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Some Essential Biohacking Habits for Maximizing Healthspan and Anti-Aging

Updated: Apr 24

In this article are included amazing habits to reverse your biological age and keep a peak performance as well as a beautiful body, incredible health and a radiant spirit. Lets be honest, we are entering in a completely new era, where robots drive our cars, harvest our food, universal income started to be introduced and humans going to live much more longer.

But adopting a new lifestyle is mandatory to greatly extend healthspan with the habits that will allow our planet to recuperate its health and enable life to be restored. Also, keeping away the toxic products from the companies that are degenerating society and destroying the ecosystem is a must. Having an anti-aging lifestyle is strategic for a better world. Only very ignorant people think that extending lifespan to 200 to 300 years could be harmful.

What is harmful is that today there is no wireless electricity transmission, cars running on water, or governments doing their best to achieve peace. All those inventions are available today, and weapons greatly destroy the environment and spread radiation that travels around the world, affecting human health and increasing deformities. On the other hand, there will not be overpopulation because people will start having babies in their 30s or 40s.

So, the next strategies will not only allow you to reverse your biological age but also achieve a higher level of consciousness necessary for a better world and enjoy your life by being the best version of yourself, supporting others, the animals, your cells and the ecosystem of the planet. These are the methods I use with the people I coach to reverse their biological age.

Essential Biohacking Habits for Maximizing Healthspan and Anti-Aging

Exploring the Concept of Biohacking

Biohacking is the art of sculpting a lifestyle that not only nurtures the body, mind, and spirit but propels us into a realm of boundless vitality, beauty and consciousness. It's about more than just adopting habits; it's a revolution against pollution, a pledge to preserve our planet, and a commitment to our own well-being. A life where every action you take contributes to your longevity, your beauty, and wisdom. With days filled with boundless energy, clarity of mind, and a profound sense of inner peace. That's the power of biohacking.

By cultivating habits that prioritize health, we unlock the potential for a longer, richer life. It's a journey that leads us to physical vitality and a higher state of consciousness—a place where joy, wisdom, and compassion intertwine. In this vibrant state, we become champions of our own well-being, our goals and we embrace a profound connection with all living beings, from the cells within our own bodies to the creatures that roam the planet.

Biohacking isn't just a lifestyle—it's a movement toward a brighter, healthier future for us and the planet. If you're someone who seeks to be their best self and make a positive impact on the world, you're in the right place. Let's discuss a few great habits I recommend for enjoying a youthful, vibrant body with peak performance, beautiful appearance, and elevated consciousness, while extending your healthspan. Are you ready to transform your life?

Fasting is the Key to Youth, Health, Beauty, and Vitality

Fasting is the most important strategy for healing, rejuvenation, and reversing your biological age. It is one of the most strategic habits in the realm of biohacking, offering remarkable healing potential that can transform your health and greatly improve your appearance.

Eating often keep your body working very hard digesting, which does not provide enough time, energy, and effort for internal maintenance. When your body does not release insulin for hours, very strategic body functions for healing, and rejuvenation are activated. The more time you spend without food, the more beneficial it is if you nourish yourself properly.

Most diseases can be healed just by fasting, including cancer. This is how my tenant healed herself, as I explain in my free ebook, which I highly recommend reading if you want to reverse your biological age and almost never get ill. Staying without food for the long term is difficult for those with malnutrition, those who eat foods without nutrients and I am not talking only about artificial products but as well refined sugars, breads, and even white rice.

With proper nutrition, you can stay without food for long term feeling okay. But you need to adapt your body and also sleep properly. A good way to know if you sleep enough is by fasting; when your sleep is poor, even if it lasts for 8 hours, you are unable to fast or spend 20 minutes in a sauna, both strategic biohacking habits. What I recommend in my coaching is just to avoid food as much as you can when you can. It is very healthy if you eat strategic.

I do not recommend to schedule a fasting because if you do not sleep well, or your body needs food during the day, it is not healthy, even if you want to push yourself for an improvement, and even worse is to fast for losing weight. It is disappointing that most people connect overweight with the diet, while overweight is just a result of hormonal imbalance, as I describe in this article I wrote with the best advice for losing weight by balancing hormones.

To make it through the day without eating, you can drink coffee with butter and coconut oil. This drink helps the absorption of any supplements you consume, which should normally be taken with food and on an empty stomach for proper absorption. This drink helps in both cases but do not add sugar or honey, just a little milk. Remember, protein and sugar cause the secretion of insulin which interrupts the benefits of fasting.

Sleep Soundly in a Healthy Environment

Quality sleep is often underestimated but holds tremendous importance. Its absence not only activates disease-related genes but also fosters primitive behaviors and negative thinking. Conversely, essential biohacking practices like fasting, meditation, sauna sessions, or high-intensity interval training become more challenging without adequate rest.

Just one night of insufficient sleep can visibly deteriorate the body. Conversely, proper sleep not only enhances physical beauty and health but also provides the energy needed to tackle the day, whether it's exercising, fasting, or spending time in the sauna.

Delta sleep is the most important phase of sleep, interrupted if you drink alcohol at night, coffee 6 hours before sleeping, or if you are in an environment with electromagnetic pollution. Even if you can sleep after drinking coffee at night, your sleep quality is low.

We need to understand that we are in a world with many ignorant people. We have CDC saying type-2 diabetes has no cure, or the FDA says GMOs are safe, or professionals considering the Covid vaccine safe even if it already killed thousands of people, destroys the most important muscle in your heart and considerably reducing life expectancy. The same goes for electromagnetic pollution, which many consider a myth and is very harmful to your health. It is found in large quantities in buildings with many apartments, especially in Europe.

I am a person very sensitive to pollution. If I eat artificial junk, my stomach feels different. I haven't gotten sick from digestive issues for more than 20 years, but it feels strange. If I smoke cigarettes, I experience strong vertigo. If I drink the wrong red wine, I get headaches, but with quality wine, I don't. The same goes for electromagnetic pollution, which caused me to suffer from chronic insomnia for 15 years until I identified the root of the problem.

This insomnia not only disrupted my life for decades but also greatly deteriorated my body, leading me to become a biohacker even before knowing about this movement. So, to all those ignorant people saying that EMFs are safe, I say, "No way!" To maintain a healthy environment in your bedroom, introduce as many plants as you can, and if you can afford it, consider using an orgone generator. Keep it on the 24 hours in your bedroom in 3.5Hz.

Harnessing the Power of Bioresonance for Optimal Health

One of the most effective healing methods available today is bioresonance. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, people were able to destroy the virus with these devices by targeting the Mortal Oscillatory Rate of the pathogen. There is a magnetic frequency to which every pathogen is vulnerable, leading to their demise. Without a doubt, the pandemic was one of the biggest scams in history, and discussing this topic led to this blog being penalized by Google and other media outlets. So, please share this information to empower people.

If you've never heard about bioresonance, I recommend you take a look at this article. But bioresonance can not only be used to destroy pathogens and heal your body but also to support the overall condition. There are frequencies that can be used for collagen improvement, detox, more energy, and even for increasing the human growth hormone.

Devices like Spooky2 generator can be used in your bedroom, office or place where you spend a long time to broadcast desired frequencies into the environment while you sleep or work. Just a few days ago, I had very severe pain and I wanted to test the frequencies from the Spooky2 YouTube channel. The outcomes were incredible; the pain was reduced from very severe to moderate after listening to a few different frequencies for pain relief.

So, if you want to improve something in your health right now, you can tune in to this channel with headband headphones and listen to the frequencies. For results, they need to be received for days; this is why I recommend having the generator for better impact. Also by having the device the frequencies can be projected into the environment in complete silence.

Integrate Tea into Your Everyday Routine

Affordable herbal teas can provide surprising benefits, comparable to very expensive supplements, if they are prepared correctly with filtered and structured water. Facial skin could see better improvement by avoiding sodas and drinking teas like rooibos, matcha, and milk thistle. Sugar is the substance that most causes wrinkles, as do many chemical medications that greatly cause deterioration visible in the skin.

Now let's talk about anti-aging. Many people do their best to boost NAD+, which herbal teas can help with Apigenin, a plant flavone that has the ability to decrease CD38, a protein coding gene that has been observed to have a correlation with the decrease of NAD+. By reducing CD38 with Apigenin, NAD+ levels may augment. Then, a good and very affordable herbal infusion for increasing NAD+ can be sage, chamomile, and rosemary together.

There are inexpensive ways to truly boost your health and beauty that you may be unaware of, which is why I recommend my coaching. Herbal infusions can help you to almost never get ill, improve your beauty, and extend your life. On the other hand, most carbonated drinks are products that age you faster, greatly deteriorating your body with exaggerated amounts of sugar that cause addiction. The worst of them are those with alcohol.

Alcohol, commercial cigarettes, grilled, fried, and artificial foods are the products that cause more deterioration and disease, as well as many health products mainstream health systems use. Even hospital are places normally infested with a lot electromagnetic pollution that damages your body. If your doctor never asked you about the products you consume, you are guided by the wrong person. Most human diseases are the result of what people introduce into their bodies, including chemical health products and vitamins made in labs.

Herbal teas are very powerful supplements, but they should be prepared with organic and high-quality herbs, simmered for 20 or 30 minutes over low heat. As a result, the beverage is packed with powerful nutrients and has a vivid, strong color. For better results, do not add sugar; normally, the taste is good if you are not addicted to sugar.

Many people eat for addiction and are unaware of it. They think they are hungry, but they are just feeling the discomfort of not getting the substance they are addicted to. Any throat problem can be fixed with ginger tea almost instantly. Cut ginger into small pieces and leave it in water at low temperature for more than 30 minutes. The ideal color of the beverage should be dark brown, and after drinking it, you should feel relief in your throat.

Any disease can be supported with herbal infusions. On my Instagram, I am sharing a photo with the best 5 teas for anti-aging; take a look. If you join my coaching, you will learn all these secrets that only a great biohacker like me knows and have a new amazing friend. My specialty is herbal remedies. If you are enjoying this article and resonate with it, say hello to me on Telegram; let's connect there. My username is Pranachy or talk to my in Linkedin.

Essential Biohacking Habits for Maximizing Healthspan and Anti-Aging

Detoxifying Your Body: An Essential Biohacking Habit

People who visit the clinics from my collegues are often completely infested by heavy metals, parasaites or pesticides. Heavy metals like mercury which is included in vaccines and dental amalgams have a huge negative impact in the body and brain, even animals in nature have show homosexual behavior when they have mercury poisoning.

The fluoride contained in the tap water supply is very detrimental to the body. It is a very harmful endocrine disruptor, imbalancing the thyroid, reducing testosterone, and calcifying the pineal gland, the most important part of the body for spiritual awakening. What's worse is that there is no reason to put fluoride in the water, unless you are an evil government using millions of dolars from the taxes of citizens to invade other regions, maintaining chaos, death, and destruction without resistance, ignoring God's desire for unconditional love.

Intoxication not only endangers health but can keep a person in a very animal state where they are easily influenced by others, while healthy people with a radiant spirit maintain a divine condition characterized by wisdom, peaceful attitude, and unconditional love.

No country has tried to invade the United States since its existence, so why do they spend exaggerated amounts of money on defense? Why do people consider veterans heroes if no country has tried to attack the territory of the United States? So, it is very important to maintain people in a very low state of consciousness by constantly contaminating their bodies to reduce their mental capacities and control them easily. Many people have suffered due to the US Army, like all those innocent families and children killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the biggest genoside in history perpetrated by the American heroes.

I do not wish to be disrespectful; I only invite my reader to reflect. Another great example is the COVID vaccine, a contaminating agent that greatly reduces people's lives by causing enourmous deterioration of the body. But many people said, 'In science we trust,' it was the motto. But this is not true because there is zero scientific and archaeological evidence that Jesus Christ existed. I am not saying that he does not; I am saying that there is no scientific evidence. So, people not precisely trust in science, but they are easily influenced without being aware of, due to a low consciousness caused by constant oversposure to pollution.

So I highly recommend detoxing your body every day to remove all the toxins and radiation inside your organism by eating raw cruciferous vegetables and green leafy greens, taking supplements like chlorella, MSM, spirulina, and DIM, using Finnish saunas or bioresonance therapy. Vitamin D3 with K2 are the most powerful nutrients to maintain your spiritual power intact, as well as daily meditation. And keep in mind that everything that touches your skin ends up in your bloodstream, so be careful with cosmetics and personal care or hygiene products. Choose only ones with natural ingredients and no chemicals.

Pollutants greatly reduce mental and spiritual capacities, as does sugar. Many products for children include exaggerated amounts of sugar that reduce their mental capacities. Also, there is an alarming reduction of testosterone in men as a result of fluoride in water and other xenoestrogens. This puts in danger the strength of men to protect society from all those evil people who do not support peace, love, and a better world, keeping them dosile and superficial. Baldness, obesity, PCOS, infertility, dementia—all these conditions can result from endocrine disruptors like fluoride, BPA and pesticides in GMOs.

Strategic Nutrition Emerges as the Premier Biohacking Habit for Longevity, Anti-aging and Well-Being

The right nutrition is the most important strategy for biohacking; this is because nutrients are the tools your body uses for maintenance, and the lack of them causes deterioration. For example, a company can be more successful if use the latest technology and software, right? Something similar happens with supplementation.

Supplements like CaAkg, NMN, Resveratrol, Fisetin, or Curcumin are super powerful nutrients that are almost impossible to get in beneficial amounts from foods. For instance, curcumin in turmeric is poorly absorbed by the body when introduced through teas or food. And I know a lot of people feeling well-nourished because they use turmeric as spice or eat often cooked or boiled cruciferous vegetables which lose all the important nutrients.

Even by steaming the broccoli, sulforaphane, the most precious nutrient from it, is dissolved.

This is why having my coaching services is strategic. I even see on social media a lot of health coaches showing their poorly nutritious dishes, because they ignore that the cooking process destroy nutrients in vegetables making them low nutritious. On the other hand, some ingredients like tomato or spinach can increase their nutrient content with cooking.

As herbal infucions, dishes can be prepared to boost NAD+ levels, improve performance, and even testosterone. Parsley, is the second best source of Apigenin being chamomille the first one, it is also a supper food that help your body detox toxins and heavy metals. You can also boost your testosteron levels by eating organic Eggs, Spinach, Broccoli and almonds.

Proper Nutrition: A Pivotal Biohacking Habit for Antiaging

On the other hand you can deplete your body nutrients by eating a lot of artificial foods, ultra-processed foods and refined sugars. Just by adding sugar to water with lemon you can significantly reduce the absorption of vitamin C, impacting your antiaging efforts negatively.

If you're a vegan, I encourage you to reconsider transitioning to a vegetarian diet for three reasons. Firstly, eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available, offering a wealth of essential nutrients. Additionally, cultivating a relationship with chickens can foster a symbiotic connection and provide a sense of companionship. Personally, I grew up with chickens that roamed freely, and even my rooster could sense my emotions, showing concern when I was unhappy. They were integral members of my family.

The second is raw honey, one of the best foods to consume to almost never get ill, but very, very important. It should be raw and not heated; when is heat it, important nutrients are destroyed, and beneficial bacteria killed. More than 90% of honey in the market is heated. Honey, garlic, and apple cider vinegar are the most potent antibiotics out there. While chemical antibiotics are one of the most harmful health products a person can consume. They promote dementia, depression, and vitamin B depletion by destroying the microbiome.

The third reason is organic butter, which is packed with powerful nutrients. Cows can live harmoniously with humans or even goats, whose milk products are known for their health benefits. Vegetable oils are one of the most toxic and detrimental ingredients for cooking. The major contributor to cardiac disease, the number one cause of death today. Avoid them, opt for organic butter, coconut oil or sesame oil for frying which are healthy alternatives.

Synthetic vitamins, produced in laboratories, are poorly assimilated by the body, with only a small fraction being effectively absorbed, such as cyanocobalamin or the synthetic form of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, often sourced from GMOs. These genetically modified organisms are pervasive in various products, including vitamins and supplements. Common additives like corn syrup or maltodextrin are frequently derived from GMO sources. Even farm-raised fish are commonly fed GMOs infested with pesticides that end up in your body.

It is insane because fishes are nutritious precisely because of the algae they eat, which is one of the most potent supplements to consume, as well as mushrooms that all of them have anti-cancer properties. It is very common in women the reduction of eyebrows due to hormonal imbalance. And consuming sea kelp, a natural source of iodine, helps.

Harnessing the Power of Infrared Therapy for antiaging

A powerful nutrition is not only about foods and supplements. For your cells, light is a nutrient, an external compound needed for proper function; this is why the sun is needed. But from all the light spectrum, scientists have found specific wavelengths super beneficial for humans. And those are red and infrared-light that charges the mitochondria with energy.

Offering incredible effects because everything in your body are cells, and your body is all the time healing and rejuvenating, but the process greatly slows down when you get older by many factors. One of them is the diminution of cellular energy that can be increased with infrared light therapy. As a result, all the incredible benefits, especially for anti-aging and fitness enthusiasts, accelerating healing, supporting pain reduction, better sleep, more energy, strength, healthy hair, tissue regeneration, collagen production, wrinkles reduction, more testosterone in men. It even helps in superficial areas from your body to detox.

For best results, I recommend the use of infrared light beds, like this one I am offering to fitness centers and anti-aging clinics. These beds charge all cells in your body, even those deep within the bones. The treatment only requires 10 to 15 minutes but should be used quite often for amazing results. Panels are okay, but it is important for the light to be very close to your skin and these beds encapsulate your whole body into the light. Look for a fitness center that offers this therapy or buy one if you can afford it, talk to me for a discount.

For complete information about infrared light therapy please take a look at these articles from my blog. Because I see many anti-aging clinics and fitness centers that ignore the most powerful anti-aging, wellness, and recovery treatment available today. Incredible beneficial for looking better, improve your beauty, physical performance and almost never get ill.

I also encourage you to download my ebook available for free for more insights about strategic nutrition. There, I discuss the most nutritious foods for humans and why being vegan is not necessarily a healthy choice. This book comprises the first 60 pages of the book I am currently writing, which provides advice on reversing 10 years of your biological age and almost never getting ill, using only natural remedies, mostly derived from plants.

I hope you enjoy this article and if you resonate with my message and you are a spiritual person doing their best to become the best version of yourself to make of this world a better place contact me on telegram @Pranachy. You can ask me there anything regarding my infrared light products and my coaching that I provide to a reduced number of people only.

The purpose of this blog is to contribute to a better society and people have access to empowering content. Which is hidden by mainstream media like Google and websites from Meta. This is why I am mostly active on Pinterest and Linkedin. So, my last advice is to be more conscious about the misinformation greatly promoted by the mainstream media.




I am Cristian Jordan, author of this blog where I am sharing the best habits, products and nutrients, to promote the preservation of your body. 

In this blog is the knowledge you need to reverse and delay aging, extend your healthspan, and almost never get sick.

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