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5 simple steps to start taking care of your health holistically

If you decided to take care of your health holistically and you are looking for advice on the internet the next tips are "mistakes" observed in people surrounding me that already decided to walk in a holistic direction and still do not have these powerful habits yet that I consider super strategic for expanding your healthspan, reverse aging, and manifest faster.

I want to talk about these 5 tips for their importance and after I seeing many people ignoring them. They are the key elements for the improvement of your general life in all areas.

Applying them will have a positive impact on your whole existence because your reality is influenced by your inner state and when you change yourself, the outside world too.

What you eat, what you think, the people around you, the environment, and even the content you consume have an impact on your health, reality, how you feel, and your spiritual power to manifest your dreams. There is a lot to consider for having a holistic lifestyle, but the following are the habits that would make a better impact on your whole existence, in my opinion.

5 simple steps to start taking care of your health holistically

Avoid Sugar

I'll put it simply, sugar ages your body, depletes your nutrients, and dries up your vital energy if it is consumed in excess but the daily dose is only 2 teaspoons. And I observed in my friends having a holistic lifestyle still consuming too much sugar and if you would like to reduce it, you can improve everything in your life. Your spiritual and mental health, your mood, energy levels, and general condition. Your body going to work more efficiently.

Start to reducing it slowly is a very healthy strategy for increasing your healthspan. But always consume fruits and vegetables, those sugars are complete in the structure and do not deplete your body energy and nutrients. The digestion of sugars from ultra-processed foods makes your body use too much life force while eating fruits supplies your body with life force.

I started to use less honey on my coffee, avoiding 2candy alcoholic beverages" or choosing the brands from foods with less sugar in the ingredients but also avoid diet products which are worst. The main causes of death on the planet have some connection with the nutrient deficiency produced by excessive sugar consumption, which causes insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance and diabetes block the absorption of nutrients by your cells and the lack of these nutrients can develop a lethal condition as a heart attack or a stroke, which is a serious issue. Because of sugar, many people are developing negative conditions and they do not know it also most fat people just have a lot of sugar stored as fat inside their body.

Practice Fastings

Another super habit I do not see in my holistic circle of friends and it is super beneficial is fasting. Jump the breakfast is my daily routine. Right now is 13 hours of the day and I only consumed a coffee and I going to stay without food as much as possible but keep your feelings great, otherwise, you going to emit negative emotions that going to influence reality.

In the next tip, I am going to talk about energies and a very important habit to maintain a healthy spirit, but fasting also has great benefits to increase your vibration, that is why it is considered a very spiritual practice. Many religions promote the practice of fasting and I will tell you that eating only one or two meals per day has powerful anti-aging benefits.

If you have never done it before and want to start just eat your last meal at 8 pm and your first at 10 am, which is 14 hours without eating. Then extend the time without food every day. Until you will be able to fast for 18 hours daily which can be possible by eating your last meal at 6 pm and the first one at noon, it is easy if you consume superfoods. And for best results, I recommend you hire a fasting coach, for more information about it, check this article.

5 simple steps to start taking care of your health holistically

Open your heart

This is the most important tip because you become very powerful when you open this magnetic field around you that negative emotions keep small. It has magical effects on your health and it is the key to enter to the kingdom, a place everyone where there is only joy, abundance, and love, by your own emitted, visualized, or spoken energies.

This is because you create your reality with energy and when you open this field you have a lot of life force at your disposal. In addition, you distribute a lot of energy from the lower energy centers to the higher ones and boost your electrical activity from the brain, and what you visualized for manifesting received more energy and it is manifested faster.

Also, my holistic friends do not practice this meditation, which is pushing fluids and energy to your brain by pressing your abdomen and your stomach throw your back. until arrive and compress your pineal gland what activates its piezoelectric function. Then it turns on. Which makes your mind very powerful, so keep your thoughts and emotions in the right place.

So, while you meditate put your attention in the first energy center on your sexual organs and push your energy from there to your heart. Visualize energy moving from there to your heart and visualize a bubble of light as it is showed in the picture expanding around you as a circle which core is your chest. Then move that energy to your brain, to the center of your head.

If you are a spiritual person practicing meditations you can find in this article my 3 favorite meditations from Joe Dispenza to free yourself and be able to produce miracles in your life. To open your heart, you need to meditate as I described before, this activity will strengthen your health, spiritual development, wisdom, and attract great events and people to you.

Take care of your gut

People begin to take care of their health in a holistic way by consuming supplements and the body can not assimilate them if the microbiome is inhabited by only a few microorganisms. Your body is not a machine, it is an ecosystem full of life, and these organisms that live in the intestines assimilate many nutrients you consume and if they are not abundant nutrients from your diet can go differently to the bathroom, you know what I am talking about, right ?

Most of your immune system lives in your gut and many of the feeling good neurotransmitters are produced by the organisms living there. It is important to keep a large population of different bacteria in your gut, and concentrating vital energy at home can be beneficial to the development of life in your body. Introducing plants at home or, other types of life such as cats or dogs and orgone generators can be a way to concentrate life energy where you live.

To take care of your gut eat raw fruits and vegetables, they are natural prebiotics which are the food for these microorganisms. If you eat ultra-processed foods, GMOs, conventional meat, fish from farms or you took antibiotics, and take probiotics to populate your microbiome again and keep in mind that Garlic, Oregano, and Chaga are natural bacteria killers.

Take care of your life energy

Negative emotions create energy blockages that reduce the distribution of life energy within the body. Which makes your body weak, you are prone to getting sick and you may feel low emotions and negative thoughts. A person with a normal strong flow of life energy inside the body almost never gets ill like me who did not visit a doctor or hospital in more than 10 years.

Many illnesses are caused by energy blockages created by negative emotions. Those blockages reduce the energy distribution in the body, which greatly weakens your entire system. It is why is important to keep a distance from anything that makes you feel low as negative people, negative content, and think about the best scenario often.

5 simple steps to start taking care of your health holistically

It is well proved that in areas full of life like in a forest life energy is concentrated and moving between the livings beings. Because everything alive contains it in abundance and is transmitted to other creatures what generates movement and spending time in these energetic environments is quite healthy for our organisms.

On the contrary, in lifeless places, this scattered energy and becomes rigid in contact with electromagnetic fields that make it stagnant which reduces its natural flow or pulse. Life comes from orgone energy even in places without life from this energy an organism comes into existence this why is called Life energy.

If you live far from nature, in a city apartment introduce an orgone generator to produce the energetic environment of forest, a PFC 2400 can maintain a whole apartment with abundant energy if it is on the 24 hours. It maintains a very harmonious energetic environment that promotes well-being, while the environment produced by electromagnetic fields is quite harmful and saturates your home with toxic energies cleaned up by the orgone generator.

These devices are the only orgone generators in the market, other products only accumulate the energy but only these machines create it, from them clean orgone is pulsed in the frequency of your choice what is quite astonishing and valuable for spiritual persons aware of the huge energetic part of reality and about the energetic toxicity produced by EMFs.

If you've already decided to have a holistic lifestyle, you have too much homework to do. It took me about 6 months to reduce the sugar considerably but I still eat some chocolate bars. It is my last enemy but I moved the canned food from my diet, a lot of sugars and little by little I am improving my lifestyle, with small steps you can transform your life in only one year.

I will publish more holistic tips soon and by subscribing to my newsletter I can inform you of the next articles that I publish but I also contact you every time I have coupons and other surprises for you. You can contact me by telegram if you want to know more about my holistic coaching services or about orgone generators, my username is @Pranachy

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People take it very lightly unless they have come across a serious issues like panic attacks, anxiety, strokes and depression. If not taken it seriously It will effect on our life in the longer period.

You have put some great insights into your blog post. To cut the long story short I would say "Holistic Health" is the future.


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