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How to avoid cravings ? Use this secret to stop eating sugar and lose weight faster !

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Last December I was surrounded by commercial chocolates with a lot of sugar and I ate many of them. At night my stomach was annoyed because I do not eat this food normally but they were gifts and, I just need to extend my hand to have them basically. This event made me understand some of my clients with sugar addiction. I was not able to control myself that night, I was a monster. So, the next article will help you to avoid this uncontrollable behavior.

But before I want to let you know how important fruits are, so eat all of them please, and always organic. For example, the most powerful anti-cancer food is a sweet fruit called Soursop. It has cytotoxic effects on cancer which is the ability of a drug to kill cells. So every fruit should be eaten even if they contain sugar and using honey for coffee is great. Handmade cakes are ok, what needs to be avoided is cheap food with unhealthy ingredients.

How to avoid cravings ?

Sugar is addictive this is why is everywhere, if you want that your customers have an addiction to your food add sugar on the ingredients. It is the most simple way to create an addiction to your products if you are selling food; sugar is more addictive than cocaine. So, now is easy to understand why many people have insulin resistance and diabetes ? which are generated by all those products with processed sugar on their ingredients.

Just by drinking one cola of 600 mg you introduce in your organism 15% more sugar than the amount that your bloodstream should have, which is only one teaspoon. Your body does not need sugar, it can create its own glucose with fats. Sugar is toxic and the best way to control those cravings is by creating a healthy environment at home without cheap products.

Many people are weak and get diseases often because they ignore that sugar is toxic and when your body is intoxicated is higher the probability of getting sick. You need to avoid processed sugar to maintain a strong body, good health, and good appearance. But if you love chocolates as I do, I will give you the best advice ever.

Last December I concluded that the strategy to avoid sugar is bringing at home only the right products and to create a healthy food environment. You need to find something nutritious that you love a lot, like a crazy monster. For example, I would prefer to eat "Goji berries" or my favorite "almonds" with some sauce instead of cheap candy bars or chips if I need to chose. I love candy bars so discovering something healthy and more delicious was a victory.

Almonds and Goji berries are very nutritious and help to the maintenance of the body but also chocolates if they contain more than 70% cacao and no soja or corn on the ingredients. So, bring those healthy snacks at home to be empowering and rejuvenate your organism.

How to avoid sugar cravings ?

It sounds exaggerated but is true “sugar cause aging”, let me explain, old skin is different from the young one just because of internal changes happening in the body when you get older. Well sugar, cigarettes, and alcohol accelerate those negative changes while meditation, spending time on nature, and drinking some teas like Jiaogulan tea or Matcha causes the opposite, rejuvenates the body, and produces cellular maintenance.

It is strategic to find a great product or fruit that you really enjoy a lot and make them your new snacks. Before going to the supermarket eat something, to avoid cravings that influence buying the wrong products. Bring with you nutritious snacks that empower your body as pistachios, almonds, goji berries, blueberries, or some matcha cappuccino instead of juices or sodas. Also, Rooibos tea is very healthy for the heart, skin, and delicious with honey.

Consume your healthy snacks only with your meals to reduce insulin which is the hormone that blocks fat burning. Each time you eat this hormone is produced and it is important its reduction to lose weight successfully and to have good health. So eating maximum 3 times per day is essential for burning fat and only 2 would be the best, but you need to start slowly to avoid destroying your skin because of the lack of nutrients in the body.

By eating only 3 times the production of insulin is greatly reduced and the body can burn more fat and by suppressing the sugar and carbs you burn even more fat. Sugar is the only enemy if you want to lose weight and avoid the production of insulin in the body what you should focus on most. Consuming vegetables is essential because of their potassium content that helps to burn fat.

So, if you never thought about eating only 2 times, do not start today, prepare your body before by consuming some natural extracts to your body receive nutrients that will support this change positively. One that I highly recommend is Gotu Kola to avoid breaking your skin, it contains powerful compounds called triterpenes that influence the production of lysine & proline – two amino acids that our body needs to make collagen, a crucial part of healthy skin, muscle & connective tissue that can help to avoid stretch marks.

Another great supplement can be Chlorella and SPirulina, both very nutritious and the first one is incredible for its ability to rebuild the DNA which is unique. It is the first supplement that I recommend on my coaching package "Reduce 10-20 years of your body age in only one year" And this natural supplement contains both Chlorella and Spirulina. I am recommending it because it is great, I am not an affiliate with them, I am an affiliate of eBay.

The last supplement I will recommend you is Berberine, which is effective as a weight-loss supplement. In this study in obese individuals taking 500 mg of Berberine supplementation 3 times a day caused a weight loss of 5 pounds, on average. The participants also lost 3.6% of their body fat. In another more impressive study with participants taking 300 mg, 3 times a day. was experienced a lower body mass index (BMI) levels from 31.5 to 27.4, or from obese to overweight in only 3 months. They also lost belly fat and improved many health markers.

Berberine is natural and vegan friendly and is one of the supplements I include on my challenge Be Honest where I help people to lose weight successfully by balancing hormones through a strategic diet and Life style. Because everyone is different, it is the best to work with a health coach for losing weight successfully by improving your health.

How to avoid cravings ?

A secret to stop eating sugar to lose weight faster is maintaining your home with the right snacks, otherwise, it going to be hard to not consume them and the most toxic food is the cheapest one so, it is very easy to access them. By going around the city you could find delicious snacks and fruits that you would love to eat like snacks. Chocolates are healthy if they contain more than 70% Cacao and they even boost autophagy, which is a very healthy internal cleaning in the body that happens with 3 days of fasting.

If you do not clean the food environment at home it could influence you negatively. Introducing in your kitchen only healthy and addictive snacks like almonds, goji berries, and pomegranates going to help you to reduce sugar cravings. Your cravings will change during the time and then you will have cravings or addiction to healthy food.

On Christmas I was eating unhealthy products because they were around me, I was sleeping in my best friend house for a week because of new years. And I was like a monster eating them which could be avoided if they were not there. This motivated me to write this text.

I wrote another article with tips to lose weight successfully, which I use with my clients from my Honest Challenge, which is my coaching package to help people losing weight successfully by balancing the hormones. Most people just focus on calories and exercise what is wrong, because by eating low calories you can slow down your metabolism which can be even worst and stressing your body with a lot of exercise the fat burn is blocked.

Other tips to stop sugar cravings are drinking water with 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil between meals. Also, water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar will help and eat a lot of healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil. What going to help you to feel satisfied until the time of the next meal and drink the water with citrus essential oil for internal use only.

I hope these insights to stop cravings were valuable for you, for more information about how to lose weight check this article with 3 products that will help you to boost the burn of fat by the production of ketones. These products are vegan friendly and I found them looking for the best options to help my clients with their goals. If you enjoy watching webinars this free class could also help you reach your ideal weight.

Do not forget to share this article with that person that could benefit from this information. And subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Pinterest if you would like to receive notifications each time I publish some article on this blog or I have something important to share with you. All the content shared is to empower the community of this wonderful world.

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