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A simple ritual to clean the negative energy at home

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

An unhealthy environment is the main reason for many diseases that doctors can not cure today because they ignore the reason. With the next ritual, you will not only save money in Hospital bills but also the bad moments and stress that being sick originates. The next information is based on some of the most ignored geniuses of this planet and this knowledge should be something every doctor should know. People are dying due to the ignorance of what really causes most of the diseases and now you will know it.

A simple ritual to clean the negative energy at home

The origin of most diseases is the shrinking of the body pulses and the reduction of the electric voltage of cells. A healthy cell has an electric voltage between -100 and -70 millivolts- The cells weakens from a voltage of -60 mV onwards and consequently have lower self- healing power. A lack of energy in the cells creates an environment in which parasites and other pathogens can more easily penetrate the cells and spread.

To maintain the body with a high voltage and the pulses balanced it is important the diet, eating high-quality food, even fruits can be low quality as all the fruits harvested when they are green. Many people imagine that they are eating healthy because they eat fruits and vegetables but they could be low-quality food for lack of Life Force energy. The nutritional benefits of the fruits that ripen on the trees are around 40% more than those of the fruits that were harvested green, the difference, the former have more Life force energy accumulated.

Meditation, aerobic exercise, and supplements will help but also spending time in healthy environments. The environment is very important to maintain the body pulses in balance and there is something important for our health that almost no one is talking about. It is the Life force energy, many people are dying from many diseases because of the ignorance of this energy that maintains the life on this planet.

A healthy balance of the Life energy inside the body maintains a high voltage in the cells. High voltage is critically important for cell health and therefore our body. Dead water, a poor diet, lack of aerobic exercise, and Negative emotions create blockages that reduce the flow of this vital energy inside the organism and the cells reduce enormously their vitality, they become weak, this is why the ritual explained below is essential for everyone.

A simple ritual to clean the negative energy at home

It is harmful being in a place where the Chi energy is stagnant, it reduces the voltage and vitality of the cells. In natural environments with plants, trees, water, and living beings the Chi energy is moving constantly, while in places with electronics, WiFi, 5G, and audio waves this energy becomes stagnant and its flow is greatly reduced.

Be surrounded by this contaminated energy is harmful to us, it causes diseases, headaches, fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, insomnia, and discomfort. Stay for long hours in those areas with contaminated energy is dangerous. When this contaminated energy is accumulated during the days is generated a depressive atmosphere where the cell has not enough vitality. This unhealthy environment can be totally cleaned with a Life force generator.

For example, If your store or restaurant has a Life force generator, the place going to be surrounded by a revitalizing environment with positive energy that your customers going to love. They will enjoy being there and the probabilities that they come back are increased.

If you want to have in your home a healthy environment for your family with the continuous flow of Life force energy that reduces almost 70% of the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution, the next ritual will help you, but you need to do a sacrifice for achieving such splendid results.

This ritual consists of 3 simple steps:

1 - Buy a Life force generator 2 - Receive it 3 - Turn it on !

Leave it on 24 hours a day to maintain a very healthy environment :)

If you place a glass with water in a Water Optimizer the liquid will attract the life force and will store it and the benefits of the water are increased. This beverage is called Living Water, which is the water with the natural beautiful structure that it has when it is in nature. Also, the liquid will store the life force energy from the device as well as fruits and vegetables close to the optimizer will attract the energy, this is why it is strategic to leave it in the Kitchen.

At the same time, it going to maintain the Kitchen with a wonderful atmosphere but as I said before there is a sacrifice that you need to do in exchange for the generator, which is paying a price for it :(

The good news is that the money is for the people who invented this unique device, and for the people that are making it for you :) They will appreciate your support and they feel happy because you are taking this huge step for your health, family, employees, and probably pets, if you have.

If you want to know more about how to maintain a high electric voltage on your cells, check this article with 10 anti-aging tips, the advice included here will help as well to maintain the cells with the right voltage. If you enjoyed this article subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive notifications each time I have something important to share with you or just follow me on Pinterest for the same purpose.




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