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Red Light Hat for Hair Regrowth
  • Red Light Hat for Hair Regrowth


    LED Red and infrared light hat for hair regrowth treatment. It helps to repair hair follicles and scalp with 215 LED lights that cover the entire hair region beneficial as well for treating a brain injury.


    650nm red light can accelerate cellular metabolic response, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. 850nm near-infrared light penetrates very deep into the tissue, promoting blood circulation, repair the scalp, and reduce hair loss. It is safe and reliable without side effects.


    The controller is easy to use and allow you to set up the time, pulse mode, and adjust the brightness. You can relax and fall asleep after setting the time without worrying about the instrument working for a long time. The recommended treatment time is 30 minutes, 3 times a week (every other day).


    The hat is made by skin-friendly materials and designed to be a foldable device for the treatment of hair growth. It is portable and lightweight, with a gross weight of only 200 grams, which is convenient during traveling. Its size is 56x44cm.




    1 - Hair growth cap
    1 - Controller
    1 - Power cord
    1 - USB cable
    1 - gift box
    1 - Manual
    5 - 10 Days Delivery
    1 - Month Money Back Guarantee


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