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How to become enlightened ?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Enlightening requires a simple process but it is long, to be a Pro in anything is always necessary long periods of practice. We continue evolving right now as a specie, How ? The vibration of our bodies is increasing. Everything in the Universe vibrates and it is energy. Your body and spirit too, the spirit is a part of the body like the hand or the head, is not visible but it can be measured because vibrates very high we can not perceive it. It is an energetic field composed of light around the physical body but is inside also, both are connected and they work together. By training the spirit becomes much bigger than the physical body, so the whole body becomes more light than matter right ? That is how the vibration of the body turns into higher when the spirit is most of the body. The spirit works with the energies like the Orgone energy, which is the energy cells use to perform all its functions. Cells use a lot the vital energy to maintain the body in perfect equilibrium, this is why a constant flow of clean Orgone energy is mandatory to keep balance and well being.

Meditation is a technique to attract the energies around, inside the spirit; when thoughts are stopped, by nature, this process of attracting the energies begins. It is like digestion, a process that starts automatically after eating. With the practice of meditation for very long periods of time, your body becomes bigger by storing a lot of light there and later becomes shiny or enlightened. This is what an alchemist does, storing energies in the spirit to turn the dark small piece of light around the physical body into a huge and golden energetic field around the person. When the spirit is growing up the vibration of the body is getting higher and higher, because the body is more light than matter. A person with a big spirit is vibrating higher than a person with a small weak spirit, the last one is more matter than light.

People who feel great from morning to night are vibrating high, depressed and negative people are vibrating low, they do not have vitality. Most of the people with messy bedrooms are vibrating low, it is too much effort to them clean the bedroom, with enough energy is something very easy and fast, even it is very pleasant to live in a clean and healthy ecosystem. A depressive state is equal to a very low frequency, there a person can not perceive other frequencies of the reality, the higher ones, so the life is very simple, in a higher frequency the taste of the food is more intense, the colors of a view, moments are more meaningful, everything is with more intensity and generates joy.

Cultivating energies in the spirit is the path to be enlightened and nothing else, to become enlightened you need to store enough light, other habits or having certain thoughts will not make you enlightened but by practicing meditation or other activity to cultivate light in the spirit, your thoughts and habits will change completely in a very empowering way. Enlightening is something that most people could achieve in this life and it is easy, well meditating is nothing else that almost doing anything than sitting in a comfortable position with closed eyes and straight back for a period of time. It is even harder to go to school.

During meditation, it helps to listen to audio with Solfeggio frequencies to achieve a balanced energy field. The tones are 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz and 963 Hz. But complete silence is the best, I love the guided meditation available at the end of this article but to store the light of the cosmos you must stop thinking, something impossible if someone is guiding you or if there is sound around. It is why a great method to have the benefits of vibrating at certain frequency without distractions is by choosing the desired one in your life force generator PFC 2400 or Performer 2400 during meditation or sleep.

The 528 Hz frequency is the most significant of the ancient Solfeggio. Known as the “love” frequency, it has a deep-rooted relationship with nature, and is present in everything from Chlorophyll to human DNA. In 2010, John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan used the Miracle tone between others radio frequencies to clean the polluted water following the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The water’s vitality was restored as manifested by the return of fish, dolphins and even barnacles. These results were certified by the Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. of Mobile, Alabama. The samples were tested by Dr. Naman, an experienced analytical chemist, who confirmed the complete removal of oil and grease from the after treatment sample source tested. If you take into account the fact that our bodies contain 70% water on average, It is possible to have an idea of the enormous benefit of being exposed to the pulse of vital energy of the Chi generator at a frequency of 528 Hz.

The sexual fluids are important containers of light, without them a person has not a place to store the light from the cosmos. Especially in man, it is important to keep the semen inside the body and only released it when it is accumulated enough to keep reserves inside the body after the ejaculation. Semen is a conductor between the light of the physical body and the spirit and there is no illumination if the energy stored there is wasted often, nothing harbors more vital energy in the body than the sexual fluids, those enormous amounts of energy are transmitted and used by the baby. Sex is just a way of making babies, Right ? If you are interested to know more about the topic read this practical guide of sexual transmutation wrote by Scott Jeffrey.

There are some habits that make you introduce some light in the body, such as eating live foods, aerobic exercise, being in nature, having a healthy ecosystem in the bedroom, having sex, laughing, thinking only a little, and receiving the light of sun, but only by storing large amounts of light through a spiritual practice, a person becomes enlightened.

Spirituality is to exercise the spirit so that it is fit and strong. Religions focus on morality, they do nothing to strengthen the spirit of the community, so, everyone can practice both. A spiritual practice is working out the spirit, by cultivating the energies and light on it. This is why Buddha meditates to get enlightened, when your spirit is huge and full of light becomes very shiny, it is enlightened. When this happens, you have at your disposal a lot of energy, energy is equal to matter. So, you become a strong co-creator of your reality. This is power babies ! If you like the Law of Attraction now you know how to accelerate things because when you have a lot of energy, it can be transformed into moments or matter by the alignment of the desired future and the feeling that is already happening. About religions I can not opine, I do not practice any and to me is more like a group of people trying to make society feel less fear of death. That is lovely !

With meditation, your emotions become stronger and you achieve emotional balance, nothing can make you feel angry or stressed. This is something that a person achieves naturally by cultivating the energies of the cosmos every day for long periods of time since the emotional body is as energetic as the mind. When we have a strong spirit we have emotional balance and it is difficult that something steals our happiness because everything has a solution and what has no solution, has no solution and it is a waste of time trying to solve it or thinking about it. The opinions of others are not important anymore or at least we respect them even if they are against us, because we know who we are, so we are not angry with any opinion. If someone says to you stupid, it is like calling you “puppy”, you know that you are not a puppy right ? We have different reactions from the situations happening in life when our spirit is getting bigger by storing the energies there.

When the vibration increases and the mind is no very distracted, it is easy to notice that you are the creator of the reality, somehow around is just a reflection of who we are, the beliefs we have and the information we focused often. Of course, that reality is something more complex, but we can perceive that we attract a lot of situations happening in our lives and those are a reflection of who we are.

A funny example is a day when I had a cough and saw a video of Joe Dispenza with a speech in front of a large audience and he was also coughing, he was not sick. Many people can find an explanation but this is only one example of something I am experiencing daily, really ! Every day I live those situations because is how the reality is projected by the mind, what sounds magical, weird, funny or any other adjective you want to name. I will talk about yesterday´s situation, I went to a salsa class and before I decided to buy my favorite candy to avoid a bad smell in my mouth. I did not find them, but my mouth was fine and I was planing to stay only one hour, so I did not buy anything. Finally, I took the two hours. During the first part I found a friend and when we danced together, the first question she asked me was... Do you think my mouth is smelling ? I just ate a dish with garlic. It was funny because she was smelling delicious, a strong mint aroma was around her, She was chewing gum at that moment. Then, I decided to ask her for a chewing gum. It is the same situation as Joe Dispenza, it was a type of reflection of myself.

She could ask me a trillion of other questions no ? Today my reflection was people who know someone who is celebrating their birthday, it is my brother's birthday....

When I got back home I found the neighbors and we talked a little, they just came from a birthday celebration. I also received a video of my cousin, she lives in another country and we send videos every 3 or 5 months. She told me about her and asked some questions to know about me in a video of 4 minutes, but the introduction was the next: Hey how are you ? Today in Facebook I saw that was "the birthday" of (someone), I chatted with him and he asked me about you...

Every day is reflected around what we are, many people do not perceive it because nobody told them about it before and because they are very distracted by their own uncontrollable thoughts. When the mind is quiet and you focus your attention in a few things will be clear what I am talking about.This is something you can discover by yourself by observing with more detail. The reflection can be in the computer, the news, movies, people, pets, in whatever is around you, a graffiti or sticker also, those are energies from you visible to you. In the case of the graffiti or pictures around, they could be just information that received our attention often, but not everything that surrounds us comes from us, remember that we share the planet with other people.

The people closest to us reflect more of who we are if you enjoy taking care of nature going to be around you people that love to take care of their body, family, or something. They are not similar situations, they do not care about nature but they are taking care of something, it is a kind of energetic pattern that is reflected. By observing the people that share more time with us, we can discover many things about ourselves, in many cases, we do not find them because they are something that is difficult to accept that we have.

A mirror is what Karma is, around you is only you, what you do to anyone, you are doing it literally to you, around is only a mirror. In a higher frequency, this becomes obvious and other things because everything is accelerated. So, it is important to practice a real spiritual activity to work with more potential, become healthier, and arrive in a state where life is easier. There are many ways of storing the energies from the Universe, but the easiest and fastest is meditation. After wake up every morning, just sit down on your bed with 2 pillows on your ass and enjoy the journey of silence. I shared below my favorite guided meditation.




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