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TUTORIAL: What is the Ego and How to destroy it ?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

If your dream is having a good life with a lot of adventures, great moments, and people around but at the same time you feel that what is around is not what you want and you know you must do something to improve it but you are not sure what. The next text going to clarify the first steps you can take to get rid of your animal part which is not necessary anymore.

For achieving your goals it is important to be able to perceive your lower personality, which are thoughts/emotions based on animal instincts that trigger behaviors that make you suffer. To improve your life it is important to make a plan to keep only your true self and get rid of the ego, the false part of yourself, what you really do not want. And even if people say that you need to embrace it, trust me, if you do not kill your ego, it will ruin your life !

You need to purify yourself from the Ego to make room for GOD to rule your mind, actions, and decisions. In Kabbalah, this process is described as snatching the saddle from your animal part to God can sit down and govern your life in perfect harmony.

All the problems in the world are because people are creating them energetically and with their time and effort as well because they are still in a very instinctive state. They behave mostly like animals because we are evolving from monkeys to divine co-creators and still, most of society are basing most of their behavior on fears by ignoring their true potential.

We are in the golden times where more and more people are perceiving their true potential. A good example is all those experimenting miracles and spontaneous healings on the seminars of Dr. Joe Dispenza while people in the monkey state are afraid of a virus that your body can easily kill with the right nutrition, habits, and positive mindset, and they are trying to solve this problem by intoxicating their bodies with shoots that will lead them to aged related diseases, which are even worst but they are controlled by their ego, which is an animal state.

TUTORIAL: What is the Ego and How to destroy it ?

What is the Ego ?

The ego is the animal part of us influenced by the primitive section of the brain that generates thoughts, that leads choices, that leads actions and behaviors that create a state of being based mostly on very primitive instincts to maintain you alive.

The ego is the worst version of yourself, it is your worst thoughts and attitudes and your higher self is the best version of you, what you really want in life, the person that you want to be, and this article is a guide that will help you to achieve it !

Only your soul knows that you are a divine creator and this life is a game you decide to play, while your animal part takes things very seriously and is in fear of the unknown. While your soul knows that everything is ok if you are ok because your positive state reflects back positive events because the reality is just a mirror of energies and inside of you there is this knowledge on your soul but you can not access it until you stop thinking with meditation.

Because your regular thoughts are not completely yours, are influenced by everyone you listened in your life and there are a lot of people manipulating you and you do not notice it, like religions, politicians, and companies that sell products that intoxicate your body and destroy the environment that people happily consume every day like alcohol, cigarettes, fast food or medicaments. People even enjoy buying them and feel safe after doing so.

But finally, more and more people are perceiving their true potential and how is possible to influence the reality and how important is to ignore the animal part for only creating and reflecting great events. Otherwise, you can manifest horrible things, by following the ego, which is the pseudo-realistic part of you, which decisions are based on past experiences, the mind control you received and it wants to keep you comfortable and safe.

So basically a huge monkey wants to rule your life and it is important to ignore it and be brave to conquer all your dreams and goals. And egoism is not about doing things only for your benefit, some people with huge ego help others because of the mind control they received. Killing the ego means cleaning your spirit of impurities to connect with GOD and only the spiritual training can lead you to that state, Yes ! Only the spiritual practice :)

From a realistic perspective, people in this animal state is just someone with a weak and dark spirit, or a spirit full of black spots where the energy is drained and there are really a lot of invisible beings that are doing everything to maintain society on this state to control them energetically something I described on my book the most powerful meditation, that I invite you to read where I am describing the fastest and most delicious way to strengthen the spirit.

How to free yourself of your ego ?

The only way to free yourself from the ego is by purifying your spirit and filling it with light, which leads to enlightenment, a state that is easy to achieve but requires practice and time. By having a spiritual practice you purify yourself from the ego, which is your animal essence.

Meditation makes your spirit huge, allowing you to harbor more light that introduces you to a higher dimension, where people are governed by a higher purpose, while people with a dark spirit are slaves to their animal instincts and their lives are simple without a higher purpose.

The Ego is represented by the Devil card of the Tarot, on this card, the Devil (the animal essence) is under the control of a couple. The Kundalini of the Devil just arrives at the first 2 Chakras, which explain that your ego going to control you until you active your kundalini completely, what makes your spirit completely golden and purifies your darkness, which is your animal essence and the instincts dominating your thoughts actions and behaviors.

Many people are influencing their reality this is something well-known and you can reflect great events by working in the mindset, actions, habits, and words. This is why the law of attraction became popular after a lot of people applied those techniques with success. Also, a lot of the customers from this store are very happy with the results obtained with the operations they performed by using the radionic devices we sell.

People with dark and weak spirits are naturally dramatic, aggressive, and can be easily destroyed with simple opinions. While people with strong spirit are just fine and happy by their inner state, have a lot of energy and are guided by a higher purpose in all their projects. In this state you feel grateful naturally, you know that everything is fine and happens for a good reason what makes you attract wonderful experiences and great people as well.

The most basic and dominant instinct in most people is survivance. Your brain mission is to keep you alive even if it is necessary that all your life is wasted with a simple job that a machine can do and you hate and you hate yourself for not having the courage to make a change. This is a great example of how your ego can destroy completely the story of your life and this is why I want to share with you what kabbalist think happens afterlife.

What do you think will happen after death ? 

According to the Kabbalah afterlife you present to the Celestial Court, and if you did not enjoy it and did not live to the fullest you feel ashamed because before you were born you made a lot of plans and established goals and desires that you did not achieve in life due to the ego that maintained you comfortable and safe. What makes you feel humiliated because before living you were very motivated to do great things, help a lot of people and they didn't happen. It is precisely for this reason that people decide to incarnate and play the game of life again until they achieve victory.

You always have the choice of coming back again it is your free will that keeps you returning. When a person in life did not accomplish the soul´s mission feels humiliation and this is what maintains most of the people returning back until they completely dominate their fears and achieve all the goals made before life, and I consider it strategic to remind you of this.

What happens when we die ?

How to master your Ego to reach your full potential ?

It's time to talk about 7 simple habits you can follow to stay with the right thoughts, and emotions that will lead you to achieve great things in life and all your deepest desires. Yes !

Everything is possible but you need to take massive action to make things happening but after you start to be a high performer you going to feel awesome and very proud of yourself.

The next habits going to help you to use your energy, thoughts, and actions to make the important things happening. Instead of wasting your energy, and thoughts with the daily distractions that will lead you nowhere. They drain your energy and can make you walk the wrong paths, usually for lack of confidence or the social conditioning from average people.

We settle for having things that we do not want because the ego tries to make you feel realistic by telling you that it is the best you can get even if it does not make you happy and exactly that is what I encourage you to remove from your mind with the following actions...

- Meditate every morning - Set short, medium, and long term goals

- Write them down every day - Work on them and keep your mind mostly there - Avoid thinking about the life of other people - Ignore the media and avoid discussions

- Find activities that make you feel awesome

- Always think about the best scenario So let´s talk in detail about how these habits will help to destroy your Ego but if until now it is not clear yet What the ego is, I will describe it in other words next... The ego is the part of your personality that acts and thinks in a way that makes you suffer.  I will use as an example a life experience: The last time I met my ex-girlfriend for a dinner before her trip to Montenegro my lower self (the Ego) was controlling me and I started to talk about the past and we start to having a talk about things not important because the relation is over and she will going to meet another guy in her trip. So, I just wasted time talking about the wrong topic that leads to unpleasant feelings, and probably I ruined the night nourishing the past that leads me to suffer. It is over, it was clear and we can enjoy that moment talking about the future while we enjoy a delicious dinner this is a very clear example of how the ego can destroy your moments and even relationships because we only want to enjoy moments and what destroys them should be removed from your life to have only joy :)

What really helps me to increase my vibration and to be in a good mood is practicing the Cannabis meditation, which I am describing in this article I wrote with 10 unique holistic tips to manifest faster with the Law of attraction. This meditation is one of these methods and I even knew that the relationship with my ex will not work when shared with her a wonderful course I designed where I am combining the Cannabis meditation with Kabbalah.

But as most of the people submerged in this horrible ignorance, she imagines that Cannabis is a drug while is the most powerful medicinal plant forbidden to keep away from people some of the most powerful natural medicament created for GOD, so for this and other many reasons I knew that we do not match as a couple and still I was suffering that night we have that dinner. So, by evaluating often your thoughts and behaviors and thoughts you can have an idea of how often your lower self is taking control. Trust me is possible to have only joy.

Each time you emit suffering that energy arrives at the stars and they create a future event that will lead you to feel the same emotions. On Kabbalah which is a science-based on the bibble is explained this concept that many describe like the Law of attraction, and others are very attentive to the position of the stars because of the influence they have in our lives, but is basically this. The spirit of the stars creates the events we command with our emotions.

All the dark forces that govern this planet are basically those invisible beings following our orders, we command them with our drama with low energy emitted by people and they used to negative circumstances by following our energetic command. This energetic waste they use to mold events that lead to suffering but people ignore it, only the Kabbalist know about it and in the book I wrote, I described some experiences I had with those entities, check it out !

- Meditate after waking up after waking up This daily ritual will make your life awesome because you going to increase your inner light what going to bring great things every day. Many people have not an idea of how meditation can change their lives because is not well known that the biggest of your body is invisible what is called the spirit and second this is what projects your reality on this black empty space. Just listen to some of the testimonials of people visiting the seminars of Joe Dispenza that experiment miracles as expontaneous healings by elevating the state of consciousness.

After waking up is the best time because your mind is still relaxed but it is important that you sleep enough, otherwise your brain is not charged enough and you can maintain a very primitive state that influences your whole behavior negatively and you will not notice it. Your brain is like a battery that is charged during the night and when you sleep 6 hours the mammal part is charged and after 8 hours your whole brain and your ego has less influence.

Because your ego lives in your brain, in the reptilian and mammal area and it is more active when those areas are mostly operating due to lack of sleep. For me, it is more important that you sleep 8 hours than meditate, but if you discover how valuable meditation is for attracting great things into your life, because you are literally creating them with your inner light, you going to sleep 8 hours and meditate one after waking up or during the morning.

Jeff Bezos knows this, He said that he thinks better, have more energy and his mood is better when he sleep 8 hours in a discussion at the Economic Club of Washington in 2018. In my situation, I just cannot meditate if I did not sleep 8 hours and my thoughts are short, I cannot maintain long thoughts, because there is a disturbance in my mind. If it's hard for you to sleep deeply I recommend you to have a Life energy generator in your bedroom pulsing the energy at the frequency 3.5 Hz and if you never meditate before try this.

- Set short goals, medium goals, and long term goals

To avoid that your ego wastes your time it is important to make goals often and writing them every day. It going to help to see opportunities and maintain your mind in the right direction. It is important that you daily maintain a vision of your future to have an idea where is strategic to invest most of your time every day. This is why writing your goals is a must and taking action every day. Smalls steps in the direction of your goals will bring you there. The next are some examples of goals.

Short goal: Having 10,000 daily visitors on my blog

Medium goal: Have a monthly income of 100,000 euros and build more muscle Long term goal: Buy a Castle, a blue Porsche Taycan, and be an international Dj Then work on them every day with visualizations, creating strategies, and taking action. For example, investing only 3 minutes of abs exercise every day got me great results today. And instead of spending money on something else I buy Creatine that helps my muscles grow, reverse aging, and having more energy to work out. This compound maintains mitochondria healthy helping to reverse aging and I am talking about it in this article, I invite you to read.

Also, I invite you to book my services if you need some accountability partner to help you to achieve your goals. Sometimes our friends are not the right people to talk about our dreams and when you speak about your goals to someone that believes in they are nourished energetically and they manifest faster, so if you want me as your coach book a session here.

- Focus only in your self avoid introduce your energy in the life of other people Our goals and living great experiences should be your only purpose. What other people are doing is not your business and will never affect you even if looks the opposite. Analyzing the life, personality, and actions of others could generate a huge energetic waste. Whatever other people do is not your problem and everyone is doing their best.

It is important that you do not send your energy to other people because you do not know them completely even if they are your friends, everyone has secrets. Imagine only the best possible scenario to them and that´s it, without details and make them enjoy the moments shared with you. Of course that if they ask for your advice give it if you want.

“It is healthy to keep in mind that the life of others is not your business”

There is a lot of energetic waste each time you think that someone should act like that. It is energy you can use to build your projects or improve yourself. Use your thoughts and actions strategically to make things happen. Normally what you hate of others you hate from yourself.

Probably you hate smokers because you hate your addiction to sugar or to watch negative news and it is hard to notice it because the others are not reflecting exactly the same behavior but energetically it is your own reflection. Only when you stop trying to change others going to be easier that you perceive how many things are just a mirror of yourself.

- Avoid the negative mainstream media Media contaminates your mind with all the negativity they love to publish, this is because most of the people with a dark spirit need to know where the danger is to avoid it. But when you perceive that wherever receive your attention is maintained on your reality, you going to use it only for your benefit. Your attention going to be focused mostly on the great things that wonderful people are creating for others and not the stupid actions from stupid people.

Negative news unleashes your fear which puts you on alert and your ego in command of your life, this occurs involuntarily and at a subconscious level and brings repercussions to your life. Your mind is like a garden, and you need to plant only nice thoughts and to avoid undesired herbs growing, for that taking distance from negative people and negative content is elemental, otherwise, they can influence your state of mind.

Most of the content in the Media is toxic, it is what catches the public's attention and plant seeds in your unconscious. If you have fear of death, it could be a result of the negative content you consumed or it could result from the suffering experienced by the animals you eat. I am a vegetarian since 15 years ago and I decided to eat a chicken kebab after a long fast because I lost a lot of weight and that day my vibration went too low as never before.

Also, some content can create negative beliefs. For example, if you listen about the bad economy your sales can decrease your result of this belief because the information and images that you introduce in yourself are reflected and projected on your reality something just a few people are able to perceive. It looks that we are very powerful creators and yes we are but sincerely is just how reality is created on the empty space that surrounds you.

What you introduce with your attention is reflected outside but you need that a very recognized scientist tell you this with a very complicated equation that makes him win the Nobel prize to you be able to believe it because you were programmed. But you can discover it on your own with this simple exercise, just focus on 3 goals and put a lot of images and watch just content about it and see how it going to be printed around you on the material world. Most people imagine that they attracted it but they are just reflecting it.

This is why I described in my book The most powerful meditation the Law of attraction as the law of projection because your reality is just a mental projection and spiritual reflection of who you are and the energies you emit. And perceiving it will really empower you !

To perceive it more easily purchase a radionic device here, and you going to see the magic.

- Work every day in your goals If your mind is busy with your goals there will not be space to think about unnecessary stuff. The ego comes alive when there is free space available in your mind, it going to try to take control of yourself by having a simple thought that could trigger some actions or emotions. This why it is important that you maintain yourself busy with your goals. If you do not watch the media, and you do not think about the life of others you will have enough space in your mind to think about something. Explore around, plan your dreams, and future life experiences, work every day to make them happen at any cost. Without plans, your ego will control you and you can die without living a great life. Today is the best time to start, if you think that I can help you with my coaching service book them here right now !

- Find activities that make you feel awesome

When you feel great you are taking over your ego, remember that it is because of the ego that we suffer. We experience different emotions throw life but when the low emotion has not peace and balance is because of the ego, pollution, lack of some nutrient or exercise to be more precise. But when your true self is in command even in a very difficult situation you going to feel safe, great, and peaceful, trust me who is writing this blog know what he is talking about. I have experienced in complete peace many hard situations lately.

It is strategic to have weapons that upgrade your emotions. The track I am showing in that video is one of them, it makes me feel so happy and pushes me to dance, on this state affirmations and visualizations get a lot of strength, this is why is important to write down your goals every day. Because at that moment where you feel great is the best time to do repeat affirmations or think about your goals as if you were celebrating their manifestation in your life and feel grateful for that moment you are experiencing.

On the other hand, you need to take distance from anything that creates a negative state, it will make your ego take control over. Drinking alcohol, eating some food, GMOs, medicaments, vaccines, electromagnetic pollution, negative content, stressing and violent movies, even some people is toxic and low your vibration what make your ego take control over. This is something that happens automatically, even if you daily meditate.

Some people are able to perceive how the environment affects them energetically and they create a proper atmosphere at home neutralizing negative energies produced by the technology and artificial frequencies coming from outside. What helps a lot is a Chi generator pulsing the energy at frequency 528 HZ which is the vibration that predominates in the forest. These devices clean as well the toxic energies stored in the water you drink.

So, It is strategic to be surrounded by positivity until your spirit is enough strong to deal with your ego because of your practice of meditation or another spiritual training that makes your spirit grow. People that consider their daily walk in the forest as their meditation have minus zero idea of what really is meditation which is the cultivation of light in the spirit by stop thinking something that you can not achieve if you do not block your senses.

- Always think about the best scenario

You are creating your reality, and as wrote before lately I experienced situations that normally people will describe as very hard but my state of mind and peace brought me on those days real miracles and a lot of support from people that made from those experiences something wonderful and for sure was me who energetically built them during the chaos that is part of the life, the sauce. So when you are with uncertainty go to meditation and then visualize with an elevated crazy but possible scenarios as future events.

When the ego has an influence, it dominates your mind and energizes negative events, and pushes away people from you because everything you think about other, the person feels it. When you lie to someone that person knows it from a higher perspective something people with a dark spirit cannot understand and they going to think there is no scientific evidence of what you are saying. They are very submissive and easy to manipulate by an authority due to the lack of power that inner light provides, what reflects in the outside world weakness.

So take control over your mind and if you have certainty about the future build in your mind the best scenario instead of energizing a negative one, that feeling will create it and your ego going to let you believe that is not true, it was very logical that will happen. Trust me around you there is just a fucking black space and everything you perceive is the interpretation of your mind. Sounds sad but only if you are a drama queen because it is just awesome all the power that GOD gave us that those invisible entities try to take you away, distracting you and doing everything possible to keep you ignorant of your spirit because is there where all your potential resides and my mission today is reminding it to empower you, I hope I did :)

I hope this tutorial has helped you and if you found value please share it with someone you think will be happy after reading. There is a lot of good content to come, so please subscribe to my newsletter to be able to notify you of new articles published, send you discounts and other surprises from our store. If you want to support this blog you can make a donation here that I will use to promote this content to reach more people.

Thank you ! I really appreciate it :)




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