horrible tissue that you can correct by following the next advice.

I have been dating pretty girls but with horrible bodies because of their lifestyle. What makes you ill, fat and promotes aging is especially what you eat. Just check this data, 70% of the cases of cancer are because of the diet. Sugar consumption increase the risk of cancer and most products contain it because is addictive. Also for losing weight successfully is 80% about your diet and your skin condition can improve more than 60% just by taking a collagen booster like this vegan supplement that is only a lot of beneficial herbs mixed together.

So, each one of the next secrets is beneficial for reversing your aging, improve your beauty, and weight loss. They help in these areas because the root cause of them are only 3 main factors which is pollution, hormonal imbalance and reduced body functions when you get older and by working on them you going to look better, younger, and even feel happier and more energetic naturally. They also will help you to extend your healthspan.

Secrest to look younger and more beautiful

Secrets to look more beautiful and younger than your age

A healthy gut is strategic for looking great

Having a healthy gut is strategic for your beauty and reversing your biological age. Even right now your skin can be deteriorated not because you are old but because of deficiency of some nutrients that are not absorbed in your body for having an unhealthy gut. Your body needs tools that food gives you to build tissue properly and the bacteria living in your gut makes this nutrient absorption possible and the lack of them deteriorates your body.

Age-related dysfunctions can be related to the lack of bacteria in the microbiome where is absorbed the nutrients and many people not only eat low nutritional food but as well food with pesticides and take antibiotics that kill these essential bacteria as result, the absorption of the nutrients is reduced what affects your beauty and overall health. Right now you can be consuming very expensive supplementation that your body is not absorbing lack of bacteria.

Antibiotic use can have several negative effects on the gut microbiota, including reduced species diversity and altered metabolic activity, according to this study.

You can be depressed, with anxiety or ADHD only for lack of bacteria in your gut because they produce the neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Also, lack of vitamin B causes anxiety, depression and insomnia and if you do not have enough bacteria in your microbiome you could have a deficiency of these vitamins even if you consume them often.

Anti-biotics destroy your microbiome and intoxicated your liver what deteriorates your skin.

Infections are a clear signal that your immune system is weak, inside your body are living a lot of very harmful viruses and bacteria all the time under the control of your immune system. You have an infection not because viruses enter but because your immune system is weak.

Having a healthy gut is strategic for a strong immune system what reduces the risk of cancer, infections and maintains your body beautifully. So, before talking about how to improve your gut health let me tell you that you can take natural remedies for fighting infections like garlic, honey, ginger, Chaga mushroom, the essential oils shown in this video, or take probiotics like these ones after taking a prescribed antibiotic.

It is possible to heal many conditions with only food and dietary supplementation that going to maintain your body healthy. Many medicaments are toxic to the liver and have very negative side effects. A good example, dutasteride recommended by doctors to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, which side effects are dangerous, one of them is the risk of cancer. While Pygeum and Saw palmetto heal the prostate and both reduce the risk of cancer there.

Any condition can be healed with food or supplementation. My friend can be treated with those natural herbs that will improve other areas of his overall health and they are even cheaper. The medicament he is taking has very serious and negative side effects while the natural supplementation has very positive effects and empowers other areas of his body.

How to improve gut health naturally ?

There are products that destroy your microbiome and you should avoid them as GMOs, foods spread with pesticides and medication, those can even cause depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, and age-related diseases. If you consumed them take probiotics and prebiotics which are all fruits and vegetables, which maintain your microbiome healthy. Also, avoid meat from animals fed with GMO corn; organic food is mandatory for life extension.

It is important that we do our best to eliminate those companies destroying the ecosystem and making our friends and family ill by stop consuming their products. And support companies that are doing their best to maintain society healthy. If you purchase an orgone generator you going to create a very healthy energetic environment at home and support this blog that is spreading strategic information to help people having healthier and happier lives.

Avoid Pollution

Today a lot of food is infested with pesticides, the water is full of toxins, the air is contaminated and the environment is full of EMFs and radiation that many people consider safe. All those factors damage your DNA causing aging which is a disease related to lack of access to genetic and epigenetic information which leads to very negative conditions.

To maintain a healthy environment at home introduce plants and an orgone generator for creating the atmosphere of the forest. If you have trouble achieving a deep sleep this will help you because the vibration produced by these devices influences your brainwave activity what promotes a very restful sleep which is important for reversing your biological age, become more beautiful, and even losing weight. Lack of quality sleep increases your sugar cravings.

Many people do not lose weight because they do not sleep deep or enough because it is during sleep when your body burns fat low quality sleep promotes cortisol what boosts insulin and in presence of this hormone, your body never burns fat. Also, insulin blocks the production of growth hormone and sirtuin activity two important functions for maintaining your body repairing itself constantly what improves your beauty and reverses your age.

But if your bedroom is contaminated with EMFs your sleep quality is low this is why an orgone generator is amazing. This is the device that cured the insomnia I suffered for 15 years and because I wasted years of my life due to my condition I decided to rejuvenate my body to recuperate the missing years. After I doing it successfully I decided to help people to achieve it as well and I launched my coaching services that you can book on this link.

Pollution deteriorates your DNA, this is why it is important to avoid it but as well to detox your body often. Some people have a deteriorated skin because their liver is intoxicated but can be detox with Milk Thistle and Dandelion supplementation. By taking them you can improve your skin condition if you consume medicaments often or alcohol which is another very harmful pollutant that reduces your brain size. Drunk people act very stupidly because the intoxication affects your brain and your whole body, you are dying and it is not funny.

But alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, processed sugars and aspartame cause addiction what makes consumers. This is why people link having fun to drinking alcohol, they are just manipulated but they can not notice it. When you consume a lot of sugar and carbs and you become an addict. Then fruits and vegetables are not delicious for you but if you change your diet and lifestyle you can discover how delicious they really are.

And something very important is the quality of the air. There is nothing more important for everyone than the air. You can not live without it for 10 minutes and the quality will maintain you in good shape and by introducing plants in the areas where you spend most of your time you going to breathe quality air often. They clean pollutants available in the air and they produce a lot of oxygen which is strategic for your beauty and good health.

Detox your body

To improve the appearance of your skin and even to lose weight It is strategic to clean the body from toxins and heavy metals. On my yearly package for reducing 10 years of your body age one of the first steps is detoxifying the organism of my clients what going to improve everything even the absorption of the natural supplementation and even the skin condition can greatly improve by detoxifying the body, even much more than using skincare products but if you like them, check these 24K Magnetiful masks.

How to detox the body ?

Eat cruciferous vegetables, take Chlorella in the morning and Milk Thistle twice per day will help to detox your body, If you need a deep detox then eat sea kelp or take it on supplements. By consuming Chlorella, Milk Thistle extract, and cruciferous vegetables is guaranteed that your body will eliminate and expel pollutants completely. Otherwise, they could pass from one area to another if you only consume one or two of them.

Cruciferous vegetables are the best vegetables to eat for reversing age, reduce cancer risk and lose weight as well. This is why I going to talk about them later, they are just the best food you can consume daily. By combining them with Chlorella your body will take out the body the toxic elements we get from the air, water, plastics, and what we eat.

It is interesting the connection between the liver and the skin, and some people improve their skin by detoxifying their bodies because their deterioration is only an external reflection of the liver condition. So, if you have a deteriorated skin, by detoxifying yourself with the protocol described and by consuming collagen your condition will improve. This super collagen protein is amazing because contains 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per serving and a lot of amino acids but if you are vegan this is the product I recommend you.

Also, walking barefoot in nature is very important to detox your body from negative energies and discharge them. This practice has a lot of great benefits for your health and beauty. Many people still ignore how harmful are electromagnetic pollution and a method to clean your body from those toxic energies is walking barefoot in nature and taking sea salt baths.

But to avoid infest your body from toxic energies use an orgone generator in the places where you spend most of your time and drink water that remains close to the device but do not store the water you drink in plastics what increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer. For more detailed information about how Chlorella, cruciferous vegetables and Milk thistle help to detox your body read this article from this blog as well.

Secrets to look more beautiful and younger than your age


The practice of meditation has a lot of health benefits. Many people have spontaneous remissions in seminars of Joe Dispenza by meditating, opening their hearts, and achieving coherence. Most of them were considered terminally ill by doctors that can not help them anymore because still today many people ignore that the spirit is an area of the body.

This is why meditation improves your overall health, beauty and helps you to lose weight by reducing cortisol and this area is much bigger than the part that you can see. The practice of meditation can even make your spirit reach 3 meters and the light in the spirit your body uses for all its functions. It is very important even for your beauty to keep your spirit with light.

The spiritual practice improves life quality and people who meditate look younger, they are happy and emotionally strong. While people with a dark spirit are aggressive or depressed. Both are symptoms of having an unhealthy spirit, this is why we link sadness with darkness. One layer of the spirit is the emotional body and if it is healthy you act peacefully, nothing disturbs your happiness, because your brain is producing oxytocin often and you just feel awesome and you want to keep this feeling and nothing can disturb it, you are with joy !

Everyone borns with a golden beautiful spirit something similar with the skin. Everyone has pretty skin when they are children and then deteriorates. As you age your spirit becomes dark or when you have an unhealthy lifestyle and less light is available to the body which uses it to maintain good health and beauty. Many people get sick frequently from having a spirit without light, and certain foods, medicines, drinks, or cigarettes darken the spirit.

The lifestyle can make your spirit unhealthy and then disease appears. Daily meditation keeps your spirit healthy, cosmic light is attracted there by stop thinking. When your thoughts stops, your body starts to absorb the light that surrounds you and this process is automatic like digestion. Joe Dispenza knows when a person can heal from cancer because of what is happening on the brainwave activity after stop thinking for a long time.

He designed an exercise to observe the dark space that surrounds you until you forget what you are, where you are, and who you are. And then the magic happens, well this is what I am talking about. When you stop thinking and you are melted with the quantum field your body attracts light that is store in your spirit and makes it bigger and shiny. This light is essential to be healthy and for life extension, meditation lengthens your telomeres.

Your body heals itself all the time even after you take some medicament. Disease is only lack of balance and you can prevent all of them by having a balanced lifestyle. Meditation is the easiest method to maintain the biggest area of your body healthy. Practicing Qigong and Yoga also increases the production of telomerase but you only need to sit down on your bed for 30 minutes after waking up to meditate which is very easy right ?

Meditation can help you lose weight because reduces Cortisol and Cortisol boosts insulin what blocks fat burning. Many people cannot lose weight just because they do not sleep well or they are stressed what blocks fat burning but it can be reversed by meditating.

It also increases all the body functions that decrease when you get older and extend your healthspan. There are studies that shown that meditation increase the size of your telomeres which are strategic to reverse aging and avoid cancer, diabetes, and dementia. If you've never meditated and want to start taking this free training can be a great first step.

Maintain insulin low

Excessive insulin will make you fat, ill, ugly and you do not burn fat if there is insulin on the body and with some foods, you can boost it even for 3 days. So, just one meal with processed sugar can block fat burning the next 3 days even if you eat a few calories during those days or practice a lot of sports which is even worst because it spikes your insulin production because of the cortisol, this is why moderate exercise is the recommended.

The hormone Insulin is increased inside the body after consuming processed sugars which consumption in excess causes type 2 diabetes and increases the risk of cancer. It is processed sugars, conventional meat, and dairy food the first thing you need to avoid when you get cancer if you want to be healed. Glucose is not the main source of energy from the body, the body transforms it on energy quickly because it is toxic.

The best source of energy is ketones and the health benefits from them are wonderful. Being in ketosis will increase your mental and physical performance, extend your healthspan, reverse type 2 diabetes, help you to lose weight, and make you more beautiful in general.

Somedays we look well and others not as after a bad night of sleep or because we drink too much alcohol. Smoke or alcoholics have a deteriorated skin reflection of the inner damage. Most skin conditions are reflection of inner deterioration and they are not improved with skincare creams. The most effective way to improve any skin condition is through the diet, in case of acne removing dairy foods and do intermittent fasting is a great protocol.

Insulin is boosted with processed sugar which is included in most food products because is more addictive than cocaine well there is something more addictive and harmful for the body than sugar and it is aspartame and all those compounds on diet foods. Which I do not recommend to consume, it is better sugar for your health and good weight.

Once insulin is blocked you are able to burn fat and just by eating a package of cookies with a few calories, you going to produce enough insulin to block fat burning from 6 hours to even 3 days depending on your body composition, age and more. Also, insulin stops the production of growth hormone and sirtuin activity both are important for reversing your body age and this is why as an anti-aging coach I can help people lose weight as well.

I do not recommend a ketogenic diet because sugars from fruits are beneficial. And you going to lose a great variety of nutrients with powerful effects. For example, soursop is the most powerful food to cure, reduce and prevent cancer and this fruit is very sweet. Also, papaya which is sweet has powerful anti-cancer benefits, and if you want to know more about how to prevent and cure this disease naturally check this article I wrote.

Insulin makes you feel hunger and having cravings often is a symptom of insulin resistance what makes your cells starve and triggers that feeling. Then you need to act immediately to revèrse it. I wrote this article where I am teaching you in detail how to do it and some tricks you can apply to feel less hunger as eating a lot of healthy fats, avocados, and olive oil, both are powerful anti-aging compounds or take raw apple cider vinegar with the mother.

These foods will reduce your cravings that going to help you to have only 3 or 2 meals per day which is the best method to decrease the insulin to reverse your biological age, lose weight, and improve your beauty by practicing intermittent fasting which is the next tip...

Secrets to look more beautiful and younger than your age

Intermittent Fasting

Spending 16 hours without food is a strategic method for losing weight, improve any skin condition, general beauty, and reverse your biological age because is increased the production of Grow Hormone and NAD+ which is the combustible for the genes of longevity being active repairing your body. By fasting is possible to heal any condition including cancer and the best is more than 3 days but could be hard for many people but 16 hours is great.

Why intermittent fasting reverse aging ?

Because the production of growth hormone stops when your body produces insulin and by eating your body creates it. Then, by having long periods without food, there is not insulin and the Pittuitaria gland starts the production of Grow hormone which can be boosted with aerobic exercise, sleeping well, and consuming supplements as L-Arginine and GABA.

Also, insulin blocks the sirtuin activity and fat burning, so the benefits of fasting are related to the increase of some body functions that are amazing to maintain your body in excellent conditions, beautiful, with high energy levels and young. The longer the body is without food is more beneficial the more effort cells going to do in repair it with all that free time they have.

Because the most important is to keep your body as much as possible without food, If you enjoy eating do it only 3 times, without consuming snacks between meals and compressed them in a way that from 8 pm to noon your body has no food. Also, it is important that your last meal has no sugar, eat your fruits and snacks within the first 2 meals and if you can have only 2 per day is the best. A coffee with a bit of milk and honey or tea are ok during the fast.

This process is called autophagy which is the main purpose of fasting and by fasting you also improve your mitochondria function which has many anti-aging effects because aging is caused by the decline of production of ATP by the mitochondria. This is why is important you read this article with tips to maintain your mitochondria healthy and working properly.

By eating dark chocolate, drinking organic coffee, or green tea, and taking natural supplements as Quercetin and Berberine is possible to help your body to repair during fasting. Normally 3 days without food are needed to activate autophagy, the process where the body starts to recycle. Because your cells have no food and to survive they start eating viruses, bacteria, and old cells that they did not clean because they have been busy.

But without food and no reserves anymore the cells start to find out what they can consume to survive. So they start to eat dead viruses and bacteria that they never cleaned before because they do not have time to do it if you maintain them busy by eating often. This is why autophagy is activated after 3 days without food because the first days the cells going to eat the food reserves inside the body and when they finished they going to eat old cells.

These old cells, dead viruses, and bacteria create the horrible tissue that we perceive as deteriorated skin. By fasting for 3 days sagging skin or cellulitis is greatly improved. Autophagy is a good anti-aging solution but no eating for 3 days without preparing your body by introducing some specific nutrients days before will damage your body and health instead of improving it. But you can book a session with me if you need a guide for fasting properly.

But even if intermittent fasting does not activate completely autophagy it is very beneficial because the time you have no food, your body has free time, and then it can start to repair and clean inside which give you a lot of benefits for losing weight, improve your skin, overall beauty, energy levels, cognitive function and more. It also reduces insulin what can improve conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cancer by inhibiting mTOR activity.

What is strategic is having a diet with abundant fruits and vegetables every day and if you like desserts do not mix them with proteins and do not eat them every day. Mix a delicious cake or your favorite snack with a bowl of your favorite leaves and vegetables or even fruits. But never with proteins because you going to create horrible tissue in your skin. Also, spend days without snacks, so if today you eat some cookies with a lot of sugar do not feel bad, just do not eat them or something similar next 2 days, but eat only hand-made snacks.

Take plant-based supplements

Many supplements in the market your body does not absorb and many people consume them because they are famous. All them you find everywhere but your body do not absorb so it is a waste of money taking them and can be even dangerous. Taking minerals as calcium could cause heart failure if it is not mixed with vitamin D which absorbs it and vitamin K that transports it from the bloodstream to the right places, this combination found in plants.

Plant-based vitamins and minerals are assimilated by the organism, then take only supplements and extracts from plants. Which is very important for having a good health, prevent diseases because many products people consume like processed sugars, chips, bisquits, foods for microwave ovens or alcohol deplete your body of vitamins and minerals.

Let's talk about magnesium oxide which is available everywhere and your body does not absorb it completely. It is a waste of money purchase it and the companies who create them are contaminating the planet by producing unusable products, they are making workers lose their time and consumers their money. Magnesium l-threonate, Magnesium Taurate, or Magnesium Chloride are the best ones and Magnesium Oxide is not recommended.

Magnesium is a very important mineral for mitochondria function, for more information check this article. Also, the dose is very important and many products have a very low dose of the extract or compound. I have seen products with 2mg of hyaluronic acid and they said in the package that contains hyaluronic acid which a good daily dose should be around 500mg.

Many products have between 150 to 100 mg which is not bad for the skin but 2mg is the same as zero. People do not want to take hyaluronic acid. They want to improve their skin and this amount will not help in anything. I found another with 50mg of the extract of ashwagandha which good dose is between 1500mg to 1000. I am taking one with 400 mg which is still low. So, I am taking 3 capsules, 1200 mg in total but 50 mg is almost nothing.

Be aware of the dose and take distance of companies producing garbage, this company produces products with very good dose and the prices are amazing. The dose is very important and the time you take them. Some extracts are better to take in the morning or during the night, others with an empty stomach and others with fat for better absorption.

This is why having a nutrition coach is a great investment. Sometimes we read in blogs that taking this extract can help but if you buy this resveratrol and read the bottle from the product the recommended dose described there is 1 capsule 3 times per day with food. While the best is to take only 3 capsules in the morning with fat.

It is the best to take reveratrol in the morning, so If you book my session here to reverse your biological age and extend your healthspan you going to have access to my secrets and I will push you to have a healthy balanced lifestyle and this going to help your family as well. Some people give their children toxic snacks just because they ignore that sugar is toxic and there is very good healthy snacks that can even improve the health instead of destroying it.

Also, some people do not lose weight just because they ignore how important hormones are for achieving it. Especially insulin which blocks fat burning or estrogens which leads to overweight even if you eat lower calories. So there is a lot of value in having an anti-aging health coach like me that will lead you to have the healthy lifestyle that will help you to extend your healthspan, reverse your biological age to younger.

Taking Supplements from extracts of plants is like eating them. They are normally are safe if you are not pregnant, lactating, or taking medication. For example, Chlorella lowers your blood pressure but if you mix it with medication the pressure could be very low and it is not a good idea. Then, it is better just consume only Chlorella because it has a lot of great benefits.

This alga is amazing, which is the first supplement I give to the people that join my package “Reduce 10 years of your body age in only 1 year” Because it supports cellular health and regeneration, something that no other compounds do. While a medicament for lowering blood pressure has negative side effects, intoxicate your liver and do not give you this great benefit.

In conclusion take only plant-based supplements, the right dose, at the best time, and try to find a naturopath doctor if you need healing. In nature, are compounds that can heal any disease but be aware that some diseases are due to an unhealthy spirit, negative thoughts, low emotions or pollution and you need to treat them holistically and not only with capsules.

Eat cruciferous vegetables every day

These vegetables are awesome, the most nutritious food for humans is Kale which is cruciferous and they help for detoxing your body, weight loss, hormonal imbalance, reversing age, cure cancer for everything literally. They contain powerful compound like DIM, glutathione, sulforaphane which is strategic to include in the diet to treat symptoms of autism.

They are Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, arugula, radish, Brussels sprouts, turnips, Bok choi, and they are called cruciferous because the blossoms of these plants resemble a cross. They are rich in fiber which is an important nutrient to incorporate if weight loss is your goal because keeps you fuller longer and they can help you to reverse aging, improve skin, avoid cancer, detox your body, for the thyroid almost for everything related to maintain your beauty.

This is because nowadays we are exposed to many pollutants that deteriorate your body which makes you ugly. But consuming them will help you to reduce the negative effects that those pollutants have on your physical appearance and health. Everyone is beautiful but not everyone looks their best version of themselves due to their poor diet, daily habits and the potent antioxidants from these veggies are quite beneficial.

One of these great antioxidants is Glutathione which chemically transforms carcinogens, toxins, and drugs into unreactive, harmless compounds that can be eliminated without damaging cell DNA. In the case of heavy metals such as mercury and lead, glutathione neutralizes them by binding with them. In addition, it helps with the regeneration and recycling of other important antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E.

But I do not recommend you to take Glutathione in supplementation because your body does not absorb it completely, and you will not get the great benefits this is why I recommend you to eat cruciferous vegetables every single day instead of taking the compounds that contain even if I am a super fan of dietary supplementation.

Glutathione also fights the oxidation of circulating fats in the bloodstream, eliminates dangerous free radicals, synthesizes and repairs DNA, detoxifies the liver, and supports the overall functioning of the immune system. What maintains your cells healthy and happy.

Another great compound found in cruciferous vegetables is Diindolylmethane (DIM) which balances hormones, especially estrogens that are imbalanced in most people due to many products that contain them like plastics. Every beverage you drink in plastic bottles contains xenoestrogens which mimic the estrogen activity in your body that leads to breast cancer, prostate cancer, obesity, and other conditions that DIM can help you to prevent.

And it is fine if you take DIM in supplementation, your body can absorb it and I even recommend it for men because it has been shown to inhibit an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen. So, these veggies are the primary food source of DIM, but you need to consume them often and every day to reap this compound’s benefits.

Now is time to talk about sulforaphane a compound you can get from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, and cabbage, which has been shown to provide powerful health benefits. But you need to eat them raw and cut, chopped or chewed them to activate myrosinase, which is an enzyme produced by the plant to defend itself after you cut it.

So if you want sulforaphane from your broccoli cut it into small pieces, wait 5 minutes and then add it raw in your pizza, soups, tacos, eggs, salad, everywhere. If you do not do it you will not activate the sulforaphane which is in the vegetables but as a compound called glucoraphanin which is what is transformed in sulforaphane when is mixed with Myrosinase, the enzyme the plant produces after you attack it with a knife.

But a difference of other vegetables that are recommended to cook to maximize the health impact like tomatoes, carrots, spinach and mushrooms, Sulforaphane going to be greatly reduced if you do not consume them raw. And the best source of sulforaphane is broccoli sprouts and this compound is beneficial for overall health because reduces inflammation but check the video where Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks in detail about this wonderful compound.

I hope this information helps you to have more energy, feel better, and look more beautiful. This article is part of my second book, which I still writing to help people to reverse their biological age. I will publish more chapters of this book in the next articles so subscribe to my newsletter to notify you every time I publish a new post or follow me on Pinterest.

Thanks for helping me to share this post with the world :)




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In this blog is the knowledge you need to reverse and delay aging, extend your healthspan, and almost never get sick.

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