What is an orgone generator?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

An Orgone generator is a device that pulses clean Orgone energy constantly producing a healthy and revitalizing environment that reduces the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution in the body. They were invented by Karl Hans in 1991 and since then society has a device that reduces the presence of dead orgone energy on their homes or anywhere else. According to Wilhelm Reich, Dead orgone is a stale form of Orgone energy which can cause serious health problems in humans. Electromagnetic pollution and radiation stagnate the Orgone energy and produce Dead Orgone which can be cleaned easily with an orgone generator. Our bodies are alive thanks to the flow of orgone inside us this is why it is important to be exposed to clean orgone energy.

The Benefits of having an Orgone generator are:

- Creates a revitalizing environment

- Facilitates sleep

- Relaxes the mind for meditation

- Reduces the negative effects of EMFs

- Revitalizes the cells

- Cleans water from toxic frequencies

- Clears Dead orgone energy

- Purifies the Living area

- Reduces Stress and balances moods

- Gives you a bit of energy

- Improves the resistance to ill

- Improves health

- Maintains the spirit healthy

- Maintains mind balanced

- Helps with spiritual growth

- Enhances lucid dreaming

- Accelerates plant grow

The Orgone generator produces an environment similar to the forest where our mind is relaxed and our cells have vitality. This is the best environment for a bedroom where we spend at least 8 hours per day sleeping, which is the time when our bodies heal and rejuvenate, and the cells going to do a great job if there is abundant life force energy and oxygen with clean air. This is why having an Orgone device could be strategic as some plants in the bedroom, at least 4 per person, or even more if it's possible. In this article are great specimens that produce a lot of oxygen and clean the air deeply.

Who needs an orgone generator?

People living away from nature or in tall buildings can benefit from these devices as well as the people living surrounded by nature but with a lot of electronics inside the home. Electromagnetic pollution stagnates the Life Force energy as well as dirty electricity; so, people living in nature but inside home are surrounded by electronics and Wi-Fi could create a healthier environment by introducing a Chi generator and plants in the areas where they spend more time.

A water optimizer is an orgone generator with a filter to spread the life force in drinks. Most people are unaware that water rots when has no movement, which means that the structure becomes ugly. If we freeze it and take photos of the crystals we can see a horrible shape in them. In this state, the benefits are greatly reduced and the Water and life force are very important to us, our cells, our health, and our performance as well.

When the water is close to the generator, the life force is attracted by the liquid naturally and it is generated on the beverage an internal energetic movement that maintains the liquid alive, with a beautiful internal structure that increases the benefits of the consumption 100% or more. Even the taste changes, is softer and delicious.

Living water is what you, your family, employees, and pets should drink every single day !

I recommend avoiding drinks stored in plastic bottles because the xenostrogens contained are dangerous. Build up of xenoestrogens have been indicated in many conditions including:  breast, prostate and testicular cancer, obesity, infertility, endometriosis, early onset puberty, miscarriages and diabetes. Xenoestrogens are not biodegradable so, they are stored in our fat cells.

The history of the orgone generator

The year 1991 is a very important year for the history of humanity because the first Orgone energy generator was inverted by Karl Hans a scientist from Austria. In the past, the closest thing to this machine were orgone accumulators, which were huge boxes where people sat inside for more than 30 minutes to have access to concentrated amounts of life force energy. Today is possible to maintain that atmosphere in your bedroom the 24 hours thanks to Karl Hans by keeping a Chi generator there. These orgone devices must be on all the time and they are essential at home like the refrigerator, especially if you live in an apartment in a city. With this device, anyone can have at their disposal large amounts of clean life force anywhere.

Electromagnetic pollution makes the orgone energy stagnant and its flow is greatly reduced. An environment with this polluted energy weakens everyone, it is a much more healthy an atmosphere with abundant and clean orgone energy sparkling everywhere; it gives vitality to your cells. This is why this device is essential in almost every single home in this era full of electromagnetic pollution and radiation everywhere. Karl Hans Welz gave society an effective tool against DOR which is magnificent because being surrounded by dead orgone energy causes imbalances in the body and diseases.

I hope this information motivates you to buy an orgone generator for your bedroom and introduce some plants there to maintain an environment that generates vitality to the cells and allows them to do their job better. This will give you many benefits to your health, beauty and youth. If you found value in this article please share it with the people you love and do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter or follow me in Pinterest to be up to date with all the information published on this blog.

Thanks for reading and for sharing this article :)

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