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400W Infrared Therapy Panel
  • 400W Infrared Therapy Panel


    LED Light Therapy Lamp for anti-aging and pain Relief. An excellent tool to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, pain, muscle soreness, boost energy, accelerates wound healing, improves sleep, hair growth and more. Ideal for full body.


    Every LEd light emits both wavelengths, 660nm (Red) and 850nm (NIR). Red light is best for superficial skin treatments, such as reducing wrinkles, promote collagen, and smooth skin. While NIR is best for deep tissue treatments due to its ability to penetrate deeply.


    Light therapy is excellent to reduce anxiety and feel happy every day. With capacity in treating conditions presenting in animals as well. It is perfect for home use and has a good size to take anywhere to enjoy therapy at any time.


    Includes protective glasses and some utensils to hang it but it can stand on any stable and flat surface like a table or desk and from there adjust the best angle for the treatment.
    It is recommended to use no more than 20 minutes, reaching the light your bare and dry skin for best results. It has a one-year warranty and 15-day shipping to the United States. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within one month.


    - Actual Power:115W
    - Voltage: AC85 ~ 265V
    - Weight: 3.5 kg
    - Dimensions: 368*210*66mm

    - Operation Way: Timer control

    (Timing for Red or NIR )

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