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The Power of Rife Therapy: Unlocking Effective Disease Treatment and Holistic Healing

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Rife therapy is one of the most effective disease treatments and holistic healing methods out there. Everyone can use this device at home to cure many conditions, and I am going to talk about this interesting gadget below. Its use is completely safe, without side effects and there are many testimonials of people cured of deadly conditions such as cancer. They are even cheaper compared to inefficient treatments such as Chemotherapy. Which is very harmful but provide good money to doctors and the pharma as I described in this article I wrote.

But be aware that a Rife device is not the solution of all diseases even if it can be used for killing any virus, bacteria, parasite or cancer cells in your body. For healing it is important to maintain a healthy life style without stress, and a nutritious diet. It is also important to avoid certain products that are literally pollution inside your body like alcohol, some food products and medicines. Its consumption can deteriorate parts of your organism and the whole body works in team, some problem in your liver can affect your skin or thyroid gland, for example.

In summary the diet, pollution, stress, negative thoughts or feelings, and lack of exercise are the main reasons someone gets sick and by using a Rife device the healing can be done but if the root cause of the problem isn't removed the illness can be manifested again and one may conclude that the device did not work at all. So for best results I recommend to use it taking natural supplementation as well. And now its time to talk about these machines.

Unlocking Effective Disease Treatment and Holistic Healing

What is a RIFE machine?

A Rife machine is a device that produces low-energy radio waves that can be send to a person to kill pathogens within the body as viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells. His inventor Royal Rife learned that different species have their own electromagnetic signature, or pattern of oscillation based on its individual genetic chemical blueprint. Dr. Rife observed that viruses, bacteria, and parasites are particularly sensitive to their own specific 'bio frequencies' and could be destroyed by intensifying those frequencies until chemical changes occur within the pathogen and it would devitalize and die.

Sometimes the microorganism literally explode like an intense musical note that can shatter a wine glass but also these radio waves emitted can be used to balance the resonance of a certain part of the body and heal it. Let me explain, each organ of your body has its own natural vibratory rhythm and when it is unbalanced, the part stops working correctly and disease is manifested but with a Rife device you can support the right vibration.

All of this is possible because our bodies are made of cells, cells are made of atoms, atoms of subatomic particles, and subatomic particles of frequency, energy, and information. So, basically each part of your body is just energy vibrating in frequency and the correct vibration can be supported with a Rife machine but also the device can be used to kill dangerous pathogens as bacteria, viruses and parasites as it is shown in this video.

How a RIFE machine works ?

Everything in the Universe has a vibrating frequency properly called resonant frequency and each microorganism like fungus, bacteria, virus, parasites, amoeba or mold also has a unique mortal oscillatory rate which is the frequency that causes structural stress that disables and kills the pathogen. With Rife devices these resonant waves that destroys harmful pathogenic microorganisms can be generated without doing any harm to the users.

The machine consists of 2 parts, the generator that emits the frequencies and a software that allows you to choose the frequency need it for certain purpose. It includes many presets even for skin improvement, weight loss, hormonal balance, healing diseases, organ improvement and much more. All of this is possible because on a deeper level what we are is just vibrating energy and disease is the manifestation of the wrong vibration of the body but with a Rife device you can support the proper resonance of your body.

Which is the best holistic method for healing most diseases ?

Effective Disease Treatments and Holistic Healing

Incorporating Rife Therapy into your wellness journey opens up a world of possibilities for effective disease treatment, and maintaining good health and appearance. By harnessing the power of resonant frequencies, Rife machines offer a non-invasive and natural approach to combat a wide range of health conditions at home without spending too much money. The human body functions optimally when each organ resonates with its natural vibratory rhythm. Imbalances in this rhythm can disrupt normal functioning and manifest as various diseases. Fortunately, Rife devices offer a solution by supporting the right vibrations in specific body parts. In addition, there are other effective methods to maintain overall wellness and promote good health, such as practicing intermittent fasting and infrared light therapy.

By embracing the practice of intermittent fasting, you can optimize your body's metabolic processes, promote weight management, and enhance overall well-being. This time-restricted eating approach has shown numerous benefits, including improved energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, and even potential longevity benefits. On the other hand, prolonged fasting can be another very efficient method to cure many conditions such as cancer, especially if combined with strategic supplementation.

Moreover, incorporating infrared light therapy into your wellness routine can provide remarkable effects on your physical and overall well-being. This non-invasive treatment utilizes gentle infrared wavelengths to penetrate deep into the body, promoting cellular rejuvenation, reducing inflammation, and stimulating various physiological responses.

Infrared light therapy has shown promising results in alleviating symptoms and supporting the treatment of various diseases. It can assist in managing arthritis by reducing joint pain and stiffness through improved blood circulation and reduced inflammation.

Additionally, this therapy has been found beneficial in managing hypertension, or high blood pressure. There are Hypertension Treatment devices that provide a non-invasive treatment with an infrared light laser to excite heart meridian points of the body to reduce blood viscosity, lower blood lipids, prevent thrombosis, relieve physical pain, reduce and prevent hypertension and stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar.

Studies suggest that infrared light therapy may have positive effects on brain health, enhancing cognitive function and memory by improving blood flow and oxygenation to the brain. Furthermore, this therapy promotes better sleep, managing conditions such as insomnia, and it can be done at home by exposing the skin to a panel like these ones.

Incorporating infrared light therapy alongside Rife therapy provides a comprehensive approach to wellness and disease treatment. From managing arthritis and hypertension to enhancing brain health and improving sleep, infrared light therapy offers a non-invasive and natural method for supporting your overall well-being and combating various diseases.

Effective Disease Treatment and Holistic Healing

Which is the best Rife machine ?

The best Rife machine is Spooky 2 for its affordable price, the different methods it offers to treat conditions even remotely, and the large number of freely available presets whose list is updated month after month. While in some devices like Healy which is an excellent gadget to treat pain, headaches, insomnia and other conditions with frequencies, the presets one must buy, and without them you cant operate the device, and Spooky2 provides them all for free.

This machine is not easy to use, it takes time to learn how to use it perfectly, but there is a Facebook community with thousands of users supporting each other. Also the Youtube channel has a lot of tutorials with excellent information to you be able to operate the device successfully but the cool thing is that you can even treat another person or yourself remotely by sending the signal to a part of your DNA, like small pieces of your finger nails.

Discovering this surprised me because also with orgone generators you can send life energy to yourself or another person remotely by using a piece of DNA. These machines are radionics, they also emit frequencies, but the inventor never promoted them for healing because the pharmaceutical mafia attacks aggressively all the people with very good intentions developing technology to treat diseases in a very natural way, without side effects.

There are different ways to send the waves to your body with Spooky2 like using a laser light, sound or a PEMF coil but the most efficient way to cure chronic conditions is by using the plasma tube. Healing remotely has not a very powerful effect for treating chronic conditions such as cancer. If you are healthy without disease, there is an option to scan your body and find out which frequencies are optimal for your current situation. You only need to use the pulse scan which is included in the Starter’s Kit that cost less than $350USD.

Spooky2 is a very interesting device that I just found out this summer that I going to incorporate to my lab for helping my clients as Holistic coach. I also found the Quatum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer that you can use scan your body to know if everything is Ok inside. By scanning your hand with this machine you can get a diagnosis like this. A very useful report to better understand the state of your body and can be used by your family as well. I added this gadget to my store in case you want to buy it and support this project too.




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