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Skin Rejuvenation Photon Machine
  • Skin Rejuvenation Photon Machine


    LED light therapy mask to beautify skin, reduce acne, refine pores, brighten complexion, reduce dullness, improve aging and skin relaxation. It is large enough to be used on other areas of the body and has different wavelengths of light to effectively diminish wrinkles, sagging, shrink pores and tighten skin.


    It has a function that emits hot air to open the pores for deep hydration, better metabolism and blood circulation, what makes the skin smooth and rosy. That process prepares the skin pretty well for phototherapy. So the second step is selecting the light color you want to be exposed the next 20 minutes without overtime and the last one is the cold nano spray that moisturizes the skin and maintains water balance.



    1. Red: Deep repair & skin elasticity
    2. Blue: Inhibit bacteria & remove acne
    3. Violet: Enhance skin immunity

    4. Green: Lighten spots & Calms the skin


    5. Red+Green Light
    Improve wrinkles & Increase immunity.
    6. Red+Blue Light
    Remove acne and pockmark.
    7. Blue+Green Light
    Deep metabolism & Oil control.
    8. Red+Blue+Green light
    Decomposition stain spot & Improve fine lines.




    - Improve skin aging

    - Reduce wrinkles

    - Repair damaged skin

    - Diminish scars

    - Reduce acne

    - Imporve circulation

    - Improve metabolism

    - Reduce inflammation

    - Improve senile plaques

    - Improve freckles


    May not be used by those with:
    - Pregnanncy
    - Psychosis
    - Advanced Cancer
    - Coronary Stent or bypass

    - Severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency



    1-  Main Machine
    1 - Measuring Cup
    1 - Dropper
    1 - Protective Glasses
    1 - Power Cord
    1 - Manual
    1 - Box
    15 Days Delivery
    Free Return
    1 Month Money-Back Guarantee




    Item: LED Light Facial Mask

    Color: Red

    Material: ABS

    Power: 50W

    Current: 2.5A

    Bead: 268Pcs

    Weight: 3505g

    Size: 54*38*26.5cm/21.26*14.96*10.43in


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