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HealthScan Resonance Analyzer
  • HealthScan Resonance Analyzer


    Body analyzer for health care that provides important information about the internal state of the body with 85% accuracy by scanning the palm of the hand for a few minutes.


    The report is very complete, it shows nutrient deficiencies, state of organs, hormones, glands providing excellent information that helps holistic practitioners to recommend the most appropriate remedies, nutrients and habits based on the solid evidence.


    Very often, holistic practitioners try to figure out how to help their clients by asking questions while they could use analytics like this to provide better guidance. This tool is very easy to use and it can be used to monitor the state of your body, family and patients. Only requires to scan the palm of the hand for a few minutes and then, an analysis like this one is obtained in your computer.


    The report can be released on the next languages...English, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesia, Hungary, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, and Polish, but for Bulgarian* and Italian* language, please let us know when you place the order.


    It includes software that must be installed on your computer. It is there where the report appears after scanning the palm of the hand with the hardware.




    1 - Machine

    1 - Manual

    1 - USB key

    1 - USb line

    1 - CD software

    1 Year Warranty

    15 Days Delivery (USA)

    15 Days Money Back Guarantee

    With Free Return



    1.Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular
    2.Gastrointestinal Function
    3.Large Intestine Function
    4.Liver Function
    5.Gallbladder Function
    6.Pancreatic Function
    7.Kidney Function
    8.Lung Function
    9.Brain Nerve
    10.Bone Disease
    11.Bone Mineral Density
    12.Rheumatoid Bone Disease
    13.Bone Growth Index
    14.Blood Sugar
    15.Trace Element
    17.Amino Acid
    19.Essential Fatty Acid
    20.Endocrine System
    21.Immune System
    23.Human Toxin
    24.Heavy Metal
    25.Basic Physical Quality
    31.Channels and collaterals
    32.Pulse of heart and brain
    33.Blood lipids
    36.Menstrual cycle
    37.Female Hormone
    38.Human Immunity
    39.Human Consciousness
    40.Respiratory Function
    42.Fatty acid
    43.Element of Human
    44.Expert analysis
    45.Hand analysis

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