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How to achieve a higher consciousness?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Most people work with a very reduced potential because they are using only a small area of their minds. The mind is a field of light around the body that expands with the practice of meditation. When the spirit is big and shiny the mind has more energy and the higher mind starts to be in operation. I consider it extremely important to activate it since reality is just a mental projection according to quantum physics. We are just surrounded by empty black space literally. Most people ignore this great benefit of practicing a "real spiritual practice".

Meditation is a very valuable activity because widens the Spirit quiet well. If you meditate every day for years, you will achieve a state where there is no doubt that the mind and your emotions are influencing your reality. Then you can develop your own tools to print in the story of your life, whatever you want. Only after you start to deliberately manifest, you will feel really pure love for GOD and you will be so grateful for giving you this opportunity to live.

For achieving a higher consciousness you only need to activate the higher mind by introducing light in your body by meditating or with another technique to cultivate cosmic energies into the Spirit. In this article, I will give some tips for activating the higher mind and I will explain what is the higher mind, well, basically I will copy and paste below a chapter from my book The Most powerful Meditation, where I am talking about it. If you like this topic I highly recommend you to read this book. So, let´s start with a few tips to awake the higher mind.

Tips to achieve a higher consciousness

- Meditate

- Spend your time in healthy environments

- Reprogram your conscious mind

- Reprogram your subconscious mind

- Avoid all types of toxicity

- Sleep enough

- Do aerobic exercise

- Maintain goals

- Eat the right nutrients

- Maintain crystals close your body

How to achieve a higher consciousness ?

By cultivating cosmic energies in your spirit through a spiritual practice such as meditation or other spirit-widening activity. After years of training the spirit, this field of light around the body becomes huge and shiny and there is a lot of energy accumulated that activates areas of the mind that lead you to perceive higher dimensions of reality. The mind is part of the spirit and with more energy, we function with more potential and when the higher mind is in operation you are able to see how your reality is a mental projection and will become evident that around you there is only a reflection of who you are and this will led you to become a better person and have a better life experience.

Which are the Spiritual benefits of meditation ?

The spirit becomes bigger and strong after practicing meditation for years, as a result, a person stops acting like an animal and becomes human, with a sweetheart, peaceful, happy, and compassionate naturally, without effort just as a result of the inner light.

When thoughts stop the body starts to be nourished by cosmic energies and slowly these energies will increase the size of your spirit, and when this field of light around your body is robust and shiny you will be able to perceive something you didn´t before. This happens when the higher mind is in operation and you start to decoding higher frequencies from reality. This makes your life experience differently, probably much better, if not, at least you know that it only depends on you and that an internal change modifies the outside world.

It is very helpful to quiet your mind in the morning before the day begins so that your inner light brings a lot of good things into your day and the bad things do not affect your inner peace. Do it for at least 30 minutes, otherwise, you will be not doing something that leads you to awake a higher consciousness.

Which are the Spiritual benefits of meditation ?

About the higher mind

The mind is a part of the spirit, the invisible part of the body and by cultivating enough light, the mind starts to operate at a higher level. This only happens when the field of the mind has a shape and it is shiny. This state is represented in paints as the circle of light around a person´s head, this seems like something divine but everything is divine, the sky, the animals, you, and me as well. That circle only means that the person is using the higher mind and this book describes the path. People who don't use the higher mind cannot see the same that mystics experience because they cannot perceive things from the higher perspective of the person working with the full potential.

When the higher mind is in operation, incredible coincidences begin to happen or, rather, one begins to recognize the magic of life, since the mind has a strong influence on the events that happen to us. It becomes easy to perceive how our own thoughts and the information we consume shape our environment; somehow, what receives our attention is projected around continuously with different shapes. People who have not activated it cannot even imagine what I am talking about; it is simply astonishing to know that our reality is printed by the mind and depends on what is inside, of what going to be outside, around us. After perceiving this phenomenon with your own eyes, will be easy to understand how much damage our thoughts and feelings could create and how many blessings we are able to give to our friends, family, and the global community as well as the planet, the plants, the trees, and animals.

When the upper mind is functioning, it becomes easier to manifest everything you want and it arrives faster. Also, will become evident that around you there is only a reflection of what you are. Light is love, and introducing love into your spirit will give you great results in your life and much happiness.

You must prove for yourself everything described in this document, do not believe it please, find your truth, be your own scientist. With the higher mind will be evident for you that many of the things around just came from your mind and even you going to be careful about what receives your attention because it is also reflected, the mind uses everything introduced to build the daily reality. This process is automatic and can be influenced by us somehow.

I hope this information helped you to create a wonderful paradise in your life and feel free to share it with the people you love. Pranachy is starting to get recognized on sites like this that consider this blog one the best 100 holistic blogs. So, it could be strategic for your happiness to be up to date with all the information published by this amazing project by subscribing to my newsletter and by following me on Pinterest, thank you !




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