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Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator Vs Karl Welz Orgone Generator

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Wilhelm Reich made some of the most important discoveries for humanity, the identification of Bions, which are microscopic structures formed from life energy that even appear in empty, lifeless and sterilized spaces, so there is no doubt that life is formed from this intelligent energy. Bions are forms of transition in the process of organizing matter from its non-living state to its living state. This majestic discovery is ignored by most people.

Wilhelm Reich's discoveries were so important to humanity that the governors and corporations who benefit greatly from people's ignorance, created a huge slanderous propaganda ridiculing his discoveries. They always use the mainstream media to convince people of what is real to manipulate them. It seems that a lot of effort was done to keep society away from his wonderful discoveries.

According to Wilhelm Reich, disease only appears when your body is weak and because I know it, I was able to be next to my roommate ill with covid-19 during the quarantine without getting sick, as I am describing in this article. No virus can affect your body, unless it is weak and unbalanced, and it is your entire lifestyle, diet and emotions that determine this state.

So, in the next article I want to compare the Orgone accumulator built by Wilhelm Reich to expose his patients to abundant life force energy with the orgone generators that my friend Karl Hans Welz invented in 1991, that are available in my store. Both are great, but in my opinion the orgone generator is a more feasible tool to use in our contemporary times and below I will describe why I consider it, one of the most powerful spiritual tools.

Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator Vs Karl Welz Orgone Generator

What is an orgone accumulator ?

An orgone accumulator is a huge box or small chamber made from alternating layers of fiberglass and steel wool. Where a person can sit inside to be exposed to large amounts of life force energy to heal physical, emotional and mental conditions by spending 30 minutes inside. What has the effect of increasing the body energy of the user and the natural charge of tissue and blood.

The orgone accumulator collects the natural energy from the atmosphere and make it five times more concentrated inside, where the person sits, that in the outside air. The effect is better if the user relaxes and breathes deeply during the time sitting there. But in this chamber the vital energy of the surroundings is accumulated, which is not always clean and can be quite dangerous to the user being exposed to contaminated life energy.

Because of that the orgone accumulator should be located in natural environments where the energy is clean. Not only to obtain results but also to avoid harmful effects. Life energy gets polluted in contact with the electromagnetic fields that surround us. This is why the orgone generator is a better tool to use because it cleanses the polluted life energy from the environment, maintaining the area with abundant orgone energy in harmonious vibration.

What is an orgone generator ?

An orgone generator is a machine invented by Karl Hans Welz that pulses and cleans the life force energy from the environment. It emits sparks of vital energy pulsating in the frequency that you select in the machine, keeping the environment with abundant energy in harmonious vibration. It is the best tool to eliminate toxic energies produced by electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity to maintain a healthy energetic environment.

These machines are handmade in small amounts by a family company based in Atlanta and I began to support Karl Welz in sales after the generator he gave me cured chronic insomnia I suffered for 15 years. I brought it at home just to cleanse the toxic energies available in my bedroom, but day after day my sleep improved until I was able to sleep as everyone does.

So, let's compare these two wonderful tools so you can get an idea of how amazing the orgone generators are. Something that make me feel disappointed is all the supporters of Wilhelm Reich who imagine that the orgone generator is something that someone built just to make money, instead of trying to find out how much beneficial this tool can be for society.

Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator Vs Karl Welz Orgone Generator

Orgone Generator Vs Orgone Accumulator

The orgone generator is a tool you can use to cleanse the life energy contaminated by the EMFs that surround us. While the orgone accumulator is used only to concentrate the energy from the environment and it can be harmful to use it in a city, where the life force is dirty.

The orgone accumulator is a huge box that you can build by following the instructions from this book available on eBay. This box is not easy to find on sale and keep at home due to its size. And to get any benefit you need to sit inside for 30 minutes while you can keep a small orgone generator in your bedroom on the 24 hours and get its benefits while you sleep.

The orgone generator only maintains a healthy energetic environment and is not a healing tool, the amounts of life force produced are not enough. It seems that the accumulator concentrates too much energy that inside the box the temperature changes. But the orgone generator is a great preventive tool to avoid getting sick from the toxic energies produced by electromagnetic fields that deteriorate your body and unbalance your mind and spirit.

These machines produce the best atmosphere to meditate, sleep, practicing yoga, a ritual or any other spiritual ceremony. They keep the ambiance with abundant life energy vibrating at the frequency you select. Some specific frequencies that you can tune in on the device are very beneficial for balancing your body, mind and spirit and I gathered them on this list here.

Keeping the area in a harmonious vibration is one of the great benefits of having an orgone generator. In addition, you can send the vital energy produced to yourself or to other people at a distance. For that you need to use the transfer discs, which are a pair of discs made of orgonite. And when you connect one to the generator, the second instantly receives life energy, as long as the device is on, even if it is miles away from the machine.

You can create living water as well by keeping your beverages close to the generator. This is the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with life energy. When water is on this state it is much more healthy and beneficial for your body and cells. On the other hand, the water most people drink is dead, rotten and almost no one is talking about it.

So, the invention of my friend Karl is a great tool to keep away all these toxic energies around us that cause deterioration. If you are reading this blog because the anti-aging content I recommend you an orgone generator to keep away those energies that cause aging. And if you want to know more about them or about my coaching sessions, feel free to contact me in Telegram, my username is Pranachy, and if you like my content subscribe to my newsletter.


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