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RF Skin Rejuvenation Device
  • RF Skin Rejuvenation Device


    Multi-function beauty instrument to make your skin young and energetic with EMS microcurrent + radio frequency + color light that effectively firm and lift the skin, dilute fine lines and shrink pores when is used with serums and creams.

    With EMS micro-current and radio frequency technology that accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, and promote collagen production.

    It has five colors of light for different skin types to meet the needs of different groups of people. It effectively introduces the essence of skin care products promoting the absorption of nutrients into the skin and deeply nourishing the skin, what helps to maintain skin elasticity and the skin smoother and firmer.

    It has a compact and lightweight body easy to carry, allowing you to treat your facial skin to a beauty spa anytime, anywhere during travel or business trips.

    It includes:

    1 - Instrument
    1 - USB Charging Cable
    1 - English User Manual
    1- Packing Box
    4 - 13 Days Delivery
    15 Days Money Back Guarantee
    Free Return

    Material. ABS material
    Colour: White
    Weight: 135g
    Package size: 19*6.7*4.2cm
    Operating voltage: DC3.7V
    Charging time: ≤3.5H
    Standby current: uA <30uA
    EMS frequency. kHZ 89
    Red light wavelength: nM 620~625
    Blue wavelength: nM 520~525
    Green light wavelength: nM 465~470
    Use time: 100 minutes

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