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Benefits of Orgone Generators in Enhancing Your Space and Personal Well-being

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Prepare to explore one of the most fascinating gadgets on the market, which stands out as one of the best holistic and spiritual tools I have ever experienced. The orgone generator is a device that, unlike any other, cleanly and continuously produces orgone energy. Saturating any space with this mass-free energy that nurtures all life forms.

They are unique in the market, other orgone devices use orgonites to concentrate the orgone, but only the orgone generator has a system only known by the inventor that allows the machine to be able to pulse this energy clean and at a certain frequency creating a harmonious vibration that facilitates sleep, meditation, inner peace, or fast learning. Both, the orgonites and orgone generators were invented by Karl Hans Welz.

Turning on an orgone generator is the best method to clean the toxic energies produced by Electromagnetic pollution that promotes insomnia, headaches, fatigue, and depression. I successfully eliminated the harmful energies produced by the electromagnetic fields that made me suffer from insomnia and migraines for 2 years with an orgone generator. That's why right now I'm talking about them. They create a very nice environment that I really enjoy.

Your body is an ecosystem with a lot of organisms inside performing important tasks that allow you to exist and being surrounded by abundant clean life energy is pretty beneficial. Orgone energy is everywhere, all matter comes from it, but in places where there is a lot of life, this energy is concentrated, flowing from a living being to another. These environments are healthy for you, your family, and pets, and they can be created with these machines.

Should I buy an orgone generator?

Why should I buy a Chi generator ?

If you are living in a big city away from nature your home can be saturated with dead orgone energy. Which is a state of this energy harmful to your body, mind and spirit. Especially in apartments in buildings where more people live, many waves and electromagnetic fields reach your home continuously that produces this harmful state of the life energy which is better to keep away with a Chi generator on the 24 hours in your bedroom or kitchen.

You can develop negative symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and so on due to this contaminated environment and your doctor will be not able to help you even if he tries his best because the only solution is removing this toxic energy.

A toxic energetic environment oxidates your body especially your blood and brain. On the other hand, an environment with abundant clean life energy is very beneficial and peacefully. And if you think that your home can be in a toxic energetic environment you can take the extracts from the plants described on this article to reverse the deterioration of your body.

Dead orgone energy is a stagnant state of life energy that is harmful for your body and spirit.

The orgone is transferred between all animate and inanimate objects what was called "animal magnetism" by Anton Mesmer in 1780 and “Odic Force” by Karl Reichenbach who is well known for his discoveries of several chemical products of economic importance such as eupione, waxy paraffin, pittacal (the first synthetic dye) and phenol (an antiseptic).

Karl Reichenbach dedicated himself to researching the life force, the energy that emanates from all living beings, whose disruption within the body promotes disease and many of these blockages are caused by negative emotions, avoid them because is important to maintain a strong flow to be healthy. It is the energy that reiki healers use to heal even from a distance.

So, you need an environment with clean energy but as well keep the flow strong within your body by eating mostly fruits and vegetables, stay positive and keep a distance from negativity. The holistic tips described in this article will help you as well to maintain this flow strong. there are herbs called Qi tonics that will help as well if you consume them in extract, my 3 favorites are Astragalus, Reishi Mushrooms, and Fo-Ti Root.

A chi generator will maintain your space with the energetic ambiance of the forest but if you constantly feel negative emotions you can build energetic blockages within your body that weakens your organism, this is why I do not watch the news and I keep my distance from negative people. The most toxic are those who ignore the power of their words.

Should I buy an orgone generator?

What to expect after buying a generator ?

These machines are handmade by a family company based in Atlanta and basically, you will only receive a box with the machine inside, and that's it. No more garbage, is important you know it to avoid surprises. To learn how to use them you can virtually meet us any time and even before purchase them by writing to me on Telegram, my username is @Pranachy

Also, you can read the manual of the orgone generators by clicking this link, but they are very easy to operate, basically, you only need to plug it into the electricity and turn it on by pressing a button. They work with electricity, an exemption from the Chi shooter, the model most used by masseurs who saturate the host's body with Chi energy after the massage. It runs with 2 AA batteries what allows you to carry the vital energy wherever you go.

You can use white sage and Palo Santo to clean the energy pretty well, the problem is that electromagnetic fields are contaminating it all the time, stagnating the life force, which you can remedy only by keeping on an orgone generator the 24 hours.

Just keep it on in the area that you want to saturate with clean energy. They should be close to the people and devices that produce Electromagnetic fields like the Wi-Fi modem maintain away from you. For example, the Chi generator should be in the room where you spend most of your time, and the Wi-Fi modem in the room where you spend less of your time at home.

The problem is that signals from outside arrive to your home or office and they create a toxic environment. This is why is important you use a Chi generator if you are living in a building with other apartments because in areas with a lot of people living together there are a lot of devices emitting harmful fields constantly that arrive at your place producing there a harmful atmosphere that you can clean with a Chi generator. It is the best option to remove them.

They create the best environment to maintain your mind and spirit in balance and peace. Well, basically you can create the environment of the forest with an orgone generator and some plants. You going to love the environment created by this machine as I do if you are a spiritual person, sensible to energies, and taking care of yourself and family in a holistic way.

There are models that are radionics devices. Which are machines that allow you to manifest faster with the law of attraction by connecting a visualization with a frequency of the machine allowing your subconscious mind to remember the event visualized every time your body feels the pulse of vital energy. What energizes your desired goal and makes it happen faster.

To know more about how to manifest with our radionic devices visit this tutorial with some videos that can help you to understand your full potential in this mental Universe that can be molded by your mind. You are creating your reality and more and more people are discovering it day after day. Reality is just a spiritual reflection and projection of energies, and you can accelerate your manifestations with the Law of attraction by using a radionic device.

For more information chat to me on Telegram, I am an anti-aging coach as well, and if you are curious to know about my services contact me there or book a session with me right now by clicking this link, to transform your lifestyle into a very positive and holistic way.

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