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5 natural anti-aging tips you can do right now to extend your lifespan 200 years

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Aging is caused by loss of genetic and epigenetic information that can be stabilized by including in your daily routine the next simple habits. That going to keep the Sirtuin enzyme constantly repairing your DNA making this information easy to read because when that information begins to fade, your body starts to deteriorate but it can be reversed.

By keeping your sirtuins working your DNA going to be constantly repaired and the cells accessing complete information. What has an anti-aging effect and to achieve it you need to boost the molecule NAD+ inside your body which is the fuel that sirtuins genes need to be very active repairing your body, what helps to reduce your biological age. And by following actions, you can increase the levels of NAD + within your body in large amounts.

You age when your cells cannot access information contained in the DNA, and you are able to reverse your body age by accessing that vanished information again, with the help of the enzyme Sirtuin. And David Silcair is sharing a method that leads your Sirtuins to be very active. So, I going to talk about the habits and nutrients you can introduce in your daily routine right now to maintain your organism reversing age. And by reading your cells complete information you going to maintain good health, beauty, and high performance.

The following tips will lead you to reverse your body age and increase your healthspan by keeping your cells exchanging complete information between them.

If you observe graphics about the life expectancy a huge increment over the last years has been happening. So now it doesn't sound mystical to say that the life expectancy of children born today is approximately 200 years, and David Sinclair Professor of Genetics in Harvard Medical school is talking about 250 years in the interview below.

These are wonderful news and this blog is focused on helping you to live longer, I hope so 200 years or more and in great conditions. So, I going to describe below the first steps you can do to keep these genes pretty active, with very simple actions and I am going to share more knowledge related to the topic in the next articles, so subscribe to my newsletter now.

1 Intermittent fasting

By stop eating for 16 hours, you can maintain your genes of longevity very active, due to the lack of food for a long period. There is evidence that dietary manipulations affect the health and longevity of organisms. Since 1930 it has been observed how calorie restriction increases the lifespan of organisms like rats and even humans. For example, by fasting, you can rejuvenate your body pretty fast but you need to prepare it before for good results.

While with intermittent fasting you do not need to much preparation and it is something that you can start tomorrow because it is quite safe and beneficial. The only trick is to eat your last meal at 8 pm and the first one at noon. And the best is to drink water, tea or coffee without sugar to avoid insulin production what reduces the Sirtuins activity.

These are the genes of longevity which we need to maintain working hard because they command the cells to repair and maintain your body in excellent conditions. But by fasting with only water you can reach autophagy, which is strategic to rejuvenate your organism completely and it is achieved by avoiding eating food for 3 days and 7 is more optimal.

This can be difficult for many people including me, I tried but after 24 hours I ate something. But I wanted to discover a comfortable path to share it with the people I coach. Because a 3 day fast is how I can make your body rejuvenate pretty fast. But intermittent fasting is easier to achieve by following the next process...

If today you ate at 9 am, tomorrow do it 9:30 or 10 and extend it slowly until your first meal be at noon or do it at weekends, but 16 hours without food and sugar will maintain your body rejuvenating. Also, it is recommended to eat everything 3 times or less and nothing between meals. To jump meals without cravings eat a lot of fats, olive oil and avocado are the best.

What makes it beneficial to feel hunger is that being ok with that state is essential to achieve 3 days fast in the near future or even for 7 days that will produce a lot of stem cells in your body. But also intermittent fasting can slowly reverse your body age and it has many benefits.

It can help you to reverse type 2 diabetes which is often insulin resistance that can be solved by reducing insulin production for 16 hours by fasting. What increases the production of growth hormone, another great anti-aging hormone important to keep high. And if you would like to know about how to reverse diabetes naturally, visit this article I wrote.

There are some herbs you can take on extract intermittent fasting to supply your organism with special nutrients to maintain a good mood, high performance, and rejuvenation power as well. And they are Chlorella, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric. They do not activate the Sirtuin genes, only spending 16 hours without food but these plants going to maintain your body okay and they have rejuvenating benefits, especially Chlorella which helps to repair ADN.

I going to talk later about Curcumin, a compound found in Turmeric that has many anti-aging benefits. Because with strategic nutrients you can maintain your body in excellent conditions by keeping the genes of longevity active, what going to improve your skin, weight, mood, health, energy, everything. But the movement is very important to keep these genes working to our benefit but nothing hard, I am talking about a few minutes of intensive exercise...

5 natural anti-aging tips

2 Practice intensive aerobic Exercise

This is easy, do not be scare, it is about running 1 minute as faster as you can during your jogging routine. If you swim or practice another aerobic exercise do it very intensively for 1 minute what activates your genes of longevity according to observations done by David Sinclair. It is even enough for only 3 cycles of one minute each one to reverse your body age.

There are a lot of people stressing their bodies by practicing a lot of exercise thinking that will help them losing weight faster but it is the opposite. Because when the body is stressed shoots cortisol what triggers insulin, the hormone that blocks "fat burning". Also, sleeping well is very important to lose weight and balancing estrogens.

After seeing a lot of people doing everything wrong by following the advice of experts I decided to launch my coaching services to help them losing weight. Because hormones are strategic to achieve it, for example, insulin can block any of your strategies for losing weight because in presence of insulin your body could never burn fat.

But my package is not only for losing weight, but it is also for reversing your body age. But by activating your genes of longevity I going to reduce your insulin what facilitates losing weight. And every person is different so it is the best to have a health coach giving you personal advice depending on your environment, habits, emotions, or diet. That is why I am sharing all my secrets here knowing that people will continue to be interested in my coaching services.

5 natural anti-aging tips

3 Take these supplements to boost NAD+

The next are the compounds that David Sinclair takes, to maintain high levels of NDA+ which is the fuel of the sirtuins, the genes of longevity. But I going to let you know as well in my opinion and based on David Sinclair research, another better method to rejuvenate your body than taking resveratrol the compound found on plants that get a lot of popularity because their powerful effect to maintain very active the sirtuins.


This natural compound is found in more than 70 plant species, especially in grapes’ skin and seeds, it is in discrete amounts on red wine and various human foods. It is a phytoalexin that acts against pathogens, including bacteria and fungi. As a natural food ingredient, numerous studies have demonstrated that resveratrol possesses a very high antioxidant potential.

Resveratrol has demonstrated a wealth of promising benefits, such as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic effects; and further as a potent anti-viral and anti-neoplastic agent. Additionally, Resveratrol offers great potential as a cardiovascular disease modulating agent, as demonstrated by the abundance of preclinical trials related to heart disease.

It has almost no water solubility, so it needs to be taken with a source of dietary fat for best absorption. David Sinclair takes it with yogurt as the first meal of the day. A good dose is 1 gram only, taking a higher dose causes oxidation, this is because the compound stresses the cells what makes them generate the activation of these genes.

The next natural and vegan-friendly supplement is another compound David Sinclair takes each morning that I wanted to share with you. But there is another compound more potent than resveratrol called Oleic Acid, found in Olive oil, Avocado, and Walnuts that has no effect if you consume it with resveratrol. The good thing is that you can find Oleic acid today in organic extra virgin olive oil, walnuts or avocado, and taking it does not stress your cells.

What I recommend you is to eat them every day and take Pterostilbene in supplementation which is a natural compound found on fruits like blueberries that is easier to absorb by your body and you can mix with the food that includes Oleic acid which has a lot of power to maintain the genes of longevity very active in your benefit. I am talking more about this compound called Pterostilbene in this article I wrote which is part of this blog as well.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)

Is the other compound David Sinclair takes every day as a method to maintain NDA+ feeding their genes, which makes them command a lot of cells to maintain the body in excellent conditions. But we are talking about overall health and organism, we are affecting the program of our bodies positively to extend our health span, look well and maintain a high physical and mental performance.

So, NMN is a natural compound that is found in small amounts in the human body, as well as in some foods. NMN supplementation supports NAD+ levels within liver and muscle tissue. Recent research has suggested that NMN promote DNA repair and supports the activation of the SIRTUIN genes which are thought to play a role in healthy aging.

I am talking in more detail about this compound that you can take in supplementation to reverse your body age in this article. You need to read before taking it because it promotes the growth of cancer cells. But do not be alarmed, also sugar does, Do you know it ? But it is better to read that information in detail before buying it and take it.

4 Increase the size of your telomeres

It is time to talk about the Telomeres and next I going to tell you strategic information about how to increase its size. What going to extend your life and healthspan. Because telomere length is a marker of cellular aging. It decreases with age and it has been associated with aging-related diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and so on.

Environmental factors, including diet and lifestyle factors, affect the rate of telomere shortening but it can be reversed by telomerase. Telomerase activation by natural molecules has been suggested to be an anti-aging modulator that can play a role in the treatment of aging-related diseases by increasing the size of your telomeres with the next tips...

The most well-known method herb that helps to increase the size of your telomeres is Astragalus that you can take in extract but there are other great herbs that help and it is not well known like Centella Asiatica, or Curcumin. But also by practicing Meditation you can extend the Telomere length as well. In this article there is information about Astragalus and Centella Asiatica, so if you are interested in taking them check it out !

No many people are talking about the benefits of Centella Asiatica to increase the size of the Telomere as it is described in this study from the Nation Library of Medicine. This is why it is strategic to have an anti-aging coach as me guiding you to improve your body and rejuvenate it. There are natural extracts from herbs that you can take but you need to know the dose and specific information for optimal absorption otherwise you will waste your money.

For example, collagen type 1 can be found in natural supplements for improving the skin but should be taken Hydrolysed and the daily dose is 10 grams minimum to have a positive impact on your skin because when is hydrolyzed, it is divided into small peptides that make possible the absorption. So, this is why it is a value to have a health coach guiding you.

In summary by meditating every day and taking Turmeric, Astragalus, or Gotu kola in extract form you going to increase the size of your telomeres enough to extend your lifespan. But it is important that you know that pollution damages your Telomeres so my last advice going to be related to keeping away contamination which deteriorates and oxidates your body.

5 natural anti-aging tips

5 Maintain pollution away from your body

It is well known that pollution deteriorates and oxidates your body as result you look different, older. But is just deterioration that can be reversed by following the tips I am sharing on this article and blog. For example, the method to diagnose Electrohypersensitivity is by observing if there is oxidation on the blood and brain result of being exposed to EMFs. For instance, DNA-damage caused by various environmental factors triggers a DNA-damage response at telomeres that protects them from instability and shortening.

By avoiding pollutants your telomeres going to maintain a good size and those toxins are mostly in the food, beverages, and environment. But next, I going to focus on the stagnant Life energy because it is very ignored by the scientific community, and it deteriorates the body according to the observations Wilhelm Reich did, causing aging.

When your body is surrounded by a healthy energetic environment it maintains good conditions even after death as happen inside of pyramids. But if this energy is contaminated deteriorates and oxidates your body and this is why is strategic to have a Chi generator pulsing clean Life energy continuously in the areas where you spend most of your time.

It is the device I used to clean the electromagnetic pollution at my apartment and this is why I recommend it to maintain a healthy energetic environment that will maintain your telomeres healthy and for creating living water which is the water with a beautiful molecular structure. Most of the water people drink is dead because when the beverage has no movement rotten.

Then by placing a glass with water close to the generator will the liquid will keep molecular movement that will maintain it with a beautiful molecular structure that water has on nature. And it going to be saturated with Life energy that water attracts and stores naturally. This is why this machine is very interesting. It is not a health product, it is just a device that pulses clean life energy and the benefits of being surrounded by this energy are pretty valuable.

I wrote this article where I am talking about the best method to create high-quality water to drink, I highly recommend drinking this beverage to maintain your organism and your telomeres in great conditions. But also keeping a distance from medicaments and genetically modified food, which deteriorates your body especially the Liver and the gut.

For example, there is a lot of people with wrinkles due to an intoxicated liver. Then by detoxifying your body as I recommend in this article is a good method for improving the skin. And many people by ignoring it consume a lot of skincare products that only gave them superficial effects. But also is important to avoid sugars that cause aging but please eat all the fruits you can find around, well only if they are organic. All they have anti-aging effects.

It is strategic also important to keep metals away by using ceramic frying pans, avoiding canned food, and taking organic Spirulina/Chlorella supplementation. So, now you have an idea about the first steps you can start right now to extend your life and healthspan. If you'd rather have someone guide you to successfully reverse your biological age, book a session with me here and let´s be friends on Instagram or follow me on Pinterest :)




I am Cristian Jordan, author of this blog where I am sharing the best habits, products and nutrients, to promote the preservation of your body. 

In this blog is the knowledge you need to reverse and delay aging, extend your healthspan, and almost never get sick.

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