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How to Cure any Disease Naturally in a Few Days ?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Some of the things that most capture my attention as a holistic coach are the spontaneous remissions happening in Dr Joe Dispenza events, where people healed serious conditions like cancers that doctors were not able to cure before. In some cases in only 10 minutes but after days of preparation, for sure. And all this is monitored and observed by other scientists.

With energy is how people healed at these events and Meditation is used to harnessed that energy but the interesting fact is that even people who never meditate before experienced those miraculous healings in these 7 days events. And I'm going to share with you below the more strategic steps they follow and also some healing advice from me as a holistic coach.

Healing with energy is nothing new, there are many Reiki healers who do an extraordinary work even from distance. One of them is Trivedy which impact has been tested, documented and validated with the most sophisticated technologies available to modern science in over 4,000 experiments at numerous research institutes and universities across the globe.

But next I am going to talk about how you can heal yourself without the help of anybody and the cool thing is that the same method can be used to manifest anything in your life. This is why I am following closely Dr Joe Dispenza and applying his formula every day. Because of that I know the most important steps for changing any actual situation in your life and I going to share them next but before some important recommendations for improving your health.

How to Cure any Disease Naturally in a Few Days ?

Some Tips to Heal and Recover from an Illness

There is only one thing that causes 95% of all diseases and it is the lifestyle and only a drastic change in the diet, habits, feelings and thoughts from a person can heal a condition. But also pollution causes disease which influence negatively your gene expression. I am talking about internal and external pollution, many food products and beverages that people consume are literally garbage inside the body that signal the genes of disease.

It is important that you know it even if you consider yourself healthy, products with refined sugars, for microwave ovens, canned foods and ultra processed foods, promotes the diseases that are killing most of the people in the planet. The main causes of death in the world have a connection with the diet because many people still ignore that the environment influence disease and what you eat and drink become the ecosystem for your cells.

Also, air pollution causes diseases and by introducing plants you can keep the air clean in the areas where you spend most of your time even if you are living in a very contaminated city and here you have a list with the best species to introduce at home for this purpose. On the other hand, the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us produces very harmful energies that promote disease and the best is to remove them with an orgone generator.

Sleeping 8 hours it is necessary when you are sick and reducing stress. Which causes any type of disease because under stress your body operates with a very low potential. Stress make weak anyone and promotes overweight. Negative emotions as fear weaken your immune system. For example the killers cells of your body, the ones that remove cancer and viruses can not operate when you have those negative feelings and your body is helpless.

All this information is important to know to prevent any disease and some of the most effective solutions for any health condition is intermittent fasting. Which is part of the method I use to help the people who book my coaching sessions to reverse their biological age. This is because very important and strategic body functions are activated when you do not eat. For example your renew completely your immune system with a 3 days fasting.

After 7 days without food your body produces new stem cells and your old tissues are removed and new tissue is produced what improves the skin and organs. This is the best method to heal cancer because weakens cancer cells, deprived of their defense, renew mitochondria, and strength your immune system which is the one that removes cancer.

The best is that you combine fasting with Turmeric supplementation, and THC oil from the flowers of Marijuana, which is the most potent medicinal plant. About all this I am talking on this article I wrote with advice for healing cancer naturally, which is a very profitable disease for many doctors and companies that use a very aggressive and inefficient treatment while natural remedies as THC oil, fasting and herbs are more efficient, cheap and healthier.

I need your help, please share this information with someone you love or on social media so that more people have access to this knowledge because many methods doctors use are inefficient and even unhealthy. For example, Chemotherapy shortens a patient's lifespan by damaging the DNA and other parts of the body, and natural remedies are much better.

All these are some important tips I wanted to share before talking about the system used by Dr Joe Dispenza for manifesting a better health. And before going there I want to talk about how important Vitamin D is for anyone, many people who died because of Covid-19 where deficient from this vitamin and they could be living now if they took a supplement before getting the virus. It is the most important vitamin for your body.

We are solar beings and even if you take the sun often without sun cream I recommend you to daily consume 5000 IU of vitamin D with vitamin K2. Both are strategic to your body operates perfectly. They are fat soluble vitamins which are the ones that go deeper into your cells and basically your body is just a bunch of trillions of cells. So, I invite you to read this article to know more about this vitamin and the best way to consume it for better absorption.

How to Heal your Body of Any Disease ?

The human body is a powerful machine created by God able to heal its self from any condition and this is something many doctors ignore. It is important that you know that just a few years ago the third cause of dead in United States was medical error. And, to heal is important to prioritize 2 things, changing your energy field and embrace a new personality.

Let me explain you, what Dr Joe Dispenza discovered with all these miraculous healings happening in his workshops is that your energy field is what creates your physical body. Which is the spirit and when a person changes the energy field can upgrade the physical body and achieve a condition where there is only balance, harmony and coherence.

Joe Dispenza has witnessed so many healings at his events that he can predict the exact moment it will occur by observing the person's brain activity live. He can realize that healing is coming by watching the meditator's brainwaves through a brain scan. But is not meditation what heals, it is an entire process and I going to talk next about certain things to consider.

It is your personality what creates your personal reality !

According to Joe Dispenza it is your personality what creates your personal reality which is how you think, feel and act. Then, for healing to occur, the person must build a new personality instead of repeating the same thoughts, habits, and emotions over and over again. He invites people to deconstruct the old personality and build a new one.

For that it is useful to write down the emotions that can be felt after the healing occurs, and trying new things like visiting new places, instead of doing the same things over and over again. That's why his events take 7 days, so that people are disconnected for some time from anything that reminds them of their past and they can focus in building a great future.

In summary these are steps a person should follow to be able to heal. The first one is aligning the energy centers from the body by practicing the meditation shown in the video below. Then, moving the energy stored in the low centers to the heart and brain what activates a huge magnetic field of energy around the body that can be used for healing.

The last step is doing this meditation to tune in a new potential from the quantum field where all possibilities exists. To build any desired outcome you need to become no one, forget about your body, the people and places you know and become one with the infinite dark space that surrounds you. This exercise is very hard for me because of my thoughts.

This is why very often I smoke 2 puffs of flowers of Marijuana before meditating as I am describing in this article. It helps me to control my thoughts and submerge in to the present moment. I do that meditation before sleep to be able to forget my identity and if you do it and you are not able to forget yourself and present reality the activity was not done correctly.

When you connect to the empty space that surrounds you, visualize from there your future self. For example, a person with a very serious illness normally wake up thinking about the actual condition something that a healthy person does not. This is the type of events you need to visualize once you penetrate to the quantum field. It is recommended to write down the feelings and actions you need to imagine during the exercise before the meditation.

And basically people healed very serious conditions at these events because they meditate all day in group and a lot of energy is build up. Also they clearly understand what they are doing and why. Which is important for the healing. On the other hand watching the testimonials from other people who succeed, it is something that helps a lot and motivates.

A New Approach to Treating Hard-to-Cure Illnesses

For healing, it is best to seek the advice of a holistic doctor. Someone who knows that your body has a spirit, which is the largest part of the body and most diseases come from there too due to environmental pollution. Just check out this article from the National Library of Medicine talking about the connection between coronavirus disease and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G.

It is important that you know that you can cure most diseases and prevent them with food. And you do not need to do any sacrifice, you can prepare very healthy delicious dishes but you need to know specific things that I am sharing in this blog like eating the cruciferous vegetables raw. Otherwise the most potent and beneficial nutrients are destroyed.

Also, eating sprouts is very healthy and they are easy to grow at home, and can be added to most dishes you prepare, as well as raw vegetables, and the texture is improved. For example, if you're making pasta, you can add raw broccoli without affecting the flavor, but you should cut it into small pieces first; otherwise, sulforaphane is not produced within your body.

Many people die from what they eat, ignorance is killing a lot of people, this is why I recommend you to continue reading my blog and participate in my virtual events where I teach you how to reverse your biological age and look younger. And if you are interested, subscribe to my newsletter so I have your email to notify you of the next meeting.

Healing with Joe Dispenza's meditations is not easy and fast on your own, it requires a lot of daily discipline but it is more effective and healthier than many other methods. And I wanted to share it because still many people are unaware of their true potential and I want to empower them with strategic knowledge and powerful solutions.

As you can see in all these testimonials, healing can be done in a few days at these events because the support of the group and the disconnection from the past for days. In addition feeling that the future is already here is strategic, so a person who needs healing should not tell everyone about it, it is counterproductive and not real. Disease is only unbalance and a person simply need to work to establish harmony in the body and emotions.

I hope this article motivates you to start meditating every day because going to dramatically change your life and if you want to know about the best habits, foods and supplements to consume to reverse your biological age and look younger, feel free to contact me in Telegram in case you want to know more about my coaching sessions, my username is Pranachy.




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