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Exposing Ineffective Supplements: How to Recognize Products That Don't Work

Today, I'm going to be a badass and expose two brands of supplements whose products do not really empower your health because the dosage of their ingredients is much lower than the dosages used in clinical studies that show health improvements and anti-aging benefits. I do not want to speak negatively about great projects run by great people, but these products are prime examples of supplements that can be better to avoid purchasing...

It is a waste of money!

When choosing supplements, the dose is crucial for getting results. For instance, push-ups help to grow muscles, but if you do only three daily for decades, you will never see a visible effect. You need more. Similarly, you don't need cash to go to the cinema; you need $100, or the required cost, right? The same applies to nutrients. Quercetin is not beneficial for health unless you consume 500 mg of it. Less is useful, with only $5 you can not enter to cinema :(

One of the products I'm going to talk about contains only 10 mg of quercetin—a dose that provides zero benefits. You get more quercetin from organic coffee, apples, grapes, broccoli, and other fruits and vegetables. This is why, for supplementation, the minimum amount should be 500 milligrams for amazing results. It is one of the supplements included in my coaching services for reverse aging. Working monthly on different areas of the whole body.

And this article, offers insight into three crucial aspects to consider regarding supplement ingredients, helping you determine if a product provides the expected health benefits. In Germany, stores like DM and Rossmann stock predominantly low-quality supplements, best avoided, despite their affordability. Quality options come at a higher price point. However, the next brands are pricey supplements marketed as the great elixir, which they honestly are not. This text is only informative and serves as training for you to become a great investor.

How to Recognize Ineffective Supplements?

How to Recognize Ineffective Supplements?

As a health coach, I recommend that everyone over 18 consume more than five different types of supplements from natural sources. Diverse herbal remedies in extract form can be used to achieve specific goals, such as increased energy, a sharper mind, reduced stress, muscle growth and better overall health. A multivitamin from food sources is an excellent choice, and knowing which products to avoid is important. Focus on three main aspects:

Source of Nutrients: Ensure that the vitamins and minerals come from foods or living beings. It is well known and proven that cheap vitamins made in labs are not well recognized by the body and are poorly absorbed, leading to minimal health improvements. Not all vitamins are created equal. For example, cyanocobalamin is the synthetic version of vitamin B12, lacking bioavailability and potentially toxic. Hydroxocobalamin or methylcobalamin, are the natural versions of B12 better to consume for getting health outcomes and aging reversal.

Folic acid is the synthetic version of vitamin B9 and is not easily absorbed, similar to magnesium oxide and zinc oxide. On the other hand, ascorbic acid is often derived from GMO foods, so it's better to get natural vitamin C from a plant-based supplement. And the first aspect to consider when consuming vitamins and minerals is ensuring they come from natural organic sources. If you are unsure, consult a physician or book my coaching services.

Proper Dosage: Make sure the dosage is sufficient to meet your nutritional needs. Some supplements contain very low doses that are unlikely to provide any significant health benefits. It's important to check the recommended daily allowances because some supplements, like spirulina, creatine monohydrate, or collagen, are needed in large doses to be effective. I am talking about grams. While others are required only in small dosages.

Avoid Harmful Additives: Refrain from products that contain maltodextrin, it can have negative effects on your health. Maltodextrin acts as sugar in your body but is twice as toxic. It has a GI ranging from 106 to 136, double higher than table sugar. It can raise your blood sugar level very quickly. It is used as a filler or thickener but can cause blood sugar spikes.

The insulin spike caused by maltodextrin interfere with nutrient absorption and have a very deteriorating effect by greatly delaying the healing and rejuvenation functions of the body. This spike happens because the body quickly breaks down maltodextrin into glucose, leading to a rapid increase in blood sugar and a corresponding release of insulin to manage the glucose levels. If you’re trying to lose weight, it may be a good idea to avoid maltodextrin.

Consistently high insulin levels can lead to insulin resistance over time, which is a precursor to type 2 diabetes. Maltodextrin can alter your gut bacteria composition, making you more susceptible to disease. It is mostly prepared from genetically modified (GMO) corn. Any supplement with maltodextrin is the best to keep away because it acts like sugar inside the body, promoting aging, the disease that elderly individuals unable to live independently have.

Avoid Any Supplement Product With Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is an ingredient not considered food included in supplements and food products that contributes aging and bodily deterioration. It produces an exaggerated insulin spike that is harmful. Diabetics should avoid any ingredient like maltodextrin that causes this hormonal imbalance that lead to other conditions such as PCOs, obesity, acne, baldness, and more.

An elderly individual unable to live independently, walk, or move on their own has an illness called aging. It is normal to grow old and still have a good life, but certain ingredients in foods and supplements, such as maltodextrin, greatly deteriorate the body. Aging is excessive body deterioration, a broken ecosystem ready to collapse. Maltodextrin is only used to make the product appear to have more content. For example, Daily BioBasics® by LifePlus is a powder in which 20% of the dose in each serving is maltodextrin fiber.

In life I consider important to distinguish between good and evil. These are two natural forces and have nothing to do with religion. Evil is about unbalance, destruction, death, suffering and an enviromnet with too much evil is hell, while good is everything that maintains progress, expansion, happiness, balance, love, and peace. Maltodextrin is an unnecessary ingredient that promotes body deterioration, aging disease and reduces life expectancy when is consumed often. Somehow is promoting illness, dead and destruction.

One of the most deteriorating ingredients to avoid to keep a body young and well-preserved is sugar because it greatly deteriorates the organism and depletes nutrients. Maltodextrin has literally the same effect as sugar inside the body but is twice as harmful. It is a highly processed ingredient, damaging to the gut microbiome and immune system. A good way to know which supplements to avoid is to pick the ones without maltodextrin.

My best friend Christina has been selling LifePlus products for 10 years. She is a super fan of the company, but their products not only contain maltodextrin, they also lack a label indicating they are GMO-free, so the maltodextrin can be from GMO corn. Additionally, the products contain synthetic vitamins that I highly recommend my awakened loved ones to keep away. Some of these nutrients are made from petroleum, GMOs, or other toxic sources. They are very cheap. Products from Lifeplus are not precisely what the company describes.

Daily BioBasics® shake contains amazing ingredients such as quercetin, vitamin D, green tea, astragalus, and more, but all of them are included in small amounts that do not provide benefits. It has 8 mg of astragalus and 8 mg of ashwagandha extract. The daily dose of each to get benefits is around 1000 milligrams or more. It is literally pennies for the body. It is just a way to surprise people with a lot of great nutrients, but in doses that provide zero benefits.

BioBasics® from Life Plus is precisely the product that everyone should avoid because it contains maltodextrin, synthetic vitamins, and all the important nutrients included are in very small doses that do not provide any health benefit. Maltodextrin even depletes body nutrients, and it is included at 3 grams per serving, which is too much. This is a shake that is better to avoid, as all products containing maltodextrin and synthetic vitamins and minerals.

How to Recognize Ineffective Supplements?

Avoid Supplements With Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals

It's not just about the low efficacy and toxicity of synthetic lab vitamins and minerals why you should avoid them, but because you deserve the best. Introduce the best tools and raw materials into your body. This is the reason for this article—not to talk about the products you need to avoid, but to empower you with knowledge to pick the best items for you and your family. Not all vitamins are equal, it's important to know. For instance, Vitamin B12 has 3 different variants, with hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin being the best ones.

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins for anti-aging, along with D3 and Niacin. It is crucial for the proper functioning of DNA. Cyanocobalamin, the synthetic version of B12, is toxic in high doses and because is poorly absorbed by the body, some supplements contain it in large dose. Any supplement with Cyanocobalamin as Vitamin B12 is better to bypass.

For many years, I was purchasing the wrong products, and slowly refining my knowledge to get the best results. Now I want to share my discoveries and best advice with my readers. My biohacking journey, which started 4 years ago, has made it clear to me which products and companies are worth supporting with my money. This is why I decided to include supplementation in my coaching service, sourcing from different providers and shipping to my clients monthly. 20% of my fee is used to buy and send specific nutrients my clients need.

Synthetic vitamins can contaminate other ingredients in the supplement. I was purchasing one with 100 mg of Ginkgo Biloba with a few other cheap vitamins. In this situation, I was unable to take higher doses of Ginkgo Biloba when I need it because contains Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin, which is toxic in large doses. By consuming 2 pills or 3 to get 300 mg of Ginkgo Biloba, the amount of cyanocobalamin was harmful. This is why I recommend only nutrients from food sources. If this supplement product had methylcobalamin, the natural B12, I could take 2 or 4 pills without problems when is necessary, for headache relief.

On specific days, you can use a higher dose of certain herbal extracts for specific goals or improvements, but only if the product contents are from natural sources. In my coaching, I recommend having different herbal extracts for specific outcomes. We use supplements as tools that the body needs in different scenarios. For example, if today I had a relaxed day, drank coffee, it's almost 6 PM, and I do not feel hungry, I might decide to extend my fasting period and take curcumin and EGCG in a double dose for autophagy or pain relief.

However, if it's 6 PM and I'm still fasting but my best friend calls me and invites me to eat something with her, I can take berberine before the meal to control the insulin spike. These are the strategies I share in my coaching. They require knowledge but are necessary and very powerful because you start using supplements as the tools needed in specific situations. Not every day is the same, and this strategic nutrition maintains the body young.

If you want to know about my coaching, contact me on Linkedin I guide people to take their first steps towards reversing their biological age. My coaching costs 1k per month and includes 3 virtual sessions and supplements. The 6-month package includes an epigenetic test and the quantum magnetic analyzer. The yearly package includes 2 months free, 2 biological tests, the quantum magnetic analyzer, an infrared light mask, and supplements.

Avoid Supplements With Very Low Dosages

A dosage is the amount of a certain nutrient given to patients in clinical research to achieve the benefits observed in those studies. For example, in a comprehensive report on the anti-aging benefits of curcumin, one of the most important anti-aging supplements, most studies used a dosage of 400 mg. However, curcumin is a very safe compound and can be used in larger quantities, even up to 3000 to 4000 mg. It is an effective painkiller, similar to the boswellia plant. The product I will use as an example contains only 200 mg of Curcumin.

It is called ZinoGene+ from Zinzino. I know about it because someone from the company reached out to me. After seeing the price and the dosages, I decided not to support this project, even though it is run by amazing people. The product costs 72 pounds sterling, contains 30 tablets, and has excellent ingredients, but in very low dosages. The right daily dose for getting results is 3 pills a day, even though only one is recommended. Therefore, the cost of the monthly dosage is 216 pounds sterling, money that could be used to get a 10-month supply of the same compounds but from other sources and brands.

The product is described as the cutting edge of innovation in food supplements. It uses incredible ingredients like fucoidan, which is a sirtuin 6 activator—one of the most important genes for longevity and age reversal. However, it includes only 125 mg, while 400 mg is the optimal dose. It also contains fisetin and quercetin, but again, in dosages that should be doubled or tripled for real, powerful results. In this scenario, there is nothing better than being guided by an expert this is why I highly recommend my coaching services.

The internet is full of quality information as well. In the National Library of Medicine, or Cochrane you can find a lot of medical studies that can give you an idea about the best dosages, and other blogs like Healthline. However, too much of certain compounds can be harmful as well. Keep in mind that this information is mostly for healthy people who do not take any type of medication but are looking to prevent diseases, increase performance, beauty, or reverse aging. Mixing medication with herbal remedies can be harmful.

While there are other harmful ingredients used in supplements and other important factors to consider, it's already a significant assurance of quality if a product contains natural nutrients from foods, plants, or living beings that did not consume GMOs, and if they are in the correct dose without maltodextrin in the ingredients. These are the three most critical factors to consider when purchasing a health supplement. For more information of this kind, download my free book and consider subscribing to my newsletter to stay in touch. Don't hesitate to connect with me if you are organizing retreats or if you are a health expert.




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