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Which Are The Effective Methods for Clearing Acne After Trying Everything?

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Acne is a manifestation from hormonal imbalance that other people manifest with other symptoms such as cellulite, obesity, or baldness. PCOS is condition result of hormonal imbalance as well. So It is crucial for everyone to be aware that conditions such as facial hair in girls are often mere expressions of imbalances and not a predetermined destiny or body type. Therefore, it can be influenced and improved by maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Illness is often the manifestation of an event that forces us to know more about ourselves.

The facial hair of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo could be a symptom of hormonal imbalance or PCOS, and not precisely how she naturally is. Pollution is often the cause; many foods and beverages available are literally pollution for our bodies and affect us in different ways; everyone is different. But maybe having acne or starting to lose hair will be something that motivate us to steer clear of what is not good for us and to recognize it.

The text below talks about some ingredients in foods that cause hormonal imbalance for everyone and the herbs that help to keep hormones balanced. I invite you to find out which foods are not welcome in your body. And the protocol suggested is completely safe, but always take precautions by testing the herbal extracts you consume for first time because even if they are safe as eating bell peppers, I have met someone allergic to bell peppers.

The next are the chapters from this very long article:

Effective Methods for Clearing Acne

Understanding Acne Leads You to Keep it Away

Hormonal imbalance is a serious issue in society that only a few people are talking about. Hair loss, obesity, excessive hair in women, cellulite and acne are all manifestations of hormonal imbalances that can lead to serious health conditions. The reason why a person has acne is not because one of their parents had it, however there is a predisposition but by understanding the cause, it is easy to avoid it, if the necessary measures are taken.

The main problem is pollution, which causes hormonal imbalance and stress. Many people are obese just because of stress or get ill often. Stress also causes acne, and all those food products that promote a spike of insulin in the body, like beverages and foods with a lot of sugar and most ultra-processed foods. Even white bread and refined rice cause this spike, and many people think that rice is healthy even if it doesn't contain any important nutrients.

An increase of androgens or estrogens causes acne, and this spike can be induced by high levels of insulin. This hormone is released by your pancreas each time you eat something or under stress when cortisol is released. Cortisol produces sugars in the body from the skin, muscle, or even bones tissue, and then insulin is released to process those sugars.

Different parts of the body regulate hormones, like the liver, which produces a protein that binds in certain hormones to keep it innactive. And It has been observed that people with low levels of SHBG protein have severe acne because more active androgens lead to enlargement of the sebaceous gland, more oil, more bacteria, and more skin infection.

When insulin is released often in the body by eating too much carbohydrates, refined sugars, or ultra-processed foods, there is a reduction of this protein and as result an exessive amounts of active hormones that promotes acne. Also ingredients contained on certain products like maltodextrin, corn syrup or herbices and fungicides on vegetable oils can lead to hormonal imbalances as well as many synthetic health products.

The Best Natural Supplements for Healing Acne

How Acne Forms ?

The excessive production of sebum, an oily substance created by the sebaceous glands to lubricate the skin, fosters increased bacterial growth that is controlled by white blood cells, leading to skin inflammation and acne. Most health experts approach the problem with the superficial solution of targeting the bacteria, while the real problem is the excess of sebum and the solution lies in addressing it. Without doubt Acne is result of hormonal imbalance.

This hormonal imbalance is mostly the result of the consumption of products that imbalance the endocrine system. The most common are foods with herbicides, pesticides like vegetable oils, and those with GMO ingredients but also synthetic health products, diet food products, some elements found in the tap water, so filter it, and of course foods and beverages with too much refined sugars, corn syrup or maltodextrin in their ingredients.

Those foods and excessive consumption of carbs increase at exaggerated levels the release of insulin, for this fact they can be contamination for the body. Pollution is an element introduced in an ecosystem that causes damage, and your body is full of life; it is literally an ecosystem. If you are a vegan that loves animals and respects life, the next step is to respect all those living beings inside you. Your good health and mood depends on them.

Through different pathways, excessive amounts of insulin negatively impact other hormone levels, leading to acne or PCOS. The liver, sexual organs, and other parts of the body are involved, so this is not merely a skin problem. Attempting to solve it with skin products is very superficial. None of the creams and skin products I purchased ever helped me. Not only did I waste money on those products but also on specialists who provided mediocre advice.

I had acne as a teenager, and at least for me, it was devastating, affecting my entire life by anchoring insecurities that lasted for many years until I was able to overcome them. That wasn't easy for me, and I decided to write this article because no dermatologist was able to help me due to their superficial knowledge. I can even tell you that none of them had any idea about what was causing my acne; even after reading this article, you will be able to help people with this condition much more than many dermatologists who studied hard for years.

Effective Methods for Clearing Acne

It is time to talk about effective solutions that might help with all acne cases because everyone is different, and this imbalance can be caused by many factors, including nutrient deficiencies like vitamin D, copper, or zinc. Precisely, foods high in carbs deplete the body from those essential nutrients needed for other important functions, such as a strong immune system. On the other hand, carbs and sugars feed the bad bacteria that cause acne, promoting their proliferation. However, they can be controlled by following the next tips.

Reduce Carbs intake and ultraprocessed foods

It is ironic, but hormonal imbalance manifests itself with symptoms that make a person look unattractive: the skin darkens in some areas, skin tags appear, cellulite in women, obesity, hair grows in inappropriate areas, or the hair begins to fall out like the eyebrows in many women due to thyroid problems. On the contrary, something that enhances beauty is eating the right foods, keeping all artificial and fast foods away. Having a strategic nutrition, exercising, and meditating makes anyone beautiful, wiser, more attractive, and full of life.

It can be a challenge to avoid toxic foods, especially when almost every restaurant prepares the food with vegetable oils that contain herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals that promote hormonal imbalances, leading to diseases. And the problem is ignorance because absolutely all the foods and desserts you love can be prepared in a certain way that is nutritious and delicious but most foods contain ingredients that promote hormonal imbalance.

I see a lot of people who could look much better if they kept all that trash food away, ultra-processed foods, sugary beverages, even medications. I see beautiful girls in the gym with amazing butts training hard to achieve them, but with cellulite there and on the top of the legs. All of these imperfections are mostly result of hormonal imbalances due to their diet.

So the first advice is to keep ultraprocessed foods away, those fried with vegetable oils, white breads, products with refined sugar, or even worse, diet products. It is not difficult because more and more restaurants and healthy products are produced lately. It is time to support them. Also, keep a distance from GMOs and beverages with tap water and the healthiest diet to follow is the ketogenic, but maintain distance of ketogenic ultraprocessed foods and eat fruits, even if they contain sugar, because they are good for your skin.

Fasting Can Transform Your Skin and Banish Acne

Fasting helps to regulate hormones, reduce the bacteria causing acne, inflammation, improves skin apperance and cleans the body from all those sustances that are imbalancing the hormones. The easiest method to practice it is by eating the last meal before 8pm and the first one at noon, this is 16 hours without food. Tea, hot cacao or coffee can be drunk with a bit of milk or butter, but beverages like cappuccino and sugary drinks break the fast.

For those eating a lot of carbs, bread, and sweets, fasting can be a strategic way to keep insulin low and detox the body from all those endocrine disruptors causing acne. It is also a good method to maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Some people have a wonderful skin, and they can eat whatever they want and acne is not manifested, but others like me, need to make sacrificies to maintain their apperance at its best, and fasting is excellent for the skin.

Many people plan their fastings or say no food before noon and after 8 pm, something I do not recommend. I practice fastings almost every day, but did you notice that I said almost? This is because I eat when I want. If you do not sleep well, a nutritious meal can help for having a great day. So the only thing I do is to keep my body as much as I can without food always. Sometimes I do not eat anything until 8 pm, and of course, my dishes are nutritious.

Fasting is hard for people who have malnutrition. As I mentioned in my 60-page free ebook, most people imagine an African when talking about malnutrition, but with all respect, I think of Americans. A country where most foods products are low nutritious and full of ingredients that make people sick, ugly, and stupid. The lack of nutrients causes the brain not to function properly like all those candy cereals that deplete zinc in children, causing learning difficulties.

On the other hand, synthetic vitamins, all those in food products or trash supplements are not absorbed by the body. Many of them are made from petroleum or GMOs in labs, and the body does not recognize them because they are not natural; they don't come from foods. When nutritious foods are eaten, including a lot of healthy fats and consumed herbal extracts or plant-based supplements, it is very possible to stay without food for the long term with ease. In my case, I cannot understand how people find the time to eat 3 times per day.

Carbohydrates, refined sugar, and even certain ingredients in diet products or supplements, like maltodextrin, cause a spike in insulin that can be very harmful if it is constant. Other hormonal imbalances and diseases can be result of this exagerated release of insulin that certain foods provoque, conditions such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are result of insulin resistance. Berberine is a good support for insulin resistance.

Effective Methods for Healing Acne after Trying Everything

Nurturing Your Microbiome for Clearing Acne

Acne is a disease that can be related to the condition of the digestive tract and its microbiome. The intestinal microbiota is greatly important in the formation of acne lesions. It is also responsible for the proper immunity of the organism. The consumption of antibiotics, GMOs, ultra-processed foods, and a diet lacking in raw fruits and vegetables causes severe damage to the microbiome. The best foods for clearing acne are raw cruciferous vegetables.

These veggies also provide the body with DIM, in my opinion, the most important substance to eradicate acne, but they should be eaten raw. I do it every day; I just add them in most of my dishes in small pieces or sprouts. On the other hand, consider using natural antibiotics like ginger, turmeric extract, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and raw and not heated honey, because chemical antibiotics destroy the microbiome. What can lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and very serious conditions, including dementia and some types of cancers.

The proliferation of bacteria that causes acne can be the result of consuming a lot of sugars, but also due to an unhealthy microbiota. Gluten and foods with herbicides are damage the gut. Also, GMOs block important enzymes, causing hormonal imbalances that can lead to acne, PCOS, and other horrible conditions. Often, animals are fed with GMOs, like farm fish, and the toxins from the animal arrive in the person who eats them. Also, GMOs can be hidden in products that contain corn syrup and maltodextrin, so opt for only organic foods.

For a healthy gut, it is important to consume probiotic-rich foods regularly. These are the ones that contain the bacteria needed in the body, such as Tempeh, Miso, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir, Pickles (in brine), organic Buttermilk, Natto, or Lassi. Additionally, bacteria can be introduced with a supplement; here on eBay, there are many probiotic supplements with billions of different types of bacteria. It is also beneficial to consume different types of prebiotics, which are the foods that the bacteria eat, such as raw fruits and vegetables.

Blue light therapy Reduces Acne in Weeks of Use

Blue light therapy has been showing great results in skin improvement and acne reduction when used daily. The spectrums of blue light from therapeutic devices like the ones shown below have an amazing effect in reducing the bacteria causing acne and oil release. This is the best tool that can be used to battle the condition effectively, it is better than any other skincare product, especially when is combined with red and infrared light therapy.

In this study, people with acne who were treated for five weeks with blue light therapy saw improvement in 77 percent of cases. Blue light has an antimicrobial effect, effectively killing several types of bacteria that can collect in the pores and oil glands, causing breakouts.

What caused me insecurity and trauma was not the pimples but the scars that appeared. For each pimple a new scar and every morning waking up without pimples was a victory with a good feeling, something that can be achieved with the masks shown below that offer blue light in combination with infrared light and red with infrared light treatment. Both are the best light spectrums for acne and scars reduction and completely skin transformation.

The Best Natural Supplements for Healing Acne

Even if using blue and infrared light therapy is one of the most effective methods for clearing acne, to heal the condition, supplementation should be consumed. Because the problem is not the pimples; something wrong is happening inside the body, and acne is just a symptom, how the body tells that something is unbalanced inside. And the next herbal remedies, are great for healing, but first, I am going to talk about a vitamin deficiency that can cause acne.

Vitamin D3 and K2

Vitamin D has antimicrobial properties and also possesses an anti-inflammatory property. Having adequate levels of vitamin D in your system may help address the inflammatory symptoms of acne. Taking vitamin D3 supplements in a high dose, 10,000, could also be an alternative way of treating recurrent acne that appears red and inflammation. But always take it with vitamin K2 to reduce the risk of calcium accumulation in arteries.

Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for health, and it is activated with magnesium and zinc minerals. Incorporating magnesium- and zinc-rich foods is important for acne reduction. There are many supplements with cheap zinc and magnesium oxide that people should never consume because the body does not completely assimilate them. But by following a very nutritious diet, supplementing these minerals is not essential. But if not take a look at these plant-based supplements that cointain these minerals that I found on eBay.


In my opinion, it is the most important supplement to take for reducing acne and balancing hormones. You get this nutrient by consuming raw cruciferous vegetables, as I do every day. Even eating them is much more beneficial than taking the supplement because cruciferous vegetables have other great nutrients for skin improvement and hormonal balance that are unique and super beneficial. By balancing estrogen and androgen, this compound helps.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, particularly catechins that have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Which help in reducing inflammation and combating the bacteria associated with acne. Additionally, green tea may help regulate sebum (skin oil) production, which is relevant to managing acne. In chronic conditions it is recommended to consume green tea extract in supplement but also green tea or matcha tea could be a good help.

Androgens are hormones that the body produces naturally and when they are in high levels the sebaceous glands are stimulated to produce more sebum. This surplus of sebum can lead to pore blockages and increase the bacterial growth that causes acne but EGCG a polyphenol available in Green or Matcha tea intervenes in this process, disrupting this cycle.

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in promoting skin health and can be beneficial in managing acne. These essential fats help regulate inflammation in the body, and since acne is often associated with inflammation, incorporating Omega-3s into your diet can contribute to its healing. Additionally, Omega-3s support the skin's natural barrier function, helping to maintain hydration and prevent excessive oil production, which is a common factor in acne.

To leverage the benefits of Omega-3s for acne healing, consider adding plant-based sources like chia seeds, flaxseeds, and walnuts, which are rich in these essential fatty acids. Alternatively, Omega-3 supplements are available not only from fish oil but also from plant sources. Just keep in mind that the recommended dose is one gram, and it should be taken with a meal or fats for optimal absorption. Incorporating these sources into regular meals contribute to a well-rounded approach to managing acne and overall skin wellness.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is widely recognized for its efficacy in addressing acne, attributed to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Renowned for promoting urine flow, it aids in detoxifying harmful toxins associated with acne development. Notably, milk thistle's key component, silymarin, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, directly engaging in liver cleansing. By promoting a healthier liver, milk thistle supplementation may contribute to improved hormonal balance and a reduction in acne symptoms.

The liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body and maintaining hormonal balance. It processes and eliminates toxins, including excess hormones, ensuring that the body functions optimally. When the liver is in balance, hormones are metabolized efficiently, reducing the likelihood of hormonal imbalances that can contribute to skin issues like acne.

Factors such as excessive consumption of processed foods, certain medications, alcohol, cigarettes, and an overburdened liver with accumulated fat can hinder its proper functioning. In such cases, the liver may struggle to effectively process hormones, resulting in hormonal imbalances that manifest as skin problems, including acne and wrinkles.


Berberine is a compound found in several plants, popular for its potential health benefits, which range from lowering blood sugar levels to weight loss. A person with acne eating a lot of trash foods and carbs may find a possible remedy in taking berberine because it is very probable that the condition is result of high levels of insulin which are influencing negatively androgens or estrogens. Then, taking 500 miligrams of Berberine supplement 15 minutes before the main meal could help but will be not beneficial for those eating healthy meals and practicing intermittent fasting because their imbalance can be influenced by other factors.

Berberine and all the recommended supplements in this article have amazing health and anti-aging benefits. Everyone over 20 should consume them at least once per year to almost never get sick, especially vitamin D, the most important nutrient for the body and spirit. If you are working hard to become the best version of yourself, please go to this link and download for free my ebook, read it, and share it. There, I am talking about the 7 causes of human illness and sharing advice to avoid them completely and greatly improve appearance.

I hope this content is beneficial for all those suffering from this horrible condition who, until now, were not able to heal by following the advice from the wrong people. In my search for videos to attach, I listened to different opinions, and the most superficial tips came from those identified as health experts by YouTube. All of them recommending the same things that never solved my condition and only made me waste my money and time, leaving me with the feeling that my acne would be there for my whole life. So please share this content to reach those looking for a real solution to their acne. Thanks for this, You are amazing !




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