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Photobiomodulation Brain Wave Helmet
  • Photobiomodulation Brain Wave Helmet

    $2,350.00 Regular Price
    $2,220.00Sale Price

    Infrared light Helmet to promote good brain function and prevent brain deterioration. It increases blood flow, cellular energy, brain repair, neuroprotection, and reduces inflammation.


    Using this helmet constantly for 10 minutes improves memory, Alzheimer's symptoms, and promote recovery from traumatic brain injury. Its use is recommended after a stroke, and to improve  Parkinson's, Autism and reduce the frequency of migraines or depression.

    The LEDs emit infrared light 810nm that penetrates the skull and acts on nerve cells by increasing ATP production, providing the energy to drive processes in living cells that helps nerve cells to repair.


    It opens up blood vessels and much more oxygen can reach the white matter deep in the brain, with no adverse effects improving neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.​​​​​


    A device that everyone with an anti-aging lifestyle should use to prevent brain aging.


    It is very easy to use, includes a control to adjust the intensity and automate the time. With one year warranty and fast delivery.



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