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What is a Spiritual Coach and How Can a Spiritual Coach Help me?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

All the problems of the world are result of only one thing, and it is a society with a dark, small and unhealthy spirit. This is because most people ignore that the spirit is an area of their own bodies and when it is healthy, huge and shinny you are friendly, peaceful, happy and honest effortlessly, it is what you naturally are. On the other hand you have a lot of energy that you can use to materialize faster everything you want by using your imagination and feelings.

And the spiritual coach is who going to help you to achieve this condition of empowerment. If you are living hard times, if you get sick often or you need to heal some disease, having a healthy spirit will help you, as well as controlling your mind, feelings and training your imagination. A huge potential resides inside of each one of us and I want that you watch the video below with famous people talking about how they became what they are right now.

Which is evidence that shows that more and more people are able to perceive that reality is an energetic reflection of the mind that can be influenced by your thoughts, words, feelings, believes and the information consumed. According to Dr Joe Dispenza, it is your personality what creates your personal reality and the only way to change the circumstances of your life is by acting, thinking, and feeling differently. By becoming who you want to be.

What is a Spiritual Coach ?

It is a person that can help you to accomplish your dreams and goals or create them in case you don't have them. Someone who guides you to activate the powerful potential residing within you, to achieve a blessed condition of excellent health, happiness, wisdom, and strength. This person will hold you accountable to help you to create the events that you want to experience in life, with your habits, feelings, imagination, and subconscious mind.

A spiritual coach is a holistic practitioner as well that can guide you to maintain your spirit healthy with the right habits, supplements, and diet. Often bad circumstances in life are just a reflection of a person's dark spirit externalizing that darkness in shape of events that can only be changed by increasing the light within the spirit. Also, overall health has a connection with the spirit, and when it is huge and shiny a person enjoy an excellent health.

If you feel aimless, unmotivated, depressed, tired or you get sick frequently, a spiritual coach will help you because all of these conditions are the result of having a dark spirit. When your spirit is without light, you are in a state of survival and most of your thoughts and emotions are negative. Hormones become unbalanced, your body functions incoherently, and a very serious health problem can appear. All this result of ignoring what the spirit really is.

So, having a spiritual coach is useful for many areas of your life, like your health, happiness, and success. Because most of your potential resides in your spirit but must be activated to you be able to manifest faster the events you want to live using the energy available there. This light sustain an incredible health, emotional strength, wisdom and happiness because the production of oxytocin, and dopamine are increased when the spirit is huge and shiny.

Very often we need to talk with someone who believes in us, with a person that remember us that our state of mind and feelings are molding our reality every second and that our thoughts and actions have an impact in our lives. If many of your friends just share with you their lives experiences, talk about others or about superficial topics, without doubt you going to enjoy having a spiritual coach if you are into personal development and spirituality.

The most successful people have 3 things in common, they meditate every day, they have a coach and they are part of a Master Mind group. In my humble opinion some of the best spiritual coaches that exists is talking to you right now. Author of the Book The Most powerful Meditation, a kabbalist and holistic expert that can help you to grow your spirit and teach you to use thoughts, actions and believes to manifest your goals. So, feel free to contact me in Telegram if you want to know about my coaching sessions, my username is @Pranachy

What is a spiritual coach ?

How Can a Spiritual Coach Help me ?

A spiritual coach will encourage you and inspire you to take action only if you are enough motivated to accomplish your dreams and desires. If you do not know your purpose in life can guide you to connect to yourself because all the answers are within you but first you need to stop the noise that your thoughts generates to be able listen to yourself. Silence is important because most of them, are just believes and information coming from others.

A spiritual coach can also help you with your diet and daily habits because there are many foods and products such as alcohol that drain the light from your spirit, but there are also supplements and certain practices that can increase that light. And once the light resides in you, the results of manifesting practices, such as journaling, incantations, or visualizations, will accelerate. Also using an orgone generator at home can help you to speed up results.

Having faith is very important and talking with someone about your goals because your voice energize them but you need to chose the right person. Someone who believes in you and this is another advantage of having a spiritual coach. If most people around you are unaware that reality is influenced by your energy and don't have big goals, I recommend you to book my coaching sessions now, but only if you are completely determined to achieve your goals.

I can be that friend you need around you that believes that you are capable to accomplish anything. Together we can plan the way to make your dreams come true, through energy, emotions and actions. Your brain is negative by nature, specially if you do not sleep well and certain thoughts slow down results. So, having someone to talk every week, that motivates you, guides you and holds you accountable is super strategic to accelerate results.

If you are a spiritual person into personal development, with dreams and you do not have a coach, I recommend you my sessions. As well, if you like to take care of your health and physical appearance because my specialty is anti aging. So, contact me in Telegram to find out if we enjoy talking. For me is important guiding only people in the same frequency. Also, feel free to write me if you want to know more about the orgone generators from my store.

These unique devices crafted in small quantities can be used to cleanse harmful energies produced by wireless communications, including 5G, that unbalance your mind and spirit negatively affecting your health, consciousness and vibration. They produce a very healthy energetic environment at home, office, or spiritual center. The perfect atmosphere for practicing meditation, yoga, a ritual, spiritual ceremonies or just for working and sleeping.

I already wrote these articles about them. They were invented by Karl Welz who is famous for inventing the orgonites as well. We worked together until he passed away and this is the device that solved the chronic insomnia and frequent migraines I suffered for 2 years due to toxic energies produced by EMFs available in my bedroom. I recommend them as a holistic coach and that you subscribe to my newsletter to receive my notifications and news.

Thank you ! You are Amazing :)




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