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Hypertension Treatment Device
  • Hypertension Treatment Device


    Acupoint laser watch to reduce blood viscosity, lower blood lipids, prevent thrombosis, relieve physical pain, reduce and prevent hypertension and stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar.


    Acupoint Laser Therapy is an alternative treatment to traditional needle acupuncture. This device provides a non-invasive treatment that uses infrared and blue light laser stimulation to excite heart meridian points in the body.


    It is suggested to use two or three times a day, 30 min for each treatment. It should be carried inside the left forearm where is the radial artery point to receive the laser for improving blood circulation, especially micro-circulation to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks by alleviating the blood stickiness.


    After the treatment, the blood flow rate is accelerated and the red blood cells increase significantly. It also rejuvenates the skin by activating cell function making the skin younger.


    By using it combined with the included nasal cavity irradiation, the molecular structure of the protein in the blood is changed producing a series of biological effects such as lowering blood viscosity, relieving body pain, reducing lipids in the blood, the reduction of high blood sugar level and the stabilization of the pressure . All this help you to prevent a thrombosis.




    - Anti-inflammatory

    - Activates telomerase

    - Anti-Aging
    - Enhances NO (Nitric Oxide) 
    - Accelerates wound healing

    - Improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue




    1 - Ear canal laser probe 

    1 - Nasal phototherapy probe

    1 - Pain relieve laser bean 

    1 - Laser Therapy Wrist Watch

    1 - Year warranty

    10 Days delivery to USA

    1 - Month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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