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Why fasting is the most important habit to reverse your biological age ?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Fasting has incredible benefits for your health and appearance. It is more beneficial that using any skin product, and it is completely free. If you are creating the best version of yourself the next article will help you, because fasting improves your health, appearance, the vibration of your spirit, increases your mental and physical performance, reverse your biological age, reduces wrinkles, heals lethal conditions and extend your healthspan.

This is because when your organism is not busy digesting food, it has enough time to renew the body. It is like an hotel, that can be improved if people spend time in making it better what your body can do only when is not occupied digesting. Eating 3 times a day keeps your body very busy and you do not allow it to be free to work in internal maintenance.

Very strategic body functions are activated when your pancreas did not release insulin for hours, which is the hormone released each time you eat something. And it is liberated in huge quantities when you eat carbs, sugars or anything converted in glucose inside the body and it is released just a little, little bit, when you eat cruciferous vegetables, which is the best food to take during a fast if you do not want to interrupt the cleaning, healing and repairing.

So, in this article I going to share with you some of the tips I give to the people who book my coaching sessions for reversing their biological age 10 to 20 years in only a one year. Also, I going to talk about the safest and most comfortable method for fasting and other details that will help you to look better, younger and live much longer in excellent conditions.

Why fasting is the most important habit to reverse your biological age ?

Why is fasting so hard ?

Fasting is hard when you are deficient in nutrients and even if you are taking supplements they cannot be assimilated if your digestive system is not okay, specially the gut. Also, some synthetic vitamins and minerals like Magnesium oxide or the synthetic version of vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin are very poorly absorbed by your body, avoid them. Almost nothing is assimilated and your cells do a lot of work just for a few pennies.

People who eat a lot of carbs and ultra processed foods cannot stay without food for long periods of time because the body ask for nutrients and not for food when you feel hunger. If after digesting there are no nutrients the signal of hunger is send almost immediately after the digestion. Also, eating foods saturated with sugars depletes your body nutrients as well.

So basically, people who eat anything (even poorly nutritious food) to avoid feeling hunger are deteriorating their bodies, by not introducing the right tools for it to work properly and for proper maintenance. On the other hand, if you eat the right nutrients, your digestive system is healthy, and you even take natural supplementation strategically, you'll be able to fast with ease and be amazed at how long you can go without food feeling okay.

How to fast without being hungry ?

Foods that are converted in glucose inside your body are normally low nutritious like white breads, certain pasta, white rice, candy cereals, sodas, sport drinks and so on. They are for the body garbage, sugar is a type of toxin that your body converts in fat pretty fast due to the danger and not because it is the favourite source of energy of your body, which is ketones.

So, to avoid feeling hunger often, you need to keep your whole digestive system healthy, then find out which foods you can consume that do not contain too much sugar and the best and most nutritious diet in my opinion, is the Ketogenic. I am vegetarian and do not follow that diet but it is without doubt the best diet for reversing your biological age and look younger.

A healthy ketogenic diet will facilitate that you can be without food for hours but not only that, sleeping well for 8 hours, meditating and taking the sun or vitamin D3 supplementation. Also, eating vegetables helps to reduce hunger, eating healthy fats on each meal like avocado, coconut oil and olive oil or drinking a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

If you want to start fasting the best is that you stop eating at 8 pm and consume your first meal at noon, and drinking a smoothie or coffee in the morning to awake. The smoothie should be mostly with vegetables and a few fruits to avoid the spike of insulin which is what stops the healthy body functions activated during fasting that I going to talk about next.

Why fasting is the most strategic habit for reversing your biological age ?

When your body feels adversity important body functions are activated, that maintain you healthy and beautiful. Because aging is just deterioration that your body can be repairing often allowing you look younger for longer and reverse your biologically age. To achieve it body functions that are reduced when you get older can be activated again with fasting.

The production of growth hormone is increased during fasting, the genes of longevity are activated, old cells and old mitochondria are removed, the fat which is normally garbage that the body has not time to remove finally is clean up. In my opinion the benefit of fasting is that your cells have free time for cleaning, removing garbage, improving tissue and so on. What keeps you healthy, and beautiful. And by introducing the right tools the improvement is better.

For example, to reduce wrinkles, first for a month drink a collagen powder shake with 10 mg of collagen every day, like this one. Also, clean your liver with the protocol I am describing in this article and introduce compounds like Hyaluronic acid, Calendula in extract or Astaxanthin to give your body the right tools to use during the fast for improving the skin.

Therefore, during fasting, your body normally repairs itself internally and everything that is deteriorated is improved, which makes it look younger and more beautiful, but also extends your healthspan and cures many chronic conditions like cancer. And fasting for several days was the method my neighbor used to successfully cure her breast cancer.

I am talking in detail in this article about fasting and other natural methods used by many to heal their condition some of them after failing with chemo. And fasting is strategic to stop cancer grow and spread and to create a completely new immune system which is who removes cancer cells but supplementation should be taken during the fast for better results.

And the most important benefit of fasting is autophagy, a state your body enters after not releasing insulin for more than 24 hours. Interestingly, autophagy is stopped when insulin is released. So, you can consume certain teas, raw vegetables, and even taking dietary supplementation without interfering with the process or only for a few minutes at least.

Autophagy is a natural process in your body that involves breaking down unneeded or damaged components within a cell and reusing them as the building blocks for cellular repair or the formation of new cells. Then tissue is renovated, inflammation is reduced, senescent cells are removed and it supports the detection of cancer by the immune system.

But the best benefit appears after fasting for more than 2 days, which is something I never did. It is something very hard for someone that loves chocolates so much, as I do. But there are many compounds from plants that you can take for activating autophagy, increasing it and avoiding the spike of insulin after eating chocolates and carbs like curcumin, green tea and Berberine, supplementation that I recommend to the people who book my coaching.

How to make fasting easier ?

Fasting can be easy if you have the right nutrients inside your body. Many people not only do not introduce them with the food they eat but as well what the food and beverages they consume depletes their bodies from nutrients what causes deterioration. But if your digestive system is healthy, specially the microbiome which assimilates a lot of nutrients, and your body has enough nutrients it is very possible feeling comfortable without food for hours.

If you are a beginner first test your body by keeping it without food during the night and part of the morning. 18 hours it is the minimum for having great results but you can begin with 15 hours and extend it day after day or week after week to 18 hours and the days that you need to eat early just do it. Some times I am just out of control eating crap probably by emotional issues and next day I am able to control my self and spend the day without food.

Eating many foods that contain potassium, fibber and healthy fats on each meal can help you to feel hunger less frequently as well by drinking water with 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil. These are some of the tricks I share to the people who book my coaching sessions for losing weight, which is a service I started after found out that people can lose weight easily just by balancing hormones and for that there is no need to count calories or exercise a lot.

By maintaining low amounts of certain hormones in the body anyone is able to burn out fat during sleep, which is garbage people do not allow the body to clean up. And by avoiding the release of the hormone insulin other hormones that are very beneficial for cleaning up fat are released like Human growth hormone. What helps both, to lose weight and reverse aging.

The days I meditate I can be without food for longer and when I sleep well. Drinking coffee helps me to reduce appetite and taking some supplements increases the benefits of fasting. But every one is different and should follow a different protocol, this is why it is strategic having a coach that guide you according your goals, diet, habits and body type. And if you are curious to know about my services contact me in Telegram, my username is @Pranachy

Well, it's time to say goodbye, but before I go I want to let you know that eating diet products also causes aging. And the second most important habit for reversing your biological age is taking strategic supplementation, like the ones suggested in this article. Also I want to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact with me and to visit my store where you can buy the device I used to clean the toxic energies produced by EMFs in my apartment.




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