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What really is the Spirit ?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Everything is energy and everything is vibrating, but there is matter that vibrates so high that we can not perceive, it is what most people call energies, but everything is energy. The spirit is the part of the body that is not visible and like the arms or legs is just another part of the body composed by different systems. It is possible to think that the spirit and the body are connected, but basically they are one. It is important to take care of both to have a wonderful life. Most of the people associate the spirit with religions, but it is more connected with biology. By training the spirit, the life changes completely in a very positive way, for example, the health is improved, Abundance and vitality too. The emotional balance and happiness are natural states from a person with a big spirit. A lot of people are not happy because they have a dark weak spirit and a healthy one is huge, full of light and pretty shiny. Happiness, joy and gratitude are natural attitudes of a person with a healthy spirit. What I am going to describe in the next text is something you can experience by your own if you decide to train the spirit. You will have enormous changes in life and it is possible to bring the paradise to your present time, because you are creating your own reality and the spirit plays a fundamental role in this process. Have you already noticed that you are a co-creator?

The spirit is a very important part of the body because how develops the events in our lives is influenced by the mind a part of the spirit. For example, It is very easy to live great events often just by thinking and feeling good frequently. This can be perceptible by observing the life. I am saying that your mind influence your reality because I perceive it every day and many other people as well. On the next video there are testimonials of famous people talking about their experiences. The most surprising event that I lived, which makes me quite clear that life is just a mental projection of energies is a situation I lived when I had a discussion with my ex. We were in my apartment in Berlin, she was a very negative person during that time and when the conflict started to avoid the drama I just left my apartment, I left her alone, we already planned a great day together and I just ran away from her, she was visiting me from another city from Germany. A few minutes after I saw in the market a girl with red hair, later another guy and later another and another, around 8 or 10 persons I saw in less than 15 minutes with red hair everywhere I was walking. In Berlin, you can spend months without seeing someone with red hair, my ex has red hair. I can know when someone I know thinks of me because is projected around me certain information, at that moment was people with red hair. It is always crazy like this but is not, for me is already natural, the mind is writing the story of your life second by second, it is why I take so serious my habits, what I am thinking and how I feeling, those have a huge impact on the future events.

Another example is a day when I saw a lot of people speaking “Mexican” Spanish, really a lot, whatever I was going, It is not common to listen Spanish where I am living, so I was knowing that someone was thinking of me, something was happening. Well, the day ended and during the night my dad who lives in Mexico contacted me because there was a serious problem with the bank system and he could not send me the money I was expecting from him. Then, because it was in his mind, information was projected around with people speaking Mexican Spanish everywhere. I am talking about something uncommon that an skeptical can describe as coincidence. I am not in the position of debate, I will lose my time only, I am in the position of sharing experiences with people that perceive it like Jim Carrey or Napoleon Hill. I can describe thousands of these examples as I described in this article, this is something happening daily into my life and in the life of everyone but most of the people can not notice for 3 reasons, they are very distracted, they have uncontrollable thoughts or they are in a low frequency. When a person exercises the spirit and grows much more than the physical part, he reaches a higher vibratory frequency throughout the body because light vibrates more than matter and his whole being becomes more light than matter. When you are in a higher frequency things happen different, faster, so, it is easy to notice that every moment has your signature somehow.

By using the imagination is possible to manifest desired events by the feeling that are already happening in present time. Life is a mental projection happening all the time, but it is not directed by people who ignore this fact. Everyone could write the story of their lives by using the visualization. Abraham Hicks said that everything you visualize is printed on the spirit waiting for the vibrational alignment to become reality. Alignment is the feeling that is already happening, that Joy brings to reality what is visualized. A person who built a great golden spirit has wonderful talents that make life easier as wisdom, vitality, happiness, inner peace and joy. These states develop naturally without making the least effort to achieve them by simply storing enough light in the spirit. With a strong spirit is easy to understand that we are all a family and the whole planet is our home.

The spirit is not only light around us, it is also inside the physical body, for example, the Orgone energy is flowing inside and outside feeding both, it is a kind of invisible electricity that cells use to maintain life, ourselves use a lot the vital energy too, the trees, the animals, everything alive have this energy flowing inside their bodies and what does not have life doesn't, that's why it's called life force, vital energy or orgone(the energy of the organisms).

There are a lot of internal processes in the whole body that are regulated with the light of the spirit, this light has its own intelligence. Reiki healers improve the health of their patients by sharing with them their light, basically anyone with a healthy spirit can transmit to a person the energy of the spirit with the hands. This is something that a person needs to learn. Barbara Brennan is a healer that can see in the spirit of her patients an illness that will be manifested in the physical body in the near future, she described as dark stagnant energy. In this way, she prevents diseases, she can see the spirit of the people and she is not the only one. She teaches to the people how to heal using the light of the spirit, everyone is able to heal and see the spirit if they work to achieve it.

How to train the spirit ?

The best way to introduce light into the spirit is by practicing meditation in complete silence, with the eyes closed and keeping the back straight. Having a curve in the back during meditation is almost the same as not meditating. When thoughts stop the spirit starts to attract the light, it is an automatic process that starts when we submerge into the complete mental silence. Kabbalah is based in the Old Testament of the Bible “The Torah”, interpreted by the Zohar. It teaches how to cultivate the energies from the cosmos inside the spirit with some meditations techniques as well as the best days to cultivate those energies. Everything is cyclical in the Universe, the seasons, the night and the day, and so on. So there are some days where the energies flow with more intensity and you can cultivate them. It is like the days when the bears have access to many salmons due to the spawning season of the fish. If you do meditation during those energetic days is possible to introduce much more light inside the spirit. One of them is Rosh Hashanah but also the solstices and equinoxes are good days to meditate.

Which are the benefits of becoming spiritually strong ?

The health, vitality and mental capacity are improved; drama and fears are reduced because emotional balance is achieved. A lot of people is dramatic, they can feel sad with ease. Talking with them is like taking a mosquito with the hands, its body is very fragile that it is possible to break its legs, even taking great care to avoid it. If you ever lied to someone to avoid making them feel bad, you were in front of a person with a very weak spirit. People are emotionally weak for lack of light in the spirit. People with a big field of light around the physical body are in balance and they respect any opinion, any situation, it is really hard that something disturbs their happiness and peace. They are lovers of the truth and they emotionally strong. A huge field of light is like big muscles. Let's explain this, imagine a child who kicked the leg of a person with strong muscles. The person will not be affected by the child, right? Because the physical body is strong, but if the child kicks another child because the body is not strong, it could be painful, right?

It is exactly the same situation as someone who verbally attacks a person with a huge field of light, there is no harm. When you have a strong spirit the situations happening do not affect the emotions in a negative way. Everything is always fine, life is full of all kinds of situations and the world is populated by all kinds of people with different backgrounds, traditions, and opinions. For example, people emotionally weak could feel sad if other people think or talk something about them. This is only a symptom of a weak spirit, everyone has the right to think and say whatever they want, they are just words, even a child's kick is more painful.

It is really important to take care of the whole body with meditation, aerobic exercise, by eating living food, having a healthy ecosystem at home, drinking living water, and so on. Living water is water in its natural state. The movement that water holds up in nature creates a molecular structure with order that is deformed when the liquid stop moving. It is why a Water Optimizer is very useful. The life force pulsed by this device generates the molecular movement that water possesses in nature. The life force is attracted by water, it stores this energy to sustain life in oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. We are 70% water, so drinking living water is very important to maintain health and beauty.

Also, a healthy ecosystem is very important for the whole body, order, plants, flowers, candles, orgonites, incense or a life force generator, will help to create a wonderful ecosystem at home or office. There are studies that show that plants in the office can increase the performance of work team, on the other hand, the Electrosmog reduces it. Electromagnetic pollution generated by electronics, Wi-fi, Antennas, compact fluorescent lights, and so on, reduces the vitality in the people because contaminate the vital energy, it becomes stagnant and the flow diminishes within the body, which generates lack of vitality in the person and reduces their potential. With a Life force generator, the vital energy is untouchable by those fields because the machine creates clean life force constantly creating a wonderful revitalizing environment with a continuous flow the 24 hours. There are some details that it is important to take care of to have a healthy body and spirit, like having positive and reduced thoughts, drinking living water or having a healthy ecosystem in the places where you spend most of your time like the office or the bedroom. Clean air and a continuous flow of vital energy are essential to achieve a healthy ecosystem that will make you feel great at home.




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