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How to get rid of insomnia quickly and naturally ?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

An orgone generator cured my insomnia after 15 years of trying everything. Thanks to this device my nightmare that lasted years ended and it marked the beginning of a new life with many opportunities and a great state of well-being. This machine helps anyone to sleep deeply and even to solve insomnia if the condition is not due to an unhealthy gut, unbalanced hormones, or vitamin B or magnesium deficiency, which produces sleeping problems.

The inventor Karl Hans Welz sent me this generator to clean the toxic energies produced by EMFs and since the first day I slept better. Took me some time to fall asleep that night as always but the 6 hours I did were very deep, and I woke up completely revitalized. Then my sleep began to improve until one day I was able to sleep easily, it took me about 4 months.

Parents with children or babies who take time to sleep can benefit from the relaxing activity promoted by these devices that slow brain wave activity naturally inducing sleep while flooding the bedroom with clean energy in a harmonious vibration. Frequent travelers can reduce jet lag symptoms by carrying an orgone generator with them.

How to get rid of insomnia quickly ?

An orgone generator promotes delta sleep

An orgone generator induces sleep pretty well by relaxing the brainwave activity if the frequency chosen is 3.5Hz or lower maintaining a harmonious vibration throughout the bedroom that facilitates sleep, which is healthy for your body and mind. It cleans the toxic life energy from the atmosphere, creates the best energetic environment for your overall health.

It is very difficult to sleep in a place with contaminated energy, it imbalances your mind and spirit, affecting your emotions, thoughts, and body functions. But the orgone generator cleans this harmful energy, producing an environment that not only facilitates a good night's sleep but as well saturates your cells with vitality allowing them to make a great job during sleep.

Electromagnetic fields produce a depressive environment that promotes negativity, anxiety, fatigue, lack of inspiration, irritability, insomnia, and headaches. This is due to the stagnant energies that can be clean with these devices, I know it because I am using one in my bedroom, and not only cleans the atmosphere from radiation but allow me sleep deep.

After the generator arrived my sleeping begins to improve until one day I was able to sleep completely fine and easily after suffering almost 15 years from chronic insomnia.

It is unhealthy tiring and deteriorating spending many hours in places infested with contaminated energy. This is why this device fits pretty well in any home, office, spa, hotel, gym, supermarket, mall, airplane, train, internal pool, and subway station. Where normally the environment is saturated with dead life energy and nature is lacking.

How to get rid of insomnia quickly in a natural way?

But not only the environment in the bedroom is important for quality sleep. Also a nutritious diet, with enough potassium and magnesium. And natural supplementation is strategic especially with adaptogenic herbs in extract as Ashwagandha which balances hormones. In presence of high levels of Cortisol it is difficult to sleep, so balance your hormones as well.

Many people are intoxicated and they ignore it and it can be the cause of your uncontrollable mind before sleeping. Because nowadays some food is contaminated with pesticides on their ingredients, also some beverages, and the air and soil as well. Heavy metals and toxins arrive at the body and remain inside until the person does something to expel them. And it can be the reason for many health conditions including insomnia. So, check this article, to know How to detox your body successfully by using herbs or intermittent fasting.

For reversing aging and maintaining a very healthy organism in good conditions and high-performance fasting is strategic. Because when the body has no food, it is free and the cells repair it instead of being busy digesting food even if it is healthy. So, it is recommended to maintain the body without food and sugar for 16 hours to remain young and maintain enough production of growth hormone, which is very beneficial.

Also having the bedroom clean of polluted life energy is strategic, which is unhealthy and electromagnetic pollution contaminates that energy and sometimes you do not know where it comes from. This is why the 5G can be your worst enemy, so, do your best to avoid it. Just having the Wi-Fi modem next to your bed can destroy you and many people are looking for help from doctors to solve problems which the only solution is a healthy environment.

Because my bedroom was infested with electromagnetic pollution I could feel an enormous change in the environment in a very positive way after turning on the Life energy generator. This device is not like crystals who people claim to have energies that most people cannot feel. The generator creates an atmosphere easy to perceive especially if the environment was contaminated. As Karl Hans Welz did once by pulsing dead energy in front of an audience who started to felt sick until he turned on an orgone generator, which changed the ambiance positively, making them feel better.

All presents felt the difference while thousands of quartz inside your bedroom will not make the environment change. I love crystals, they are magnetic fields and quartz can accumulate life energy but all the crystals I had in my bedroom did not neutralize the negative effects of Electromagnetic pollution as my Life energy generator did successfully.

How to get rid of insomnia quickly in a natural way?

So, your insomnia can be the result of stagnant life energy in your bedroom. Many people are depressed, tired, and anxious just because they spend long periods in polluted environments all this due to ignorance about the topic, this is why I am writing about, right now. It is something I ignored in the past as many ignore right now. But by having a Life energy generator and by introducing plants you create a healthy atmosphere anywhere.

If you have insomnia do your best to maintain 5G antennas away from your home. Also using clothes with polyester fabric, which attracts electromagnetic pollution as well as metals. Then detox your body to release out heavy metals introduced in your body from the air, canned food, frying pans, or dust, which can lead to an uncontrollable mind before sleeping.

Do it, and you going to see how good you going to feel. And maintain your bedroom with abundant clean Life energy in movement. To maintain your body and spirit in excellent conditions that will lead you to sleep well. As happened to me after 4 months of sleeping with a Life energy generator, which slowly helped me to recuperate my sleeping cycle and let me finally sleep deeply and easily each night as any person in the world does.

Everyone is different and many of us are sensitive to energies that make it difficult to sleep. Due to turbulent thoughts that arise when your mind is intoxicated by electromagnetic pollution, a type of silent noise for us. That perturbs the mind before sleeping and it can be the result of a polluted environment that should be clean with a Life energy generator.

To balance the mind, body, and spirit with a positive vibration and a healthy environment. And after using the generator you can recuperate your sleeping cycle if your body is without toxins and you follow strategic nutrition. But will take some weeks because normally you see yourself as someone with difficulty for sleep what generates stress before going to bed each night right ? This is not easy to change, it requires at least some weeks.

I already bought a life energy generator to improve my sleep naturally

It took me around 4 months to finally sleep well after the generator arrived and I did not bring it to solve my insomnia, I was not expecting it. But happened and this is why I am writing this article and not to convince you to buy one :)

That was my experience but let me tell you that I am doing aerobic exercise as well and eating dietary supplementation with adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha. Which balances cortisol the hormone of stress which is high in many people. So, you need to create a completely new lifestyle with a nutritious diet and a healthy environment that will help you as well, to feel better, energetic, accomplish your goals, and looking more beautiful.

Try to figure out if you need to clean your environment from rotten energy, and if you purchase a generator maintain the water you drink in a glass bottle near the device and you will see how delicious and beneficial becomes. And check this article I wrote with more information about the Life energy or this other with other 10 natural remedies for insomnia.

I know how close you are to sleeping well each night as I do. YES ! I achieved it, I am proud of myself after tried almost everything and somehow the Universe sent me the solution. It was nice and even free, I am grateful that my friend Karl Hans Welz gave me such a wonderful gift. That device is unique and quite beneficial for the well-being of society.

It was not easy to find the solution to my insomnia, took me years and it can take you only a few days after you read this article. And if you want to maintain health and avoid surprises contact me, I would be happy to be your health coach. Doctors cure diseases and I help you to prevent them but not only that, I will reverse your body age and making you more beautiful




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