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The L ife Force Generators 

Create a revitalizing environment with a continuous pulse of clean life force energy. They produce a healthy and revitalizing environment that reduces the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution in the body. This atmosphere improves mental and body performance and more ...

Chi Generator PFC 2400

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That allows you to achieve a favorable mental state to perform any activity because the brain waves imitate the low pulse of the vital energy released by the generator. So, by selecting a certain frequency, you are choosing the brainwave activity that will predominate in your own brain.

Chi Generator PCF 2000


The vital energy revitalizes liquids and foods that remain close to the generator since water strongly attracts life force. Leaving the water with the beautiful structure that it has in nature. We are 70% water, living water makes people beautiful, energetic and healthy.

Aqua Optimizer Deluxe
Orgone generator AGT12


A great invention to empower athletes, entrepreneurs and all those who walk in the path of their goals.  All our products generate vital force revitalizing everything around and they are easy to use. With a 2 year warranty. For more information about them click below...

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