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Nutrition Coach, Weight Loss Coach, and Health Coach, This is What an Anti-aging Coach is and More.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The appearance of the first signs of aging such as wrinkles, gray hair, sagging skin, fatigue and body deterioration is the result of the reduction of some body functions and the increase of others and by balancing them again, it is possible to improve the appearance, look younger and reduce enormously the risk of horrible diseases like cancer, dementia, arthritis, etc. and the anti-aging coach is the one who guides people to achieve this balance again.

Some hormones like testosterone are reduced and they can be increased again with supplementation, also other important enzymes decreases like NAD+ and CoQ10 but all them can be increased again through strategic habits, diet and supplementation. An anti-aging coach is guiding people to have the life stye and diet that reverse the biological age, improve appearance and healthy. It is the person that helps people extend their healthspan.

There are different causes of aging such as telomere attrition, genomic instability, loss of proteostasis, etc. And by reading all the information shared in this blog, you can know the best habits, foods, supplements and products to successfully reverse your biological age but if you don't have time or you enjoy reading all this information, it's best to book a session with an anti-aging coach to guide you according to your gender, habits, age and body type.

Nowadays thanks to the research of geneticists as David Sinclair we know that it is possible to extend our lives even to 200 years but this is only possible by having a strategic lifestyle that involves certain habits and nutrients that maintain the mitochondria healthy, sirtuins active, a low number of senescent cells, a DNA stable, long telomeres and so on.

Somehow it is getting your body to work as it did when it was younger, increasing again those functions, molecules and hormones that have been reduced by age. Which is something that requires specialized knowledge, both of the human body and its functions and all those compounds that have been studied that effectively activate the functions that we need. That is why the guidance of a coach is better than trying to achieve it ourselves.

Nutrition coach, loss weight coach, and health coach, this is what an anti-aging coach is and more.

What is an anti-aging coach ?

It is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps to facilitate the inclusion of healthy eating behaviours and daily habits that lead their clients to reverse their biological age and avoid aging disease. It helps people to rejuvenate their body, change their mindset and improve their ability to make the right choices and habits that extend their healthspan, improve their beauty and maintain them with a high mental and physical performance.

It is a support for achieving these goals because change is never easy and if you want to improve your skin, losing weight,or having more energy, you need new daily habits that normaly your mind will resist. This is the value of having a coach that will keep you in the optimal "growth zone" challenging you enough to keep you engaged, improving and pushing your boundaries but not so much to overwhelm you or damage your health and lifestyle.

Getting older is different than aging, everyone gets older, which is natural but not everyone is suffering pain, low energy or dementia when they are old. These negative conditions are result aging disease which is a difficulty of your cells for having access to information at a genetic and epigenetic level that it is still there. And the anti-aging coach is a guide that helps you to prevent this condition, reverse your biological age and look younger.

Most people take superficial actions for looking younger or loss of weight. For example, skincare products do not reduce wrinkles, only about 10%. Becoming younger, and more beautiful is only an inner work. This product that activates collagen production will help you much more than the best skin care cream because it boosts the collagen production which is reduced when you get older what reflected in skin deterioration and wrinkles.

Other examples of superficial actions are counting calories or practicing a lot of sports to lose weight, both are pretty wrong. If you reduce your calories you slow down your metabolism making things worst and by practicing a lot of sports you stress your body and increases cortisol the hormone that promotes insulin and in presence of insulin, your body never burns fat. People imagine that making sport is equal to burning fat and the more they do the more fat is burned, and this is completely wrong and a very mainstream advice.

For losing weight and reduce wrinkles you need to get healthy and then as result you going to lose weight, and your rejuvenate your skin and all these How I help the people that book my services here to improve and much more. That button is a link to have a sample session with me where I going to guide your first steps to reverse 10 years of your biological age in the next year. Imagine yourself aging backwards the next 365 days, yes it is possible :)

Nutrition coach, loss weight coach, and health coach, this is what an anti-aging coach is and more.

What causes aging disease ?

Sugar, contamination, excess of insulin, stress, low nutrition diet, lack of sun, exercise, polluted air and Life energy. And I include medicaments, vaccines, and pesticides as pollutants. If you follow this blog you going to discover that I only recommend natural compounds from plants to maintain good health and my method for reversing age is with natural compounds only but always follow the advice from your doctor, if you visit one.

But let´s talk about sugar which can be the main reason why people get cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, or dementia which are age-related diseases. Because sugar is very addictive many products included it in their ingredients, so it is everywhere. It is even more addictive than cocaine, well there is only one thing more addictive and harmful for your organism than sugar and it is aspartame and those ingredients included on diet products.

If you see in your face a deteriorated skin sugar intake can be the reason or the diet products you consume and which are worst to consume for your health. And it is the mix of sugar with proteins, like meat with BBQ sauce or a hamburger with ketchup and coke. What deteriorates a lot your sking by creating a very sticky and ugly protein that builds a horrible tissue on your skin. And sugar intake boost insulin which is stop the production of important hormones.

Something worst than sugar intake is ignorance and I am happy that you are here because sugar is everywhere and it is important that you be aware of the best products to consume to avoid horrible diseases and maintain yourself beautiful and happy because even sugar causes depression and some medications as well, like antibiotics that kills important bacteria living in your gut that produces neurotransmitters that make you feel happy and positive.

So, if you want to maintain good health take distance from medicaments as much as possible, visit doctors naturopaths because most medicaments are just a cheap copy from compounds found in nature and many medicines have very serious negative side effects and intoxicate your liver, which is some of the most amazing parts of your body. This area is even connected to your skin. You can greatly improve your skin appearance by cleaning your liver.

For more information to improve your skin check this article, where I am describing a protocol to reduce wrinkles with intermittent fasting. Which is strategic to reduce insulin an hormone that blocks the production of strategic body functions as sirtuin activity, AMPK, the release of growth hormone even body fat is never burned in the presence of insulin. And many people do not lose weight just because they do not sleep well, which promotes insulin release.

Nutrition coach

How to reverse your biological age successfully ?

By reading this blog you can have access for free to all the information you need to reverse your biological age successfully with only natural remedies. But if you do not have time to read and digest everything described I highly encourage you to enjoy my yearly package "Reduce 10 years of your body age in only one year" where I going to help you to achieve your goals that can be feeling more energy, looking younger or even losing weight.

As a coach, I focus on helping you to achieve your goals easily and step by step. Because you can reverse your biological age very fast by fasting for 7 days but even this method can be negative if you do not follow a protocol that will prepare your body for this event. Because if you are consuming low nutritional foods and not enough electrolytes, which are important minerals, you deteriorate your body and even risk your life by having a long period fasting

Reversing your biological age is achieve only by having a strategic and balanced lifestyle. Even practicing a lot of sports damage your body and the coach should be adapted to priorities, vales and rhythm of the client. To comfortably achieve the goals with daily habits that leads to reduce and increase certain body functions as they were produced in the past.

Not only a good diet is imperative, but also natural supplementation because you can introduce the Quercetin available in kilograms of strawberries by taking only one capsule of Quercetin supplementation. This is why I promote them often on this blog and I recommend you to take them. But reversing age is not only about taking supplements and avoiding sugar.

It is also about knowing the best time and dose to take them. Some foods and supplements are strategic to take in certain moments and dosis for better absorption and a good example is Resveratrol. The most famous anti-aging compound that excites the cells and increases sirtuin function which should be taken in a low dose of 1 gram otherwise the effect can be counterproductive. While other compounds as creatine or spirulina are better to take in a higher dose and more grams you take are often better for certain goals.

These are the secrets that an anti-aging health coach knows and will share with you in order to reduce your biological age and make your body look younger. This is with I highly encourage you to book my coaching services if you want to look younger, more beautiful, having more energy, better memory, health and avoid horrible aged-related diseases.

I will help you to achieve your goals by guiding you step by step with a confortable method and rhythm by setting realistic expectations depening of your needs, wants, limitations and preferences. Because I know that changing is not easy even if some activities that lead you to reverse your biological age are like reducing sugar intake. But as a coach, I adapt the protocol to each person, everyone is different and this is the most value of having a coach.

So, do not wait more time to start to reverse your biological age because the best moment to start is right now, later can be very late even if you are young. And book my sessions now or just continue reading this blog and apply everything described. A good first step is reading this article and take the supplements recommended there, also subscribe to my newsletter to receive notifications every time I publish a new article or edit an old one.

If you know someone that could benefit from this knowledge please share this article with that person. Also, you can help me to spread this information by making a donation that I will use to promote the content from this blog free of ads and full of valuable information that helps people become healthier, happier and live longer. A good example of this value is this article with a complete protocol to naturally heal depression, a post that can save many lives.

I really appreciate your love and support !




I am Cristian Jordan, author of this blog where I am sharing the best habits, products and nutrients, to promote the preservation of your body. 

In this blog is the knowledge you need to reverse and delay aging, extend your healthspan, and almost never get sick.

Join Pranachy to learn more about the lifestyle that allows you to look younger,  boost your beauty, shed excess weight, fortify against diseases, and elevate your vibration and consciousness.

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