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Biological Age Evaluation. The Easiest way to Discover your Biological Age

Updated: May 30

Many people find themselves not happy on their birthdays because they feel like they're just getting older. Instead of feeling amazing after another year of life in this wonderful universe created for our joy and happiness, they feel closer to death. But they ignore something important—their biological age. By acknowledging this, they can realign their lifestyle to reverse their biological age, stay younger, healthier, and live longer in good shape.

Chronological age refers to the number of days you have lived, while biological age describes the state of your body's deterioration through methylation DNA analysis, boasting over 99% accuracy. It serves as a crucial tool to evaluate the lifestyle and nutrition you have had to date to create modifications that benefit your appearance, health, mind, and energy levels. As an anti-aging coach, I guide people towards their first steps to reduce that number.

This is why I include an Epiage test in my 6-month and yearly coaching packages to give you an idea of your biological age via email, upon evaluating a saliva sample shipped to a lab. From there, we can implement strategic habits, meals, beverages, therapies and supplementation aimed at reducing that number. And next, I'll share my firsthand experience with this test and guide you through the step-by-step process of what to expect.

How to Know your Biological Age?

Knowing your biological age is possible through advanced DNA methylation analysis from a saliva sample. Epiage is a test that accurately reveals your biological age by email after you ship your sample to the lab. It unveils your body’s true age, transcending traditional age calculation methods by delving deep into your DNA, lifestyle choices and the intricate details woven into your genetic fabric, offering a more nuanced and insightful perspective on aging.

Understanding your biological age can be a game-changer for your health and well-being. I recently tried the Epiage test, and the process was not only simple but also incredibly fast for me, living in Germany where one lab is located. Here’s my journey with this amazing tool.

Quick and Easy Process

Ordering the Epiage test is straightforward. Within three days of placing my order, a neatly packed box arrived at my doorstep. Inside, I found a manual, plastic containers for the saliva sample, and a prepaid envelope to send the sample back to the lab. The first step after receiving the box is to register the secure number of the sample on a website provided in the manual. The container has this number that you need to provide along with your email.

Step-by-Step Sample Collection

Collecting the saliva sample is easy and hassle-free. Here’s what you need to do:

Spit 2 ml of Saliva: Use the empty container with the blue funnel provided in the box.

Mix with Dilution Liquid: Add the liquid from the other container to your saliva and mix well.

Pack and Ship: Close the container with your perfectly mixed saliva, place it in the small red plastic bag, and then put it into the prepaid envelope. Drop it in the mail, and you're done!

Important Tips for Accurate Results

Avoid Collection If Sick: Don’t collect your sample if you’re unwell, have had COVID, or received a vaccine in the past six months, as this can alter the results.

Skip Supplements: Avoid collagen supplements 48 hours before of sample collection.

No Food or Drink: Refrain from eating or drinking anything 30 minutes before collecting your saliva. The manual included in the package provides clear instructions, making the entire process smooth and simple. I just want to illustrate how easy is to performe this test.

What to Expect Next

Once the lab receives your sample, your biological age will be analyzed, and within a few weeks, you’ll receive the results via email. The report will indicate only your biological age. From there, we can collaborate to implement strategic habits, dietary plans, beverages and supplements to reduce your biological age. If you prefer to undertake this independently, I recommend following the steps outlined in my free ebook, available here.

What a Biological Age Test Really Tell You ?

Even though the test only provides the number of your biological age, it tells you if your efforts are worthwhile—all those days of fasting, the money invested in strategic supplements, your fitness routine, sauna sessions, cold showers, infrared light therapy, and the lifestyle you follow to stay young, attractive, smart, and healthy. Click this link to see the report I received after my biological age was determined by Europe's leading epigenetic test. This test is included in my 6-month coaching package and 2 tests in my yearly package.

If you check out the result I received in my email, you'll see just a number with some advice. The personnel from the lab who analyzed the sample have no information about the age or other details of the clients. Personally, I am 7 years younger biologically, and I am happy because when I started this journey, my biological age was older than my chronological age.

It is very easy to fall into a lifestyle that destroys your health while believing you are healthy because you consume health products that provide no benefit, like the supplements I described on this artice, I recommend to avoid. Most people in the world are very superficial including doctors. Normally your friends and family will ask how delicious the food was, trust me, is more important to know how nutritious it was. A lot of food products and medications greatly deteriorate the body leading to aging and many people ignore it, even health experts.

The Epiage test provides an accurate measure of your biological age, also known as your epigenetic age, which reflects how your body has aged up to this point. This information helps you assess your overall health. If your biological age is lower than your actual age, it indicates that you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle that could benefit you in the long run, even as you get older. Conversely, if your epigenetic age is higher than your chronological age, it might be a sign that you need to make some lifestyle changes, sometimes urgently.

Feel free to book a session with me to work together in reducig that number and improve aspects of your health or appearance. There are many companies providing this test, but I recommend this one because of the excellent service provided. They provide other services that you can explore here. They are available for any country, as are my coaching services. For more information about my coaching, contact me on LinkedIn to schedule a meeting.




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