Why do I need a Chi generator if this energy is everywhere ?

Updated: Aug 29

It is not very clear for many people the enormous benefit of maintaining a healthy environment with Chi energy in constant movement in the bedroom or other areas where we spend most of our time. This is what motivated me to write the next text that will help you to know how to build an empowering ecosystem at home.

What is the Chi ?

It is a type of energy that nourishes everything alive and every living being attracts and expels this energy and this is how is maintained a flow. Big trees for example create a very strong movement that is very beneficial for our bodies. In places where the Chi is flowing constantly like in nature we feel vitality and our cells as well. On the other hand, in places with electronics, Wi-fi, and radiation, the Chi energy becomes rigid and stagnates, as a consequence the flow is greatly reduced and it is generated an unhealthy depressing atmosphere that could generate health problems.

Which is the best EMF protection from home ?

It is definitely creating the environment of the forest by placing some plants to purify the air and produce oxygen and a Chi generator to maintain a continuous flow of the Chi energy.

The contaminated Chi produced by the technology is dissolved with the clean energy pulsed by the orgone generator if it stays on 24 hours. With these 2 elements, a wonderful and healthier environment is created that can be improved with each plant you introduced.

In natural environments like the Forest, the Life force energy is flowing constantly because the flora and Fauna create this flow which is beneficial for our bodies, it revitalizes our cells. Then creating this environment at home going to be strategic for your health and quality life. This environment make you feel positive, relaxed, decreases stress and increases productivity. A UK study found bringing plants into the workplace increased productivity by 15%. Meanwhile, a US study found 10% of employee sick days could be explained by a lack of nature and natural light in the office.

The flow of Chi is as healthy as the flow of money !

I going to use the concept of "money" to explain how cells can benefit from a continuous flow of vital energy. Please imagine you get $5000 each week so you can invest in technology to create a great project to maintain the planet clean, you have employees, and they work every day and with this money the planet is better and your employees feed their families. If the same amount comes to you each day, you´ll have even more possibilities to do more good things for the people and the planet right ? Just because the flow of money is increased.

A reduced flow of vital energy is for your cells difficult them to make their job properly, they feel tired without vitality and their performance is reduced. It is like receiving $5000 each month, so they can not do so many things, as if the flow is strong, which is more energy in less time. A constant flux of the life force gives to the cells, vitality and wellness. A reduced flow of Chi energy weakens the body and reduces its power to heal any disease. This is why it is strategic to create a healthy ecosystem at home. Running water and crystals as Amethyst geodes are very beautiful and beneficial as well because the magnetic field they produce. I am showing more interesting facts about these crystals on this article.

Is electromagnetic pollution harming our health ?

Electrosmog reduces the vitality in the people because stagnates the Chi energy, and being surrounded by this energy is harmful and causes diseases. According to Wilhelm Reich, this a stagnant form of Chi energy can cause serious health problems in humans. This reduced flow affects an important source of energy for the cells. Our vitality is directly connected to how regular this energy flow in our organism. Negative emotion also stagnates the Chi energy and negative thoughts as well because they lead to negative emotions.

This contaminated vital energy is called Ja Ki and can be accumulated in the meridians on the body where the Chi distributed to all the cells. When huge quantities of Ja ki are accumulated in the body, the size of the meridians is reduced and a person can feel without vitality even in nature. A Shiatsu healer can take out the Ja ki but from the body and with a Life Force generator, you can maintain your home with an abundant flow of clean Life force energy that is healthy for your family and pets. This device will create a continuous flow quite similar to the environment of the forest. Introducing plants and trees helps as well to improve the environment at home or office. In this article are some plants that are strategic to create a healthy ecosystem at home because they produce a lot of oxygen, clean the air, and reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution.

In places with compact fluorescent lights, wireless internet, and other electrical devices, a person has a reduced vitality during the time spent there, because those devices generate fields with artificial frequencies that reduces the mobility of the Vital force. It is very common to find places with this unhealthy of environment, as the supermarkets or the subway with all those toxic compact fluorescent bulbs everywhere and not plants. To maintain vitality in those places you can carry a transfer disk with you where the energy of your Chi generator at home will supplied to you even if the device is miles away of distance from you or in another continent. This is a good way to stock up on clean vital energy wherever you go.

How to keep vitality high ?

For that not only a healthy ecosystem at home is necessary, also the right habits as aerobic exercise and a healthy diet with a lot of living food (raw food) as well as positive thoughts and spiritual practices that are exercises to cultivate the light in the Spirit, the most easy is meditation. If you never meditate I recommend you this training with unlimited access to the first 3 days of mindfulness video training.

Water is very important as well for the health and vitality of your body. The water stores the negative frequencies from the environment and those rot the water. Also, when the water is without movement it dies, the structure becomes horrible and dead water is the beverage that most people drink. This liquid has very few benefits for the body and hydrates less, this is why a Water Optimizer is very important. With this device, you can create easily living water on 5 minutes, which is the water with a natural molecular structure.

The Life force energy pulsed by the Optimizer deletes the toxic frequencies and generates the molecular movement that water has in nature. The water attracts naturally the life force energy and the Water Optimizer is a Life force generator with a pad to put drinks on it. By placing a glass with water on the top the beverage is revitalized in only 5 minutes but more time is optimal because the water stores the Life force. Also keeping a jar with water near the generator will be enough to attract the life force and maintain it on the beverage. I advice to keep a Water Optimizer in the Kitchen with one pair of transfer discs inside the fridge to maintain a healthy environment there, the fridge produces Electrosmog and it remains on the liquids.

Many people think that they are healthy because they drink a lot of water, but they are drinking low-quality water. Therefore, ignorance is the root of all diseases.

This is why having a Life force generator is quite useful to maintain a healthy environment at home with a constant supply of clean vital force wherever you are. Be surrounded by large amounts of vital energy in constant pulse generates a wonderful state of well-being. With any life force generator, you can create living water by exposing the water for a few minutes or even for hours to the life force energy coming from this unique invention. If a Life force generator is out of your budget, you can also make orgonites to purify the life force in your home or office, in this article I show you how to make a powerful orgonite to purify the stagnant life force in your place. Knowing this is a step to stay healthy, happy, and positive.

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