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The Incredible Nutrient Everyone Having an Anti-Aging Lifestyle Must Daily Have

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Infrared Light is One of the Best Anti-Aging Nutrients

If you're following an anti-aging lifestyle but still don't receive often infrared light, you are missing one of the best anti-aging treatments that helps your body work more efficiently by increasing cellular energy and blood circulation. What promotes mitochondrial function, skin rejuvenation, hair growth, tissue repair, new cell growth and reduces inflammation.

It can be also used to support joint health, muscle mass, cellular regeneration, collagen production, reduce cellulite, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. Also increases quality sleep, physical energy and relieves winter depression (SAD). I love it because is very beneficial, quite easy to do, completely safe and does not require any sacrifice as fasting, cold showers, sports or even saunas. The perfect anti-aging treatment for a lazy cat like me, meoww !

If you are taking NMN, Trans-resveratrol, Senolytics and other trendy supplements but not yet using infrared light therapy, you are missing out on one of the best anti-aging treatments that encourages cell production, what contributes to reduce the signs of aging without adverse effects. It is a good method to keep your brain healthy and avoid muscle attrophy.

The Incredible Nutrient Everyone Having an Anti-Aging Lifestyle Must Daily Have

One of The Best Anti-Aging Treatments

Like AKG or Creatine, infrared light therapy is widely used by people into fitness because it increases cellular energy(ATP) and improves blood circulation, something these 2 widely used supplements also do. So, these 3 amazing nutrients have anti-aging benefits by helping to delay mitochondrial dysfunction. One of the hallmarks of aging in humans.

Just listen some of the benefits of infrared light, it rejuvenates the skin, improves hair growth, regenerates joints, reduces chronic pain, accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, wrinkles, scars, supports the elimination of toxins, muscle growth, the distribution of nutrients and oxygen. It seems, a very important nutrient that benefits very strategic processes.

It is used by physiotherapists to relieve pain, by doctors after operations to speed the wound healing, and by estheticians to reduce wrinkles and scars. In this study with more than 100 participants, Infrared light therapy demonstrated efficacy and safety for skin rejuvenation and intradermal collagen boost. Clinical photography revealed visible changes in wrinkles and skin roughness after 30 sessions, and all patient satisfaction rates were high.

Light therapy or photobiomodulation could benefit people with dementia, and alzheimer disease to improve memory and other symtoms. A Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet can be used to ameliorate the condition by increasing ATP in the brain providing the energy to drive processes in living cells that helps nerve cells to repair. It also, opens up blood vessels and much more oxygen can reach the white matter deep in the brain with no adverse effects.

Patients can easily wear the helmet at home without the need from an expert. Researchers have found a significant improvement in motor function performance, memory performance, delayed memory, and brain processing speed in healthy people when their brains were exposed to a specific wavelength of infrared light for short periods and constant basis.

How to Use Infrared Light Therapy at Home ?

The treatment consists solely of receiving the correct wavelengths from a therapeutic lamp for 20 minutes a day in the area you wish to treat. The light should reach the skin and for best results it should be bare and clean. It can be taken every day in long term without side effects. The best is to alternate red 650nm with infrared light 850nm, but most products can emit both spectrums of light at the same time and can be done at any time of the day.

If the light reaches more areas of the body one obtains much better results, this why it is the best using a long therapeutic panel emitting 1500 watts that can be hung from the ceiling. Then, a person lies naked on a bed under the lamp with the chest facing up to receive the light for 10 minutes and then, with the back facing the light for another 10 min. The potency of that lamp is powerful enough to be beneficial even if the treatment is only for that short time.

Using a panel with less potency requires a treatment of 20 minutes and the person should remain closer to the device for the light penetrates enough deep into the body, reaching also muscle and bones to provide benefits there as well. For improving facial skin just put your face in a position that receives the light from the lamp or the hair if you want to improve the growth or use a hat like this one, specially designed for hair growth and reduce migraines.

There are infrared light therapy belts that can be used for weight loss and back pain relief.

As you see, the treatment is easy and completely safe for people without photosensitivity, but if you still have questions, feel free to contact me on Telegram, my username is Pranachy. And if you don't know where to buy the right products to get results, check out my catalog below with infrared light devices from internationally certified medical equipment distributors. I also invite you to take a look at these other articles I wrote about light therapy.

Infrared Light Therapy Devices

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