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This unique gadget helps to 

Increase your potential through Life Force because the vital energy in abundance strengthens the body and the mind generating a positive attitude and well-being. Some cities were built eliminating nature, leaving an environment that weakens us, now can reverse this situation.

Low Pulse Orgone Generator® DL

A place without 

L I F E   F O R C E


The low frequencies in the generator help to achieve the mental calm necessary to fall asleep, a simple solution for insomnia. The Life Force removes the mental turbulence generated by the Electrosmog, facilitating a deep sleep. Recommended for a deep meditation or during Yoga, Tai-chi and Qigong.

Chi Generator PCF 2000


The Performer 2400 is the ideal device to boost Sports Performance to the max.  Some people who used it to increment their sports performance are inclined to call this exceptionally powerful device an energetic steroid.

Life Force Generator Performer 2400
Aqua Optimizer


Electromagnetic pollution interferes with cell communication causing misunderstandings between cells, this is a serious issue. It is important to clean the water from toxic frequencies stored, before drinking it. Life force generators reduce enormously the impact of Electrosmog on body and mind, and fortify the cells.

Because the brain adapts to the shape of the wave pulsed by the generator, this device is the best method to control brain waves.  In this way a general balance is obtained and the potential to perform a certain activity is increased. You can check here the benefits of each frequency soon.

Chi Generator PFC 2400
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