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Why do I need a Chi generator if this energy is everywhere ?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Because the atmosphere they produce is optimal for your body, mind, and spirit. Using them to create a healthy environment in the areas where you spend most of your time is strategic. This motivated me to write the next text where I am talking about this unique invention that cleans dirty energies produced by Electromagnetic pollution that deteriorate your organism.

This machine pulses clean Chi, a very important energy that feeds our bodies which is contaminated in contact with electromagnetic pollution as the air in a room full of smokers. Being inside of that room with low-quality air is harmful to your organism and it is being in a place with contaminated Life energy. Spending time in an office with a lot of computers, electronics, Wi-Fi, and compact fluorescent lights is deteriorating and promotes aging.

It causes negativity, lack of inspiration, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and diseases in long-term exposition. The life energy stagnates with electrosmog and becomes toxic as the air in contact with the smoke from smokers. And a life energy generator maintains an ambiance with clean Life energy which is very beneficial for your health and performance.

The Chi energy generators clean the contaminated Life energy produced by Electromagnetic pollution that deteriorates your organism. They create a healthy energetic environment optimal for your body, mind, and spirit. These devices are not like crystals, people can feel the revitalizing atmosphere they produce and they even improve the taste of the water, which becomes softer when is saturated by Life energy because hydrates more.

The next video shows an office that needs a Chi generator with urgency, for the quality of the energy inside the place. Which is optimal for the health of the employees. Most of the companies nowadays introduce plants and Life energy generators inside their offices to maintain an optimal environment that increases the performance and well being of the team.

What is Chi ?

It is a type of energy available in all living beings, that is absent in non-living beings and your health and vitality depend on the flow of this energy inside your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they cure people by correcting their energetic flow of Chi by using herbs, needles, and massages as Shiatsu, then the body is able to heal by its own any disease.

Any health condition, and if it hard to believe is because you ignore the type of miracles that people have in the seminars of Joe Dispenza. A lot of people have spontaneous remission, also called spontaneous healing. This is most advanced than any technological pharmaceutical advancement this is why the FDA burned all the scientific proof of Wilhelm Reich that proofs the existence of this energy to keep the pharmaceutical mafia alive. Inside your body is dormant a powerful potential due to your ignorance.

The Life energy should be in movement as the water inside an aquarium to maintain the fishes healthy. Well, when the Chi is stagnant your vitality is reduced and is produced a dirty Life energy that deteriorates your organism, which is the result of Electromagnetic pollution.

And this is why you need a Chi generator even if this energy is everywhere. It is like the air which is everywhere but is better if the is an air generator inside a room with smokers right?

If you are living in an apartment, away from nature it is important to have a Life energy generator that constantly cleans your place for the benefit of your health. In places where the Chi is in movement like in nature, we feel the vitality, inspiration, and well-being.

Which is the best EMF protection from home ?

It is definitely creating the environment of the forest by placing some plants to purify the air and produce oxygen and a Chi generator to maintain a continuous flow of the Chi energy.

They clean the harmful energies that deteriorate your organism with the clean energy pulsed by the generator the 24 hours and maintain a positive vibration that promotes wellness.

Which is the best EMF protection from home ?

In natural environments like the Forest, the Life energy is moving constantly because the flora and Fauna create this flow beneficial for your body revitalizing your cells. So it is a good idea to create a similar ambiance at home for your health and life quality. This environment makes you feel positive, relaxed, feeling peaceful, and increases productivity.

A UK study found that bringing plants into the workplace increased productivity by 15% and another study but in the United States found that 10% of employee sick days could be explained by a lack of nature and natural light in the office.

The flow of Chi is beneficial as to the flow of money !

I going to use the concept of "money" to explain how cells can benefit from a continuous flow of vital energy. So, imagine you get $5000 each week so you can invest in technology to create a great project to maintain the planet clean, to have employees, and they work every day and with this money, the planet is better and your employees feed their families. But if the same amount comes to you each day, you´ll have even more possibilities to do more good things for the people and the planet right ? Just because the flow of money is increased.

A reduced flow of vital energy maintain your cells without vitality to do their job properly, they feel tired and their performance is reduced. It is like receiving $5000 each month, so they can not do so many things, as if the flow is faster, which is more energy in less time.

A constant flux of the life force gives to the cells, vitality to maintain your body in good conditions while a lack of energy will maintain them fatigued what deteriorates your organism and could create internal chaos. A reduced flow of Chi energy weakens your mind and body.

This is why it is strategic to clean the stagnant energy at home and maintain a continuous flow by having a Chi generator and some plants. Water in movement and having crystals as Amethyst geodes are very beneficial as well to maintain the atmosphere positive. I am talking about some benefits you can get from crystals in this article I wrote on this blog.

Is electromagnetic pollution harming our health ?

Electromagnetic pollution produces Harmful energies for your body

According to Wilhelm Reich, the stagnant form of Chi energy produced by artificial fields, EMFs, and radiation can cause serious health problems in humans. The Life energy is an extremely important source of energy for the cells. Your health and feelings have a direct correlation to the flow of this energy inside your organism.

Negative thoughts and emotions also damage your organism and they are often the result of spending long periods of time in contaminated environments where the Chi is polluted. And by having them you also reduce the flow of Life energy inside your body.

This contaminated energy inside your body is called Ja Ki and can be accumulated in the meridians where the Chi is distributed in your all physical body. When huge quantities of Ja ki are accumulated, the size of the meridians is reduced and a person can feel without vitality even in nature. Then, a Shiatsu healer should take the Ja ki out of the body.

But this can be avoided by spending your time in healthy environments and by having positive emotions and feelings that normally are the result of only 3 things, lack of meditation, aerobic exercise, and a nutritious diet. With the right nutrients, you can prevent any disease, even cancer, and your body is able to kill viruses easily.

So having a Life energy generator is essential at home and office. It creates an energetic environment similar to the forest. And also Introducing plants going to be very beneficial for the oxygen they produce and because they clean the air. In this article are some plants that are strategic to have at home to create a healthy ecosystem.

With a Chi generator and plants you can reduce the impact of the 5G technology almost 70%

How to keep your vitality high ?

By eating nutritious food, practicing aerobic exercise, meditating, sleeping enough and spending your time in healthy environemnts your health going to be in excellent conditions. Many people ignore how important is to eat with purpose, for example you can prevent Cancer by taking the extracts of the next herbs I recommend on this article. So with the right habits and by avoiding toxic products as beverages in plastic bottles you can live a lot.

I heard often people said I do not understand why I got sick if I am healthy, and they ignore many things that put their health at risk as how the consumption of beverages in plastic bottles increases the risk of Cancer. Even the water most people drink has Chlorine and fluor which are toxic. This is why I wrote this article explaining how to create the best water to drink, where I share strategic knowledge that will keep you having a good existence.

Because water is very important for your health, for looking great, and live longer and most of the water people drink is dead. Has no Life energy, its structure is horrible, what is fixed by saturating your beverages with the Life energy coming from a generator or Water Optimizer.

The water saturated with Life energy hydrates more, the taste become ssofter and is much more beneficial, this is why a Water Optimizer is very important and you can keep your kitchen with a positive environment as well. With this device, you can create living water on 5 minutes by placing your beverage at the top of the device. Which is water with the natural molecular structure, as it is on nature.

The Life force energy pulsed by the Optimizer deletes the toxic frequencies and generates the molecular movement that water has in a river for example. The water attracts naturally the life force energy and the Water Optimizer is a Life force generator. Then, by keeping a jar with water near the generator you can create living water as well.

If you spend your time in places with compact fluorescent lights, wireless internet, and other electrical devices, and you can not clean it or bring a generator, it is possible to teleport the Life energy from your generator at home by carrying a transfer disk with you. The energy will arrive there, even if you are in another country miles away distant from your generator.

So this is why having a Life energy generator could be a good idea. Aslo, if you can afford it I recommend you to hire a health coach as me, that will keep you away from the doctor, feeling happy and looking beautiful.

As an anti-aging coach, I help people to reduce the age of their bodies 10 years by activating some hormones and genes that reduce their opperation when you get older but they can be activated again. So if you want to reverse your body age contact to me here. Or check out other articles I wrote on my blog with some of the secrets I share with my clients.

I hope you enjoy reading this article, and now you have an idea about why the Life energy generator is awesome. It also empower your mental and spiritual power. What has a lot of benefits if you are using the Law of atraction. This is why I created this tutorial where I am teaching people how to use the radionic devices available in our store.

This blog is starting to get recognition on sites like this that consider Pranachy one of the best 100 holistic blogs. And many people are joining my newsletter everyday, if you are one of them great, if not don't wait any longer and subscribe right now. Or follow me on Pinterest.

Thank you for that and for reading and sharing this content with the people you love !




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