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My Experience Living With a Roommate with Covid-19

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

In February 2022, my roommate got tested after her friend she had just visited contracted covid-19. She was positive so we quarantined in the apartment together to protect society by keeping the virus here so we were in the same space all this time, no one here is vaccinated and no special measure was taken and you're probably curious to know if I got ill. I will tell you later, but first let me talk about how difficult these times are, especially because is horrible to see how people is pushed to take a vaccine that already killed more 30,000 people in the United States alone. It injures the most important muscle of your body, the myocardium. And as result you can die from one moment to another like happened with these 2 teenagers boys who died days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

And even if thousands people have died, (some of them young and healthy), governments like the Canadian are forcing citizens to introduce this stuff that is causing a lethal injury in the heart. That very often the person does not perceive until is too late. Basically, you can die from one moment to another after getting injected by this ineffective remedy.

It is even not a good protection, people who already received fully vaccination died from this disease like former Secretary of State Colin Powell who died due to COVID-19 complications despite of being fully vaccinated, the same happened to Brent Yonts. So, the vaccine does not help, its killing a lot of people, and in my experience covid-19 is just a very contagious flu.

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19, coronavirus ?

One thing that can help you stay safe from this virus is to know that most of the people who got it just experienced the symptoms from a very bad flu like my roommate, and many of her friends, like James. Who loves to drink alcohol, and eat garbage food. Many products that most people consume are literally garbage inside the body that weaken the organism.

Having covid-19 was more difficult for him due to his diet and lifestyle, also talking to him made me notice that his mind was influenced by panic promoted in mainstream media which has a nocebo effect. But all people around me who got covid-19 experienced only a harsh flu, this is what this disease is to me according to my reality. If people died was not because of a potent virus but because their bodies were weak and no one is talking about it.

I was disappointed of all the corona measures because they were so childish. Using a mask, sanitizers, taking distance and remain at home do not safe lives. Improving peoples habits and diet does, going outside to take the sun, practicing sports, avoiding ultra-processed foods, sodas that deplete body nutrients, reducing stress, fear, cigarettes, alcohol and taking supplements like Serrapeptase, Turmeric, Vitamin D3 / K2, Gotu Kola and Astragalus.

Even today scientists do not know if viruses are living creatures or not. They cannot reproduce by their own and they do not have cells and it is consider a living being something with cells that can reproduce by their own. Viruses are very elemental structures while your body is very complex and much more powerful.

Viruses are dangerous when they touch your cells, and this happens only when the field of life energy around the cells is weak otherwise viruses can not affect them. Wilhelm Reich discovered that cells have fields of energy that protects them and maintain pathogens away. He observed that people with diseases normally have cells with a weak energetic field.

Wilhelm Reich talked about all this and was persecuted as many people interested in preserving life as my friend Jerry Sergeant founder of Star Magik Healing. Who was arrested by offering an Energy Healing as Cancer Treatment, you can read the new here. So, there is a lot of people preserving life and healing society that are attacked. While all these people creating vaccines that already killed more than 30,000 people are not bothered and are even supported by the governments. And these deaths have been hidden by mainstream media.

The reason why I do not get the disease is because I have a field of energy around my body that protects me. Wilhelm Reich discovered that a sick person has cells without blue field of life energy that protects them. While healthy cells have it and this field shrinks with emotions of stress, fear, pollutants, by consuming certain foods, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and other beverages saturated with sugars which are literally garbage for your body.

You can maintain this field by practicing the meditations from this article and by following a healthy lifestyle. It is important that you know more about your body and its processes to be aware of your true potential. This is why I invite you to keep reading this blog and participate in my zoom meetings. Where I going to teach you how to reverse your biological age and extend your healthspan. This is the next virtual event and will be awesome to see you there.

I spent the quarantine of my roommate next to her in the same apartment without protection and everything was fine. She spent most of the time in her room healing and I just wanted to share my experience to help you see this situation more objectively. And if you got the vaccine by reading this article you will know how to heal your heart from any possible injury.

Also, keep reading this blog and participate in my virtual events. Where I want to bring together people who are interested in looking younger and extend their lifespan as much as possible. So, subscribe to my newsletter so that I can contact you the next time I organize something. And visit my store, where you can buy handmade devices that cleans the toxic energies produced by the EMFs and restores the healthy energetic environment of nature.




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