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Incredible Natural Remedy to Reduce and Lighten Facial Scars and Wrinkles

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

There is an incredible cheap natural remedy that you apply today to reduce wrinkles or facial scars in a very similar way to some of the treatments rejuvenate skin quickly, which is TCA peeling. This is an aggressive treatment where the layers of the facial skin are burn with trichloroacetic acid, to be replaced by the cells next days with beautiful new skin but for a week the face is not presentable and the treatment below is very similar but less aggressive.

TCA peel is one of the best methods to greatly reduce wrinkles and scars in only 2 weeks.

If you apply the TCA on your own, you can make things worse. I did it by buying the TCA in eBay and after applied it, I caused a big horrible scar in my face, so I recommend you to go to a clinic for this peeling. I already did it in clinics about 4 times. And basically this treatment is just a way of burning away layers of superficial skin to force the body to replace them.

Well, there is another natural method to burn the superficial layers of the skin that almost no one is talking about. It is something I found by my own when by accident I burn the skin of my face causing a great re emplacement. This treatment decreases wrinkles and scars. It is completely safe, natural, only requires 10 minutes of your time, and I am not selling it. I am going to talk about it and share some tips for better healing and very noticeable results.

Incredible Home Remedy to Reduce and Lighten Facial Scars and Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Facial Scars Naturally

By burning the superficial layers of the skin you force the cells to replace the damaged skin with new one. Every day the superficial skin is replaced by new tissue but using acids speeds up the process, however, there is a bit of pain when applying them. Some skin care products can be used for painless peelings but there are no noticeable improvements and the next remedy is much better. It is about applying lemon essential oil in areas where you see scars.

This essential oil is very acidic and when it is applied pure on the facial skin burn it so be careful. When TCA is applied to the face, there is a lot of pain and burning, the chemical begins to destroy the skin and for a few minutes there is suffering. Well, something similar the lemon essential oil does but to a much lesser extent, which makes it completely safe. I never did scars on my face with the essential oil while I did one when I applied TCA by my own.

The treatment with essential oil only makes the face look red or tanned but it still presentable for daily activities while the TCA treatment causes a high degree burn and the face looks horrible, it is heavy injured and not presentable for professional activities in a week. For more information about the TCA treatment please take a look at this article. It is the best method to greatly reduced wrinkles and facial scars quickly. With the lemon essential oil takes longer.

But this treatment is safe to apply by your own and it only requires a natural essential oil of organic lemon, maybe you even have one at home and never used it in this way. Simply apply it to your clean facial skin in areas where there are scars and wrinkles, spread it with your fingers but be careful with your eyes, eyelids and avoid the skin around the eyes. This is a natural acid that will burn the face skin producing some discomfort for a few minutes.

The next day the skin is little red and the following days it begins to flake off. But the first time you use it, only put a little bit to test the skin first. It is very easy to apply, just put some drops of lemon essential only directly to the skin at night before sleep and wait for the pain. It will burn for a few minutes, be careful, don't put too much the first time. This essential oil is available in eBay for less than $10, check out the prices. It is a very cheap natural remedy.

The following days the red skin will be replaced by new skin. If next day, the skin is not red yet, apply it again. After testing the skin you can apply it 3 consecutive times the same night to produce a deeper burning and get better results. But do not be inpatient the next days, the recovery time depends of your age and health state. The skin renewal takes longer when you get older but next I going to share some tips to accelerate the healing and improve results.

Incredible Home Remedy to Reduce and Lighten Facial Scars and Wrinkles

Getting Rid of Facial Scars and Wrinkles

Pure and natural lemon essential oil can be used to burn off superficial layers of facial skin to be replaced by cells over the next days with new skin. The Renewal takes around 10 days, but this depends on the depth of the burn and age. For people over 30 will take about a week and people over 40 about 2, but the healing can be accelerated by using an infrared lamp.

Infrared light therapy increases collagen production, skin rejuvenation, reduces cellulite, it is a great remedy for chronic pain, inflammation and it is anti-aging by increasing cellular energy. As result everything inside in the body work better and faster, including the renewal of the facial skin. If you mix both, just avoid using the lamp the same day you burn the skin.

Use it next days, when the skin is healing. Sometimes takes really long time but everything is fine. Observe the reactions from your body and use a therapeutic infrared lamp to 10X results. You only needs to expose the naked skin enough close to the therapeutic lamp for less than 20 minutes while you do whatever you want. It is like having a candle there.

The closer the skin remains to the infrared light lamp, the better results are obtained.

Because of how easy and beneficial it is. I really love infrared light therapy as revitalizing my water with an Aqua optimizer but let's talk about supplements to get better results. If you eat a lot of processed foods, smoke and drink alcohol, Milk Thistle is an extract important to consume. For the skin renewal drinking some collagen like these shakes might help, and taking supplements like MSM, EGCG, OPC or Hyluronic acid and COQ10 if you are over 40.

By using an infrered light panel alone, the facial skin is rejuvenated as well, scars and wrinkles are diminished but takes time. The fastest method is a TCA peeling and healing with infrared light therapy every day. But by using lemon essential oil to burn the skin and infrared light to heal next days you going to greatly improve your face skin at very low price without investing your time because both processes can be done quite fast. I am using it with great results. There are also skin rejuvenating devices that can be used with the same purpose...

Skin Rejuvenation Devices

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