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How to protect yourself from 5G radiation?

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Almost 3 years with strong headaches and chronic insomnia was the cost of living close to a 5G antenna. It is around 400 meters of distance from my apartment and next I going to tell you how I improved energetically the environment what allows me to sleep and live without headaches to you be able to do it as well.

As an anti-aging health coach, I know how important are your habits, your diet, feelings, and the environment to enjoy life in excellent conditions for longer. Spending time in a place with toxic energies is like spending time surrounded by toxic air or drinking water with chemicals, something that shortens your lifespan and makes you sick.

And the next article aboard a topic that not many are aware of it. Many of my readers looking for knowledge to extend their healthspan and learn tips that allow them to live for 200 years focus their attention on the supplements that going to activate the sirtuins, remove senescent cells or promote autophagy but what about the spirit ?

Which is the biggest area of your body and it is affected by the toxic energies produced by artificial fields. Everyone has a spirit and by having an unhealthy spirit you will have health problems. People that consider the 5G safe has no idea about the bio-field which is an area of the body as your head or arms and nothing related to religions or spirituality.

Also, the cells have a bio-field as well and Wilhelm Reich observed that sick cells have a dark small bio-field around them and the healthy ones a huge field of blue bright light around their bodies. He discovered that a person with a small bio-field is vulnerable to diseases or going to die soon and the opposite. When the bio-field from the body is strong and full of light the person joins good health. But is not the only one talking about the topic.

Barbara Brennan, for example, can predict a disease months before manifested in the physical body by observing the bio-field. Sounds weird but she can see the Spirit of the people. She sees a dark fog when a person will have a disease no manifested yet in the physical body and it could be even Cancer. This is because the disease first appears in the Spirit, so it is important to follow these people with more knowledge as Dr. Joe Dispenza.

EMFs imabalace your spirit and oxidate your body

I started this article talking about the Spirit because ignorance about the topic is what allows people to build such toxic technologies. And the only path to living longer in great conditions is by taking care of your whole body, the physical and the etheric one.

Joe Dispenza is taking measurements with other scientists of the changes of the bio-field after meditation on his workshops where people with lethal diseases that mainstream medicine cannot heal are cured by the use of their minds. Joe Dispenza influences changes in the mind through specific meditations that I am sharing in this article, check it out !

This field of light around your body is disturbed with the 5G antennas, putting your life at risk. It was horrible the imbalance I suffered on my mind due to the Antenna close to my place. I was suffering chronic insomnia, I am talking about 2 to 3 nights with no sleeping what slowly kills you, Poor sleep is linked to early death according to this article on CNN health.

The interesting fact is that during the morning I was not feeling like that so the sun greatly reduces the pollution because before sleeping I was pressing my jaw each night and even dreaming quite often that my teeth fell. So, I released that my place was infested with electromagnetic pollution that I cleaned successfully by introducing an orgone generator that changed completely the environment. This is why I started to promote them, I found a lot of value in having such a device at home for maintaining a healthy energetic environment.

Nowadays I am able to sleep deeply and the atmosphere is amazing. I introduced plants as well to clean the air and maintain a lot of oxygen. And just a few weeks ago I forgot to turn on my generator because sometimes I put it in the kitchen and one day I forgot to turn it on when I moved back to my bedroom and that night I felt this horrible pain in my brain and I was not able to sleep until I turn on the Chi generator and I felt so lucky of having it.

Wilhelm Reich, who is considered a great biologist by this book published by Harvard University Press, did very good research on the negative impact that has on the body to be surrounded by stagnant life energy he called Dead Orgone. EMFs produce this stagnant energy that weakens the organism and making it vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and even cancer because it is your immune system, who removes cancer.

But not only that, but dead orgone energy also generates an environment that causes depression, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, negative feelings, and diseases. There are many people depressed because they are spending a long time in unhealthy environments and no one is talking about this and doctors are giving drugs to the community while they only need an orgone generator, some plants, the right diet and a daily meditation of 30 minutes.

Something awesome is that you can bring the life force pulsed by the device to any part of the world by using the transfer discs, which are available for free on some devices. These discs teleport the life force created by the generator to the person, even miles away. This is very useful to be supplied with clean life energy that constantly will remove every toxic frequency stored from the environment. Which I consider the best method to minimize the negative impact of energetic pollution. It is like walking in nature wherever you go.

How to protect yourself from the 5G ?

There are famous crystals for cleaning radiation like Black tourmaline or Elite Noble Shugite that people recommend keeping close to your body because they absorb radiation but I have many crystals that did not help me during 3 with insomnia and migraines due to the electromagnetic pollution, only the generator and this is why I am talking about it.

Other things you can do for reducing the effects of 5G is dressing cotton because polyester attracts electromagnetic pollution and metals, this is why it is important to detox your body often due to the presence of metals in the environment. For example, the chemicals trails throw by airplanes contain heavy metals that you breathe, some deodorants as well, and canned food or cooked with Teflon pans keep metals that you introduce by eating them. So it is important to constantly detox your body by following the protocol shown in this article.

The effects of electromagnetic pollution in the body can be reduced by taking the supplementation described on this article, where I wrote about Electrohypersensitivity which can be detected by the oxidation caused in the brain and blood that some compounds as Curcumin reduces. There are powerful anti-oxidants that can protect you that I know as anti-ging health coach. And if you want me as your holistic coach you can book a session here or write an email to plan a meeting for 15 minutes in Zoom or Telegram for free.

There are more devices that can help to reduce the negative effect of Electromagnetic pollution that I am showing in this article where I am talking about some EMF protection products that I found online from companies that I can trust but I did not try them because the Chi generator solved my problem and it is the only device that exists that pulses life energy that you can use as well for cleaning your body from negative energies as I described here and to create living water to drink as it is shown in this video.

And I cannot finish this article without recommending as well to take Cannabinoids in oil to maintain your glands and immune system in harmony. Cannabinoids (CBD) are chemical compounds naturally found in the human body that help to maintain the full-body balanced. I will continue researching the topic so subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive more news about how to maintain good health, a bright spirit, and a wonderful life experience.

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