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Important facts about Life energy everyone should know for a quality life

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Life energy is present in all living things and absent in nonliving things, Yes this is the Orgone energy called also Chi or Prana. And it is exchanged between living beings. From me going to move to you if we are close but if what is close to me is a plant, it going to be an energetic flow from the plant to me, if there are more plants close to me the energy will be moving even more and this movement promotes vitality in our bodies and makes us feel positive.

Some people are depressed feeling horrible with headaches or insomnia because in their homes the life energy is stagnant. In areas, without living beings, the life energy does not move and in contact with electromagnetic pollution stagnates and being surrounded by that rigid and rotten energy produces those negative conditions and even diseases.

Clean life energy is so important for your health as drinking clean water and breathing clean air. An ambiance with energy in movement is revitalizing, positive and makes us feel great.

If right now there are not living beings in your bedroom like plants or you do not have cats and dogs as I do, a Life energy generator can produce the energetic flow of the forest inside, with an abundant flow of Life energy in a positive vibration that will predominate in the area. This device helped me to solve the insomnia I suffered for 15 years, I wrote about this experience in another article available here.

Walking in some museums, supermarkets or malls is tiring because there is no life energy in movement in those places. Also swimming in pools is difficult than swimming in lakes, as I proved last summer. It is easier to move your body in environments where the life energy is in movement, and it is harder everything for our bodies when we are in places without life energy moving. It is even unhealthy, and almost no one is talking about it.

Important facts about Life energy everyone should know

I can swim easily in lakes, the life energy available in the water gives me vitality. On the other hand, the water in a pool is not only dead, without life energy, but it is also contaminated. It is important to observe your feelings in some places and take advantage of this information to maintain good health, and positive vibration by building a healthy environment at home.

Life energy stagnates in contact with electromagnetic fields and its flow is reduced. The clean environment of the forest makes us feel great, balanced, and peaceful while spending hours in a room with electromagnetic pollution going to low your energy, make you negative, depressed or anxious without having an idea why and some people go to doctors who recommend drugs to feel better which intoxicate the liver and do not solve the problem.

The lack of clean life energy in the environment affects your mood, produces fatigue, depression and it is solved with energetic movement. We should move or make the energy move with a Life energy generator and some plants. And not everyone is conscious about how important is to be in healthy environments, where the life energy is flowing.

The life energy generator is essential in the areas where you spend most of your time like the bedroom, where you sleep some hours. And if you have sleeping problems a generator will improve your condition by pulsing the energy at a low frequency. A person who suffered insomnia for 15 years and solved it with this Chi generator is writing to you right now.

Important facts about Life energy everyone should know for

If you are living in an apartment could be useful to have a generator producing a healthy atmosphere with life energy in movement. Some guy once told me that we produce Life energy so why we need a generator. This energy is inside everything alive but the mission of the generator is only to clean the stagnant dead orgone energy from your home and office which is harmful to your health and your mind according to Wilhelm Reich.

The Life energy generator produces an environment with energy in movement that makes you feel vitality and well-being. This energy is like water which stagnates when is not moving and even our own bodies deteriorate when we do not move often, rigth ? Movement is important and the Life energy generator produces an energetic flow optimal for your body and mind by maintaining a positive vibration in the area.

In this article from this blog there is a list of frequencies that are beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit. All of them you can choose in generators like the PFC 10X which is my favorite machine. And you going to love it as well if you take care of your health, if you love plants, nature and you are a spiritual person sensible to energies.

People built something called orgonites which were invented as well by the owner of this company, Karl Hans Welz. These objects clean the energy also but a Life force generator pulses much more energy, in different frequencies and purifies the water energetically.

The generators clean quite good the stagnant and harmful energy that causes negativity, fatigue, conflicts, headaches, insomnia, imbalance, and even harmful diseases in long-term exposure according to Wilhelm Reich. Also, by staying in polluted environments, you may feel without vitality and it is hard that you decide to do some activities that will improve your quality of life like jogging, working out, or anything else due to your low mood and fatigue.

You can be sick and feeling down after spending hours in a room with stagnant life energy

Important facts about Life energy everyone should know

But you can create the revitalizing atmosphere of the forest with abundant life energy in movement with a Life energy generator. The ambiance they produce is optimal for your mental performance, which normally is reduced in unhealthy environments with electromagnetic pollution, artificial frequencies, and dirty electricity fields.

A clean energetic environment can help you to reduce headaches and facilitates sleep. By placing water close to the generator you going to create Living water, which is when the water is saturated with positive and clean life energy as it is on nature. And there is no other device like this, it is unique, and it is beneficial for your family, employees, clients, and pets.

If you meditate, or practice yoga, introduce one on those areas where you practice. If you are an entrepreneur, put it on your desk or in the room where you build your business. If you have a baby give only living water to drink, I wrote this article where I am talking about how to create high-quality water for the baby, check it out. And if you are working out you can bring the life energy of your generator by carrying a transfer disk with you to the gym.

I hope you enjoy this article and if you would like to know more about the generators write us an email to meet some of our specialists to talk about how to create a healthy ecosystem in your place. I know that Life energy is something new for many people but is so important as nutrition and both are very ignored by many. It is strategic to plan the nutrients you introduce in your body to be strong and also the environment where you spend most of your time.

If you agree with me go here and bring Life energy to your home and introduce plants as well. If you are vegan, eating organic food, and taking natural dietary supplementation, this product is something you would love to use for your own benefit. And if you are transforming yourself keep in contact with me, do not go without subscribing to my newsletter to keep communicating with you through emails. I will share only important news from us.

It could be awesome if you share this article somewhere, help me to make some noise :)

Thank you, You are the Best !




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