TUTORIAL: What is the Ego and How to destroy it ?

For achieving your goals it is important to be able to perceive your lower personality, which are thoughts/emotions that trigger behaviors that maintain suffering in your life. To upgrade your life it is important to make a plan to maintain only your true self. The ego is the fake part of our selves, what we do not really want and it generates waste. Some people say that you need to embrace your ego, but trust me if you do not kill it, it will ruin your life !

Requires time and effort because everything in life requires time and effort, no one is an expertise in something from a moment to another, everything needs a process and killing the ego also. In Kabbalah this process is described as to snatch the saddle from our animal part so God can sit down and govern our lives in perfect harmony, and if there is suffering in the world it is because people have not given the throne to God, they do not lead God governs their minds and decisions and then they act more like animals than humans. All the problems in the world is because we are divine co-creators acting like monkeys. You need to purify your self from the Ego, then will be space for GOD in your mind, acts and decisions.

The ego is the worst version of our selves, it is the worst thoughts and attitudes we could have and the higher self is the best version of our selves, what we really want in life, the best habits, thoughts and attitudes we could have.

In the next article, I going to share some tips that will help to detect your ego, to change mental patterns and emotions to avoid behaviors that lead you to horrible and dramatic situations. Life is full of changes and all kinds of situations that give colors to our experience and expansion to the soul. The next techniques you can use to maintain your self away from your ego until you will be able to maintain a positive natural state of mind most of the time. In this state we feel grateful naturally, we know everything is fine and everything happens for a good reason. In this state we attract wonderful experiences and great people as well.

Let me ask you...

What do you think will happen after you die ?  According to the beliefs of Kabbalist after your life, you present yourself to the Celestial Court and if you did not enjoy your life and you did not live at fullest you feel ashamed because before you born you made a lot of plans and set goals and wishes, you were very motivated to do huge things to help a lot of people but they did not happen because your ego. And this is why people decide to re-incarnate, to play again the game of life until they win. The winners sometimes they go back and sometimes they just decide to remain in that celestial field. What is the Ego ?

The ego is the animal part of us, the influence of the body over the soul. In our body are recorded instincts that are useful to survive but that could trigger no positive thoughts and behaviors. We are right now in a step of the evolution where people are becoming co-creators of the reality and this animal part should be dominated to upgrade our lives. Many people can perceive how reality is a mental projection and we can influence what we reflect around by working in our mindset, in our actions, habits and words. This is why the law of attraction became popular after a lot of people applied those techniques with success. People can see by their own that the reality is affected by the mind and they are taking advantage of this knowledge. We can create great or horrible things, this is why it is important to destroy the ego. That monkey just want bananas and your true self to conquer the world and help a lot of people.

The purpose of the ego is to make you waste your time and to make you feel negative, and destroying it is creating a set of habits to maintain frequently the right thoughts and emotions.

The Ego is represented by the Devil card of the Tarot and if you see this card, the Devil (the ego) is under the control of a couple. Also, in this card the Kundalini of the Devil is just arriving to the first 2 Chakras, that means a Dark Spirit. All those symbols describes that a person will not be free until the Kundalini is nourishing the whole spirit and the instincts (mind and emotions) are under control, this is what I described as Killing the Ego. Which is taking complete control of your thoughts and emotions in your benefit but for achieve it meditation is mandatory. It helps to activate your higher mind and to create a robust emotional body, to know more about this topic I recommend you to read the book The Most powerful Meditation.

With a weak emotional body (Spirit) a person has a lot of negative emotions that nourish the ego, negative thoughts and emotions are the food of the Ego. To upgrade your life it is important to dive yourself in 2, the positive person that enjoy each moment and the drama queen we can be some moments. Then observe what triggers your drama queen personality and avoid it. It is easy, but slow and requires to expand the Spirit.

It's time to talk about 5 simple habits you can follow to stay on the right thoughts, on the right track with the right emotions - those habits help you strategically use your energy with the right actions and thoughts, rather than wasting it. Because the Ego mission is making you waste your energy walking the wrong path and destroy the life plan you did before you born, it is part of the game of life you chose to play before coming to this planet...

- Think about how your life can be wonderful - Set short, medium goals and long term goals - Work on them every day and keep your mind mostly there - Avoid thinking about the life of other people, it is energetic waste - Ignore the media So let´s talk in detail about how these habits that will help to destroy your Ego but if until now it is not clear yet What the ego is, I will describe it in other words next... The ego is the part of your personality that do and think in a way that make you suffer.  I will use as an example a life experience: Last time I met my ex-girlfriend for a dinner before her trip to Montenegro my lower self (the Ego) was controlling me and I started to talk about the past and we start to having a talk about things not important because the relation is over and she will going to meet another guy in her trip. So, I just wasted time talking about the wrong topic that lead to unpleasant feelings and probably ruined the night. If my higher self will be under control during the dinner the moment could be pleasant, talking about her trip or about the last great moments she has lived lately. Exciting times were coming in her life and we could enjoy an uplifting conversation oriented on that direction. So, the ego is a mechanism in you that triggers behaviors and thoughts that originate a type of suffering. This is why it is important to evaluate the behavior and thoughts often to discover how we can enjoy more each moment of our lives.

Fear maintains you in suffering as well and fear disappears by doing what you are fearful of. If you feel fear of talking with strangers, talk with strangers. There are other fears which are based on your survival. Those are dissolved by the light you store with meditation, so meditate ! I noticed that my last love relationship was destroyed by my ego. I was acting very dramatic often and now I feel disappointed with my self. This is why I delve deep into my behavior I conclude that the lack of the next habits triggered my ego, so let´s talk about them, and I hope this information helps you...

- Make the purpose to enjoy each minute of your life  If you keep this is mind when you feel annoyed you can discover what could make you feel great again but if you do not keep this in mind the moments of suffering could be prolonged and prolonged. For feeling great during the day meditation in the morning could be your secret weapon. With this ritual you will feel great most of the time during the day.

- Set short goals, medium goals and long term goals

To avoid that the Ego waste your time it is important to make goals often and writing them everyday. It going to help to see opportunities and maintain your mind in the right direction. Most of the people have a lot of thoughts and it is important to introduce new sequences of thoughts to avoid the thoughts that only waste your energy. This is why writing your goals is a good idea and taking action every day. Smalls steps to the direction of your goals if everything required to arrive there, how fast you move determines how soon you will arrive. With the next exercises help to maintain the mind busy to avoid undesired thoughts or the same repertoire of thoughts of the day before. The lower self is triggered by thoughts, that lead to actions that keep you walking undesired paths. It is important to keep you busy creating an amazing memorable life. The next are some examples of goals.

Short goal: Travel to Bavaria and other cities around Germany next month Medium goal: Have an income of 100,000 euros per month. Having bigger muscles and feel more energetic. Long term goal: Buy a Castle home and run the dance Club Pranachy Then work on them everyday with visualizations, creating strategies and taking action. - Focus only in your self avoid introduce your energy in the life of other people Our goals and living great life experiences should be our only purpose. What other people are doing is not your business and will never affect you even if looks the opposite. Analyzing the life, personality and actions of others could generate a huge energetic waste. Whatever other people do is not your business and everyone is doing their best.

Also, it is important that you do not send your energy to other people because you do not know them completely even if they are your friends, everyone has secrets or ways to protect our own goals energetically. Wish only the best possible scenario to them and that´s it, without the detail of anything. If you want to help just make them feel awesome each time you spend time with them but be authentic, it is the best thing we can do for everyone that comes close to us.

“It is healthy to keep in mind that the life of others is not your business”

Trust me, there is a lot of energy wasted each time you think that someone should... It is energy you can use to build your perfect life. Use your energy, time, and thoughts strategically to make things happen.

- Avoid the media Media contaminates the mind tremendously and can trigger fears. Your mind is like a garden, and you need to plant only nice thoughts and to avoid undesired herbs growing, for that taking distance from negative people and negative content is elemental, otherwise, they can influence your mind. Most of the content in Media is toxic, it is what catches the public's attention but plant seeds that trigger fears. If you have fear of death, for example, that fear could be a result of the negative content you consume.

Trust me it is important to maintain your mind in your goals, by planning activities or resolving problems instead of thinking about something happening far away that only distracts you. Also, media can reprogram your unconscious mind with negative beliefs, for example, if you listen there that the situation of the economy is not good, then you will start to believe that money problems are coming and as you think about it you will manifest.10 minutes of the news is enough and avoid images with violence and injustice. - Work everyday in your goals If your mind is busy in your goals there will not be space to think about unnecessary stuff. The ego comes alive when there is free space available in your mind, it going to try to take control of yourself by a simple thought that could trigger some actions or emotions. This why it is important that you maintain yourself busy on your goals. If you do not watch the media, and you do not think about the life of others you will have enough space in your mind to think about something. Explore around, think about goals and life experiences you want to accomplish and how to make them happen. Then make them happen at any cost. Without plans your ego will control you and you can die without living the great life you planed before coming to this planet, this will make you feel ashamed in front of the Celestial Court. So it is time for a shift on your mindset and habits ! 

- Be aware of what make you feel low

It is strategic to have an idea how we can change our emotions in a positive way or how to avoid feeling negative. Drinking alcohol boost a negative thinking because when our body is intoxicated, we feel bad and naturally negativity is part of us. For example, I discovered that my low emotions are very intense at night, when I am hungry or drunk, then I avoid them to maintain the right vibe most of the time. Also, I know that I can change my feelings by listening some music, I have some tracks that are my weapons against low emotions. Discovering what triggers your negative thinking is essential to avoid low emotions. This is important to attract only great events in your life because the Life of Attraction is operating all the time, do not forget it.

I am not talking that you should not cry, because is a low emotion. Sometimes crying is something our higher self needs to do as well but what should be removed is the drama in your life, unnecessary tears. There are emotions that have an impact on what you attract in your life. Low emotions attract unpleasant experiences, and this a law everyone can perceive. If you are not able to see it, check this article with some tips to increase your vibration to perceive with your own eyes how you influence your reality with your thoughts, actions, words, and the energy of our attention.

- Always think about the best scenario

If you are waiting a call always imagine that the delay is due to a very good reason. We think naturally negative scenarios that are not real but trust me could have an impact of the situation we think about. Thoughts are energy, and lamentably this energy will come back with some shape. This is why imagining always a positive scenario is the best. Wherever you imagine is not real and could be positive or negative, but positive thoughts leads to positive events, the Universe is a type of mirror that reflects all the energies we emit. The Kabbalah explain this perfectly and this knowledge help me to be able to upgrade the life of my clients as Spiritual Life coach. A simple negative thought could open the door to the ego, use your thoughts in your benefit only.

I hope these tips help you somehow, it can be more difficult to upgrade your life if you do not have the right people around you, this is why having a coach is strategic. With a coach you can share your dreams, nurture them energetically and will help you to accomplish them and become the best version of your self with accountability. This is my job and how I can help you to upgrade your life. If you want to meet me for a few minutes in Skype to discover how I can help you, contact to me to

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