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Anti Aging Lift HIFU Machine
  • Anti Aging Lift HIFU Machine


    Multifunctional HIFU device to rejuvenate your skin and improve the health and appearance. Its use increases collagen, elasticity, remove wrinkles and fine lines. Helping your skin look bright, glowing and amazing.


    It can be easily used by oneself, obtaining very similar results to those you would get in a clinic where you receive a similar treatment. This procedure is an anti-aging treatment to provide some of the benefits of a face lift without the need for surgery.


    It is called high-intensity focused ultrasound facial, or HIFU facial, and it is a non-invasive treatment for facial aging. Accelerates blood circulation, regenerates collagen cells, and improves metabolism of the epidermis what greatly ameliorates the skin.


    It improves the epidermis of skin by firming depth layers. Under the effect of ultrasound Smas fascia layer continuously produces new cells, making the skin firm and rejuvenated.


    The average facial operation takes around 30 minutes and it can also lift skin, compact facial contour, shrink pores and smooth wrinkles quickly in forehead, cheek, chin, neck and face.




    1 - Machine 
    1 - Adapter
    1 - Set of stickers
    1 - User Manual
    1 - Original packing box

    2 - Weeks Delivery in USA

    1 - Year Warranty

    1 - Month Money Back Guarantee

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