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Accelerate your manifestation 10X with this simple and powerful exercise with the Law of attraction

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Switch your reality with the next exercise that will accelerate your goals 10X by deleting the only belief that is stopping your manifestations. After deleting it, your confidence will be increased enormously and you going to be in a new reality where "everything you desire is available to you". The next simple exercise is part of a series of exercises you can do to 1000X your manifestation power, but trust me if you never meditate you will be in a low frequency where any manifestation takes a lot of time because on this dimension everything unfolds slowly but if you cultivate the light of the cosmos in your spirit, you will be increasing your vibration to a higher frequency and there things happen faster.

Some people are giving superficial tips to increase the frequency as singing, dancing, laughing, and so on, they work but trust me nothing as meditating to become a superhuman co-creator. With meditation you will have so much power that you will be unable to talk about it with people because most of them are in the first estate of evolution (Dark spirit) of the 4 that exist. I took these states from Vishen Lakhiani and I am talking about them in this article. The next exercise is for people in the 3rd state of evolution but if you are in the first do it as well and you will see results.

This activity is a mix of the Energy Tapping Method with the teachings of Marisa Peer which I am using on my coaching sessions with my clients. Marisa already changed the life of many people in 2 or 3 sessions while other therapists did not in years or even never. She discovered that the root of all problems are the 3 negative beliefs described below and by reprogramming the mind with affirmations she have been changing the lives of thousands of people...

- I am not enough

- What I want is not available for me - I am different from everyone

With the next exercise you will change the second belief by reprogramming the mind, then you will see improvement in your manifestation process because the reality is a mental projection and with affirmations you will change the program you are operating. The mind can not distinguish what is real or not and everything you said to your mind, it believe it. So, with the Energy tapping you will increase the energy and faster your mind will assimilate the information that you introduce there, so let´s get deep into the exercise...


Many things you desired in the past are already part of your life experience, and you see them everyday like my black jacket I desired to have when I was a teen living in small town where was not very cool clothes as it is in the city where I am living right now, my home Berlin. Also, I desired for long to have the job I do right now with complete freedom, I love my freedom, but still I want more and more and sometimes I feel stressed instead of grateful until I take the time to think about what I have right now and appreciate it. That stress slows down the manifestation of my goals, this is why I want to share with you this exercise that I am doing with success and will accelerate your manifestation process by strengthening the belief that "everything I want is available to me".

By strengthening this belief with the next exercise will accelerate everything So, be ready to change your time line, a time lime with a lot of fun, friends, great moments, peace and love. This simple but powerful exercise is part of a method I am describing on the Freebie I will share soon to my subscribers called Clean your mental Bullshit to accelerate your manifestation process 1000X !

First step:

Think deeply about what you wanted in the past that is already in your everyday life and write it down because you going to use those examples the next days each time you want as I do walking on the street or during the time I am waiting for something. Keep in mind 10 at least because what we going to do is reprogramming a new belief that will accelerate your goals. Normally we use affirmations to introduce new beliefs but they are pushed away by the conscious mind because if you say "I am a strong magnet of money" but then you go to eat in a cheap restaurant there is a contradiction, right ?

But if you understand that it is true, everything you desire is available for you by remembering all the stuff in the past you wished that today is part of your life experience. Also, it is very important that you work on your self and not in material stuff only. For example, if you want to manifest millions but you are working in a cafe it is a good idea that you create new skills. If you do not have an idea which skills should be improved I recommend you to start to meditate to connect with an unimaginable force that will guide you, ignorant people imagine that meditation is a good activity for your health and happiness but not...

Second step:

Think about the timeline you want to introduce yourself, I am talking about a series of goals. What going to be around you when you arrived there ? What you will be doing ? Write them down and introduce more goals every week. This is important for planting more and more seeds that will nurture your main goals. For example, if you want a successful company, instead of visualizing yourself in a desk, you can visualize yourself on a business trip and then you planted two seeds instead of only one because during that trip you know that you already have a successful company.

Anyway, this step is not for doing visualizations, it is for repeat affirmations that will create new strategic belief in your mind that will guide you towards the desired experiences. So, write down a list of goals you want to manifest and keep them on the mind as well as the stuff you already have that you desired in the past.

The third step:

Go to a place you never been before or meet new people and there do the next affirmation "Everything that I desire is available for me" while you are thinking about all those things and events you desired in the past that are already part of your life experience. Keep thinking about those events you manifested successfully and then change your thoughts and feel that your goals(from the future) are already manifested. If you want to manifest a blue Porsche Taycan first you imagine that Jacket you desired to much that is already in your wardrobe and then image and feel that you already own a Porsche Taycan while you are affirming with your voice in a place you never been before. A new environment will make you feel as a new person, and this will have tremendous impact. By visiting new places is how you can make a Quatunm Leap, by feeling you are a new person, a person that already manifested all the desires you have. You can repeat this affirmation load or mentally.

Most of the people attract to their lives what they want very slowly due to this wrong believe and with this exercise you will create a new powerful believe or you will reinforce it.


“I am so happy that everything I desire is available for me”

Do this affirmation often and analyze your life deeply to discover How this is true ! Think about the stuff you desired and you already posses, even if you consider that they arrived to you because you paid them. It is not important how they arrived, what is important is that you desired them in the past and you already have them. This is how things are manifested and not by angels or divine entities giving them to you. Everything that you want is available for you !

After thinking of what you already manifested switch and then maintain the feeling that what you want already is in your life experience. Imagine that you are this person you want to become while you are affirming and walking on the street for example. Think often about this instead of what is happening in the lives of others or away from you, in other areas of the planet, invest your mental energy strategically and your time for expanding yourself and you will accelerate everything on your life.


If you already manifested something with the law of attraction you will know and feel confident about your manifestation power, then will be easy to believe "everything I desire is available for me". But if you are starting to read about the Law of attraction and before never came to your mind that Humans are projecting their reality, this exercise will help you understand it and perceive it. Trust me, there are a lot of events that you desired and you already manifested but you need to delve deep into your past. It could be even passing an exam, or something you bought and you think that is not a manifestation because you bought it. But think about something, if you want to manifest a Porsche Taycan blue color, Do you think that will arrive just by visualizing it everyday without going out from home ? Let´s be realistic, movement is need it in life, even people who do not move atrophy their body, if they lived in nature they would have been food for some animal.

Imaging the events you manifested, while you are saying the affirmations, then start to imaging that your goals are already manifested and feel happy for it. This will create a new powerful belief that will accelerate any manifestation process on your life. But focus on this exercise for 28 days and even more, it will have a very strong impact even if it is very simple as drinking water or breathing. Of course, if you want to complicate things as everyone does you can use a radionic device. if you never heard about this technology check this tutorial.

Another affirmation

I am so grateful that everything I desire is already here ! Something really amazing is happening in my life right now ! I am living such a wonderful life experiences every single day, meeting great people and having a lot of fun. I love my life !

The Last and most important step

The last step is to do the shamanic tapping with emotion every single day for 28 days. Do this tapping while you are saying affirmations out loud, at the same time remember the events you already manifested and when achieve this feeling that it is true everything I wanted I manifested switch and feel that your future goals are right now part of your life experience. By tapping those parts of the body you will reinforce your belief that everything you desire is available for you with speed. This method will boost your confidence as manifestor, you will see. But remember that taking action is very important, a lot of movement will accelerate everything !

On the next video is showed the tapping points you need to touch with your fingers and also a script you can use to manifest money but I wrote as well a script that will help to fortify your belief that everything you want is available for you. It can be more powerful if you do it as I explained before because "it is true" you are manifesting all the time but you have been programmed by ignorant people that cannot perceive it, you are a powerful co-creator, a son or daughter of GOD and your father wants the best for you, the best life experience, a lot of joy and good people around you this is why GOD give us this power.

I wrote below a script I did as an example of what you can say during your tapping, this script was created to fortify this believe that "Everything I desire is available for me" which is strategic to boost any manifestation from now and the future because the opposite belief is what most of the people have due to the program they received by their parents, media, schools, and religions. And this is something that you are able to notice by your own experience and not my beliefs, it is pure science and you going to be the scientist of your reality. After that, you will notice how the mainstream science is out of date and you will realize that this knowledge about your divinity has always been present during all the times of history but not for all, because only by accelerating your vibration to a high frequency you can access it, you are downloading this knowledge from the source of light. As I described on my book The Most powerful Meditation, the light you cultivate during a real spiritual practice is literally Love and Information.

Script for the energy tapping

I am so grateful for my life and for everything that I received and continue to receive. I am enjoying living in (or having) _____________________.

I am attracting everything that I want with speed. It is amazing how fast everything I desire appears in front of me. Something really amazing is happening, this is the best (summer, winter, autumn or spring) of my life. Something really magical is happening right now.

I am very lucky and proud of myself. My life is amazing, it is incredible how many opportunities and great people I am attracting in my life. Every day is amazing, I love it as well as all the people around me.

I am attracting more and more __________________ into my life. It is incredible ! Something really amazing is happening right now.

I love my body, I am so healthy and beautiful. I am proud of myself, things are always working out for me, things are always working out for me, it is incredible.

I am so grateful for the food I received and the water I drink, I am so abundant. Everything that I desired is available for me.

I am more productive every day and I love it, I am a completely new person, I am the best !

It is almost magical everything happening on my life right now, I love it. I am expanding each day and I am looking so beautiful and healthy.

and so on...

As you see this script was created by me mixing a lot of stuff even from Esther Hicks and Jack Canfield. Then, feel free to create your own script by mixing this one with what you want to attract but remember to describe your goals as something happening in the present time and feel that are already part of your life. Let me ask you something... How you really feel after winning the lotto ?

"Not only a millionaire" you will laugh a lot and going to be very funny that happened because of you and nothing else, keep this feeling of happiness during the taping, and have a lot of fun. You will enjoy so much that you printed this event in your realty and this emotion you should feel it during the exercise if this is your objective. But if you want to win the Lotto is more strategic that you use the Energy tapping method with affirmations about what you going to do with that money and not only with affirmations about how happy you are because you won the lotto, or mix both.

On the next video is showed the tapping points that you need to follow to create the powerful believe that "everything I desire is available for me". This is one of the exercises of my freebie Clean your mental Bullshit to accelerate your manifestation process 1000X ! that I will share soon to my subscribers, so subscribe to my newsletter to have access to it (when I finished it)or follow me on Pinterest. Also, let me tell you that I can help you to transform your life, I am a life coach and I feel confident that I can upgrade your life, so feel free to contact me to and let´s meet in Skype for a couple minutes.

Thank you for reading and for sharing this knowledge to the community of this wonderful world by using the buttons below :)




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