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How to remove face wrinkles fast?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

In the following article I am talking about a very effective treatment to greatly reduce facial wrinkles in just a few days. And about the best herbs and nutrients to consume before the treatment for better results. They will provide your body with the best tools your cells need for building your new skin tissue. I took this treatment 3 times time ago for reducing acne scars.

The procedure is about removing the most superficial layers of your face skin with a powerful exfoliating solution that will peel away the top layers to reveal a brighter, smoother, and more youthful complexion. Next days after applying the treatment, your face is not presentable for important events, you will have swelling, redness and scarring on your facial skin.

It takes around 7 days the total improvement and it is best that you go to a clinic with a professional because doing it on your own can be risky. You could create a deep horrible scar that could distort your face. But before the treatment you can consume certain nutrients and herbs to provide to your body with the best tools for having a better outcome in renewing the skin. I'll also share a bad experience I had to help you avoid it.

How to remove face wrinkles fast?

Which can be the reason of your wrinkles?

When the body deteriorates your skin as well, and pollution from the environment, food products, or the air deteriorates. Also consuming often white breads, refined sugars, diet products, ultra-processed foods, or canned food promotes wrinkles, but as well aging. The condition that lead to cancer, diabetes, dementia or cardiovascular disease.

Also many body functions from your body are reduced when you get older, and the elastin and collagen within the body start to collapse. As an anti-aging coach I can help my clients to improve their skin by activating strategic body functions like Sirtuins that affects positively all the body including the skin because the cells start to repair more often, but they need tools.

When you age your body deteriorates and it is reflected in the skin with wrinkles and lack of firmness. But with your lifestyle you can increase strategic bodily functions that will trigger the renewal and maintenance of your body, improving the skin. I talk in more detail about this in this article from this blog as well. Considered one of the best anti-aging blogs by this website.

When you are working in rejuvenate your body you need to prioritize certain habits and nutrients that have better impact in your body for activating very strategic body functions that if are in constant operation. The cells work very well in keeping everything good, clean and beautiful inside and outside. Your muscle improves, your sin, the fat is removed it is amazing.

My passion is helping people to look younger, more beautiful with only natural remedies most of them vegan friendly. And the best method for a quickly and notorious improvement of the face skin is the one I going to talk next. I going to mention the nutrients that will benefit everyone to take but if you want a personal opinion about the best supplements for you, book a session with me here because possibly something else could benefit you more.

Everyone is unique and the action plan to improve the face skin is different for everybody and only one solution does not exist. This why I invited you to have a session with me but the protocol described below going to help a lot. It can be in front of you a person that can guise you and motivate you to age backwards the next 365 days. Talk to me in Telegram if you want to know more, my username is @Pranachy or book a laser coaching session here.

How to remove face wrinkles fast ?

What is the fastest way to get rid of wrinkles ?

Removing the superficial layers of your skin with a chemical peeling with Trichloroacetic acid to obligate your body to remove damaged layers of the skin to be replaced with new beautiful tissue that improves the skin condition, reduces wrinkles, and scars. This is a delicate and aggressive treatment, so it is recommended to be applied by a beautician. The recovery time takes around 6 days, and the first 3 days are quite uncomfortable, your face is burned and reducing your activities is beneficial for good healing.

I see many people doing it on their own but it is very risky because you can create irreversible damage to your skin. I tried on my own months after the treatment was applied on my skin for the first time in a Clinic. Months later I buy the acid and applied it to a small area to test my skin and I created a scar there. Later, I decided to do it again in a Clinic and my healing was okay again, so, based on this experience, I encourage that you look for an expert that can apply the acids. The first time with a low dose to test your skin reaction.

How to prepare for a TCA peeling ?

You need to prepare days before by giving your body the right tools for repairing your skin what improves results because it is the healing process what ameliorates the skin and not the acid. Burning the superficial layers is only a way to obligate your body to remove old tissue and create a new one again. This is exactly what removes your wrinkles, the replacement of the old skin for new ones. And specific foods, teas, habits, and natural supplements can enhance the regeneration process leading you to better results.

And next, I going to talk about them, the right habits, diet, teas, and supplements to take before the appointment, and during the healing, the best moment to do it and something unpleasant that happened to me that I want you to avoid suffering. But let´s begin with the side effects you will have the first three days after applied the chemical to your face.

Which are the side effects of a TCA peeling ?

The most aggressive effects on your skin next days after applying a chemical peeling are inflammation and heat on the face. To reduce them avoid drinking alcohol a month before, and apply the treatment in winter because the cold will reduce uncomfortable symptoms of heat, even walking outside going to be pleasant for you. Your face looks horrible, so it is better to spend the first days at home. From the 3d or 4th day you will feel a lot of itching and it is important to avoid scratching and your face will be completely renovated after day 7 or 8.

Inflammation can be promoted by drinking alcohol days before, this is a very important fact you need to follow for better results. Alcohol deteriorates your body tremendously especially your skin and the healing of the first treatment I did was a bad experience because I drunk wine after I visited the clinic where the chemical was applied.

I never imagined that my skin going to be very red and inflamed because of the peeling and later I went to my friend's house where we drunk alcohol. The next day my face was extremely inflamed, horrible and I was feeling pretty bad. The next 2 times I did the treatment again the inflammation was less dramatic so avoiding alcohol is optimal for healing.

In conclusion

Do it on winter, do not drink alcohol a month before the treatment and follow the next hacks.

How to remove face wrinkles fast ?

Which is the recommended diet before a TCA peeling ?

Before the peeling is recommended to detox your body and promote autophagy which is a method to obligate your body to remove deteriorated organelles inside the cells, damaged proteins, dead viruses, and bacteria that remain inside your body, transforming them in new tissues. Which is some of the most important steps for reversing your body age, and the next foods going to help you to cleanse toxins, recycle damaged tissue, and improve your skin.

They are all fruits and vegetables, even if you want to promote ketosis, trust me, eat all fruits. Papaya and soursop are very sweet and they are powerful to prevent cancer and even to destroy cancer cells, so do not miss the superpowers of these fruits. But the best ones are berries, avocados, pomegranate, and strawberries. They are perfect for the skin, vitamin C helps a lot as well so eating kiwis, paprika and citrus going to help to collagen production.

But vegetables are much beneficial especially to detoxify your body and promote autophagy. So introduce them raw in everything you cook. I include them raw in eggs, soups, tacos, hamburgers, even in pizza. As I was doing it many years ago, when I was living in Montreal. During those times I was cooking a lot pizza but since 3 years ago I do not eat it anymore, I normally eat Vietnamese or Indian food for personal preference, I like more these styles.

The best vegetables are cruciferous, these ones should be every week on your dishes, or even every day. It is important you create your own dishes including them raw. This is power and a lot of benefits for reversing your body age and reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Celery and Parsley contain apigenin which is good for removing senescent cells. Eating them raw in your last meal enhances autophagy during your sleeping time.

Consuming your last meal at 6 pm is perfect and not food later just tea at night will produce some autophagy what improves your skin by the removal of damaged proteins forming tissues. When they accumulate, your skin looks deteriorated. Include these vegetables on your dinners often months before you make the treatment and also in your regular diet, Broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, Spinach, goji berries, and walnuts.

What supplements supports body´s healing from a chemical peel ?

Calendula in extract, Astaxanthin, Curcumin and Collagen peptides hydrolyzed type 1 and 3. The right dose of the collagen is 10 grams every day starting preferably two months before the treatment, and continue taking it for another month after the peeling for giving the body tools for building new tissues. Also, curcuma is important to take during the healing which is a potent anti-inflammatory. It is the supplement I am taking every day, it is wonderful.

Calendula and Astaxanthin can be taken 6 or 3 months before the treatment to prepare your body for the healing; they are helpful to rejuvenate your skin and probably if you take them months before the treatment you will notice a great improvement even without peeling. For more information about these herbs visit this article where I am talking about their benefits for promoting skin rejuvenation.

These are my top 5 supplements to improve your skin condition. Just by taking them, you can greatly reduce wrinkles also by cleaning the liver with Milk Thistle which is the number 5 but eating cruciferous vegetables help as well and the diet already described. Now let´s talk about teas that promote skin rejuvenation by enhancing autophagy. So, it is important the time you drink them but there are a few that you can drink at any time, let´s talk about it...

But before, I invite you to check this super smoothie with a lot of Collagen and natural compounds from plants that going to improve your skin condition by drinking it often.

Which are the best teas for removing wrinkles ?

They are Jiaogulan tea, Match tea, Rooibos, and Chamomile tea. These should be in your home and preferably organic. The nutrients they contain are very beneficial especially for your skin, but the best one is Roiboos and Matcha for the skin and for rejuvenation Jiaogulan and Chamomile. The best time to take Chamomile tea is at night, and Matcha in the morning preferably, and Rooibos and Jiagulan feel free to drink it at any time.

Jiaogulan and Matcha increase autophagy which is the function your body have after days without food. It is in a state of urgency and cell start eating body tissue and proteins that are old or not very necessary and with it is created new tissue, skin and muscle. By fasting for many days you can improve your skin as my mom did but because of depression. For many days she did not eat and her friends were intrigued about the improvement of her face skin.

Avoiding processed sugar is important because creates deterioration in your skin. Try to satisfy your cravings with chocolate with 80% or more cacao, goji berries, any fruit, and natural nuts. For example, I love some raw almonds with a special flavor that I buy often in those Turkish stores with a lot of nuts and confiture. It is important to saturate your home with healthy stuff that satisfies your cravings and promotes rejuvenation at the same time.

For more information about these teas check this other article from this blog with detailed information about them. And prepare them with living water preferably, which is the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with life energy. What improves the benefits for your skin and taste of the drink, and it is easy to create with a Water optimizer.

I recommend you having a Life energy generator in your bedroom for maintaining the environment clean of toxic energies produced by electromagnetic pollution that deteriorate your skin and reduce your sleep quality. What is important to keep your skin beautiful and your body healthy because is during sleep when your body heals and rejuvenates. And this device facilitates a deep quality sleep by lowering the brainwave activity if the pulse is low.

So, now you have an idea of how to change your skin for the better. The more sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes people take the more damage is produced on tissues. Keep this in mind, also remember to subscribe to my newsletter to be updated to the great content published here. This blog is considered one of the top 10 anti-aging blogs in the top 40 list of this website.

I hope this information helped you to improve your beauty and if you want to invite me a coffee you can donate some money to me by using this link. I normally use it to promote my content that could benefit many people to read. You can help me as well without money by sharing this article in your social media o this pin on your Pinterest. thank you !

I really appreciate your love and support :)




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