How to avoid looking old in your 50s ?

Updated: Jan 5

With the next anti-aging secrets you will be able to reverse your body age and modify your external appearance by increasing the production of some enzymes and hormones that reduce when you get older. By having some habits and taking natural compounds from plants is possible to achieve positive results on your whole condition. These tips will lead you to rejuvenate your body by the production of cells that will repair it.

The best way to reduce wrinkles is by working inside and the next tips are a guide, follow them and you will see some good changes outside in your appearance and your body age will be reversing internally. You can be 50s with a body of 30s like David Sinclair, but he is very serious about his lifestyle, so you need to be as well to achieve those results. If you like some cakes and chocolates, you are part of my tribe :)

Every person is different and some people have wrinkles because of the liver and others because of stress. This is why having an anti-aging coach is a great investment for reversing the body age easily to invest your money in the right supplements and to know how to take them with the right dose during the best time for better absorption. Each person needs a different strategy for reversing age which is built by the coach, everyone is completely different, and some need to improve the liver while others just stop consuming some food or start moving more.

But the next advice is something everyone can apply and will have a positive impact on the whole organism because many cells will be repairing your body by increasing the production of growth hormones and sirtuins by having a strategic diet, natural supplementation, and some habits that will lead you to rejuvenate your body. Interesting right ?

I do not recommend introducing hormones into your body because they damage your glands. It is strategic to empower your glands to increase the production of hormones instead of introducing them. For example, if a runner stopped practicing for a year, he loses the condition for competition, the same happens when the glands no longer need to work, they lose their condition for the production of hormones.

To know your body age you can make a test like this one, then apply the tips described below and repeat the test next year to see if your body age reversed, if you fail, just contact me to succeed at

Detox your body

It is strategic to clean the body to improve the appearance of your skin and even to lose weight. I am a health coach helping people to lose weight with this challenge, and many people cannot lose weight because they need to detox their bodies. It is amazing to know that the appearance of your skin can improve 40% more by detoxing your body, than using skin care products like these 24K Magnetiful mask.

How to detox the body ?

Eating cruciferous vegetables, taking Chlorella in the morning with Milk Thistle twice per day will help to detox your body, if you want to make it better eat sea kelp or take it on supplements. Cruciferous vegetables are the best vegetables to eat for anti-aging, reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer, and to lose weight. By eating them with Chlorella your body will take out the body the toxic elements we get from the air, plastics, and what we eat.

By reducing the consumption of processed sugars, canned foods, and beverages in plastics you going to stop introducing toxic elements into your body. Also helps to introduce plants and chi generators in your bedroom that will maintain your area with clean air and energy.

Detoxing the body is the first step I focus on in my yearly package "reduce 10 years of your body age is only one year". To reduce wrinkles detoxing the Liver with Milk Thistle and by consuming 3 to 10 grams of Collagen hydrolyzed every day the skin will have a very good improvement.

Nothing will be reflected in the very short term, especially if you consume, sodas, processed sugars, mainstream snacks, cereals, pasta, non-organic meat, you smoke and drink. All those products and habits cause aging and in long term increases the risk of many diseases, for example, drinking tap water without filtering the Chlorine and Fluor kills bacteria from the gut that are important for the whole body. The Same with the pesticides from GMOs.

Intermittent Fasting

Now that your body is clean and you removed some brands from your diet and you start to read more articles with anti-aging tips like this one I wrote as well. You will be interested to do the second step which is eating all you want in only 3 meals or 2. This is the strategic method to reverse your body age by increasing the production of Grow Hormone and NAD+ which is the combustible for the genes of longevity produces cells to repair the body.

Why intermittent fasting reverse aging ?

Because the production of growth hormone stops when your body produces insulin and by eating your body creates it. Then, by having long periods without food, there is not insulin and the Pittuitaria gland starts the production of Grow hormone which can be boosted by doing aerobic exercise, sleeping well, and consuming supplements as L-Arginine and GABA.

If you enjoy eating do it only 3 times, which is much better for anti-aging. The more time the body has no food, it invests more time to repair and clean itself what reverses aging. This process is called autophagy which is the main purpose of fasting for reversing the body age.

By eating dark chocolate, drinking organic coffee, and taking the natural supplement Berberine is possible to accelerate the autophagy in your body which is not easy to achieve. Normally you need 3 days without eating to arrive in that process where the body starts to eating its self to keep alive. When the cells eat the garbage inside your body to survive without food and this clean and repair your body and produce very good changes.

Autophagy is a good anti-aging solution but please do not stop eating for 3 days without preparing your body before and introduce some specific nutrients days before and reduce the consumption of low nutritious food. This is why having an anti-aging coach like me is the best to reverse aging successfully without damaging your body.

By practicing fasting you can break your skin or increase the risk of a negative health condition if you do not know what you are doing. Some nutrients are essential as potassium which is very important to eat days before the 3 days of fasting and it can not be taking the daily dose on supplements. It is in vegetables and fruits, so consume a lot of them days before your fasting and take Berberine as a supplement. Normally is safe but always talk to your doctor before, especially if you are taking some medicaments.

I found a very interesting recipe to boost autophagy that I found in some of my favorite channels with anti-aging tips. If your second meal of the day is this type of salad you will be accelerating the rejuvenation process. As well by consuming the natural supplements described in this article I wrote with natural remedies for reversing your body age.

How to fast 3 days to rejuvenate ?

To fast for 3 days safely and healthily consume only water those days to reverse the body age successfully. Do not drink teas or coffee, just water to starve your body and obligate it to eat its self due to lack of nutrients. During the first day, you can take 1 or 2 grams of Chlorella in the morning, with Berberine and Magnesium. And the next 2 days drink only water and you going to break your diet in the same way, by taking Chlorella, Berberine, and Magnesium and 30 minutes later the first meal with mostly vegetables or fruits for its potassium content.

During intermittent fasting, you are able to drink coffee and tea between meals because they do not affect the production of insulin and the fat-burning is not stop. But I am describing the best fasting process for reversing aging and not for losing weight. If you want to know more about losing weight check this article I wrote or join this challenge where I am going to guide you to achieve the body you want for 2 months, I will be with you until you achieve it.

Do intense exercise

This means take 3 minutes of the day to run, jump or swim as fast as you can. Only 3 minutes or 6 or 9 if you can. But only 3 is perfect but every day and really fast. In this way, you will activate the genes of longevity for the production of cells that will repair your body.

Many people do a lot of exercise thinking that is the best but if you stress your body is going to produce Cortisol which has an aging effect. So enjoy the exercise, do it very hard for some seconds and you will see great results. If you can work out this can help as well for the production of the growth hormone as well as taking natural supplements with L-Arginine.

Take natural supplementation

The last tip is taking natural supplements that will help you to produce the growth hormone and activate the sirtuins. I already described before many supplements you can use for the first and second month of starting your strategy to reduce your body age. For the 3rd month after you detox your body and started to practice intermittent fasting start to consume Astragalus and Resveratrol. I am talking in detail about these supplements in this article that I recommend you to read.

Read that article, it is the continuation of this article. Also check this other one with more supplements, food, and other great tips to reverse your body age, which I am using on my yearly package "Reduce 10 - 20 years of your body age in only one year". If you want me as your anti-aging coach send me an email to meet me virtually.

I am happy if this information helps you to have more energy, feel better, and look more beautiful. This article is part of the second book I am writing to help people to reverse their body age. I will publish more chapters of this book in the next articles so subscribe to my newsletter so that I can contact you every time I publish a new post or follow me on Pinterest.

Thanks for helping me to share this post with the world :)

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