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What is an orgone generator?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

An Orgone generator is an electric device that you can use to cleanse toxic energies produced by radio frequency radiation from wireless communications, including 5G. These harmful energies unbalance your mind and spirit negatively affecting your consciousness. They also signal genes of disease and promote negative conditions like insomnia, migraines, anxiety, fatigue, and illnesses on long-term exposure.

This machine pulses huge amounts of clean life energy, producing a very healthy energetic environment at home or office that promotes inner peace and well-being. The best atmosphere for practicing meditation, yoga, art, a ritual or some spiritual ceremony. Also, this energy can be sent remotely to anyone with certain intention.

Electromagnetic pollution stagnates the life energy and produces Dead Orgone, which is removed with an orgone generator. According to Wilhelm Reich, Dead orgone is a stale form of life energy that causes serious health conditions in humans. This is why it is important to be surrounded by clean life energy. And thanks to Karl Welz, who invented this machine, society can remove dead orgone energy in their homes or anywhere else.

Which are the benefits of having an orgone generator ?

Being surrounded by clean life energy has many benefits nowadays where many places are infested with toxic energies produced by the technology. But also by using an orgone generator you can cure chronic insomnia as I did and create living water which is the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with Life energy. But as well you can improve your spiritual development and even having very vivid dreams.

Some of the most valuable benefits of having a Chi generator is that they promote delta sleep which is the most beneficial sleep cycle that is reduced when you get older and it is very important for having a strong immune system, burn fat, reverse your biological age and even avoid cancer and cardiovascular diseases, this is because of the production of growth hormone and other beneficial hormones that are released during this stage of the sleep.

It is very important having the best energetic environment in your bedroom where you spend at least 8 hours per day sleeping, which is the most strategic time for your health, when your body heals and rejuvenates, and the cells going to do a great job if there is abundant life force energy, clean air, and abundant oxygen. This is why having some plants there is also important and here is a list of the specimens that produce a lot of oxygen and clean air.

The Orgone generator produces a peaceful environment optimal for practicing meditation, or yoga, that slows down your brainwaves which is beneficial for journaling and working. You can select on them the frequency you want that predominates in the environment, a good one is 528 hertz that you can choose to balance your heart chakra while you meditate. Another good frequency is 3.5 Hz because promotes delta sleep, which is the moment when your body produces many beneficial hormones for your health and physical appearance.

Some of the Benefits of having an Orgone generator are:

- A revitalizing environment

- Facilitates deep sleep

- Relaxes the mind for meditation

- Reduces the negative effects of EMFs

- Revitalizes the cells

- Cleans water from toxic frequencies

- Clears Dead orgone energy

- Purifies the Living area

- Reduces Stress and balances moods

- Gives you a bit of energy

- Improves the resistance to ill

- Improves health

- Maintains the spirit healthy

- Maintains mind balanced

- Helps with spiritual growth

- Enhances lucid dreaming

- Accelerates plant grow

Who needs an orgone generator ?

People living away from nature or in tall buildings need an orgone generator because nowadays the cities are infested with harmful energies that still their negative effects are ignored. This is because most people have no idea that the biggest area from their bodies is invisible and it is very susceptible to toxic energies that the orgone generator cleans perfectly.

As I did, I successfully eliminated the toxic environment in my bedroom that caused chronic insomnia and migraines for 3 years. I made some orgonites because they are famous for eliminating toxic environments and I keep close to my body Shungite crystal and black tourmaline, which are famous for the same purpose but nothing helped me. Falling asleep was still difficult for me and the environment was horrible until I brought in a Chi generator.

Negative energies coming from electromagnetic fields or the thoughts of others are stored in your body but you can remove them by swimming in a lake, ocean, or walking barefoot in nature. The planet absorbs them and the ocean purifies your body. But if you do not have the opportunity to visit those environments frequently by having a Chi generator close to your bed those negative energies stored in your body are cleaned while you sleep.

Those toxic energies build-up in your body have a negative impact on your health and emotions but they can be removed almost instantaneously by keeping a transfer disc close to your body most of the time. Which is the disk you can use to teleport the energy produced by your orgone generator to you at any place you ago even miles away from your machine.

The history of the orgone generator

In 1991 Karl Hans a scientist from Austria invented the first Orgone generator in history and still, these devices are the only ones that produce orgone energy. In the past, the closest thing to this machine were orgone accumulators, which were huge boxes where people sat inside for more than 30 minutes to have access to concentrated amounts of life energy. But these boxes should be placed only in nature because they only attract orgone, do not matter if it is dead, toxic or clean while the orgone generator only produces clean orgone energy.

Today is possible to maintain a very healthy energetic environment at home by keeping an orgone generator on, the 24 hours. Because electromagnetic pollution makes the orgone energy stagnant and being surrounded by this toxic energy is unhealthy, produces aging and oxidation in your body. Without doubt, Karl Hans Welz gave society an effective tool against toxic energies which I already used successfully to clean the pollution in my bedroom.

This is the device that cured the chronic insomnia I suffered for 15 years !

I hope this article motivates you to take action for creating the healthy energetic environment that you and your cells deserve with an orgone generator and some plants inside your bedroom. Both are strategic to heal and rejuvenate during sleep. And, now you know that something like this exists. If you want to know more write me an email or request a call here.

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