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Why do I need a Chi generator if this energy is everywhere ?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Because this energy is not flowing constantly in many places where we spend our time, this lack of flow reduces our vitality during that period of time in such places with artificial frequencies. In nature the flux of vital force is regular is why we feel revitalized there and we love it. Living beings generate movement on the vital energy because they attract and expel it each second, this generates a constant dance of this energy that we share all the time. When the flow of vital energy in the environment is constant, we feel positive, great and our cells have vitality due to the adequate flow, something similar to money. I will keep this example because is great, imagine you get $5000 each week so you can invest in technology to create a great project, you have employees and so on. If the same amount comes to you each day, you´ll have more possibilities to do more things. Something similar happens to the cells. If the flow of vital energy is slow is like receiving this $5000 each month, so we can not do so many things, and this is due to the speed of the flow of the money; a quick flow of the money give us vitality, a constant flux of the life force give to the cells vitality as well. If the cells do not have a regular flow of vital energy, they can be tired and reduce their performance, this is how any problem or disease can appear in the body because our body is only cells everywhere. We are a bunch of cells.

Electrosmog reduces the vitality in the people, it affects the main source of energy of the cells and all living beings. Our vitality is directly connected to how regular this flow of vital force is in our organism. The artificial frequencies and negative feelings make the life force rigid, it becomes stiff and its movement is considerably reduced. This contaminated vital energy is called Ja Ki and can be accumulated in the meridians on the body where is distributed to all the cells. When huge quantities of Ja ki are accumulated in the body, the size of the meridians is reduced and a person can feel without vitality even in nature. A Shiatsu healer can take out the Ja ki but with a Life Force generator, you can avoid it by keeping a constant flow of clean vital energy everywhere you go. When the contaminated vital force is in contact with a constant flow of clean vital energy this vital force polluted resumes its natural movement and become healthy.

When the cities were built the ecosystem was reduced and even destroyed. Since then, people reduce their vitality because the flow of vital force decreased, because herbs, plants, trees, insects and all living beings maintain a constant transit of the vital. So, If nature is removed this energy move less. Introducing plants is a simple way to revitalize any environment at home or office, however, a life force generator is the best option.

In places with compact fluorescent lights, wireless internet, and other electrical devices, a person has a reduced vitality during the time spent there, because those devices generate fields of artificial frequencies that reduces the mobility of the Vital force. There are many places with this kind of environment, as the supermarket or the subway with compact fluorescent bulbs everywhere and not plants. To maintain vitality in those places with a transfer disk we can pull out a constant flow of clean vital force from a generator at home. A lot of people get sick because they ignore this, even some doctors do not have this knowledge. To keep your vitality high, a healthy diet with a lot of living food (raw food) is recommended as well as positive thoughts, meditation to cultivate the vital energy and aerobic exercises. This is the only way to keep healthy and young. Water is very important and a water optimizer is the easiest way to drink living water! Water stores the negative frequencies from the environment and is possible to delete them with the flow of vital force coming from a generator. Many people think that they are healthy because they drink a lot of water, but they are drinking shit water. Therefore, ignorance is the root of all diseases. Knowing this is a step to stay healthy, happy and positive.

This is why having a Life force generator is quite useful to keep your vitality untouchable, by the constant supply of clean vital force wherever you are. Be surrounded by large amounts of vital energy in constant pulse generates a wonderful state of well-being. With any life force generator, you can create living water by exposing the water for a few minutes or more to the life force coming from this unique invention.


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