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Why should the bedroom environment be surprisingly healthy?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

ANSWER: To stay young, beautiful, healthy and performing well in all areas of your life. Let me explain in detail, please...

When we sleep the body is repaired and embellished by the cells. If the cells have an environment that disturbs their behavior, the performance is reduced. Therefore, it is strategic to have enough oxygen and vital energy in the bedroom to provide the vitality that cells need to do their 10X work.

The lack of a constant pulse of vital force reduces the performance of the cells, their vitality, so the repair process in the body is pretty bad and it is externalized as aging. Because it is during sleep that the body heals and rejuvenates, the sleep process is important to maintain good health, beauty, youth, and even a higher mental and physical performance.

But there is a problem called Dirty Electricity !

Around 15 % of the electricity distributed on the planet is wasted and remains in the environment. Because of the trajectory of the energy from one point to another, some waves escape from the wiring system and remain around, in our homes, hospitals, schools or offices. Those fields are harmful, interfere with the electrical pulses of the body. The organism operates with electromagnetic fields and electrical pulses, for example, the electrocardiogram is a test that checks how the heart is functioning by measuring the electrical activity of it.

Dirty electricity is strongly attracted by the body and is quite dangerous, it stresses the cells, reducing their potential and greatly increases the possibility that some problem in the body occurs, and I am not only talking about mortal diseases but any other problem such as obesity or hair loss.

Dirty electricity is almost anywhere. We reach a point where we have been contaminated many parts of the planet, but it is not time to be afraid.

It is time to take ACTION !

The best place to start is in our bedrooms, where we spend most of the time and the most strategic moment for our health because is during sleep when the body repairs, heals and rejuvenates. That's why we need to sleep a lot when we're sick, right ?

The best strategy to create a healthy environment in the bedroom is to introduce plants and a Life Force generator to maintain the room with clean air and abundant Vital energy. With a Life force generator, the stagnant energy produced by dirty electricity recovers its natural structure and the cells are revitalized quite well with the abundant flow of Vital energy. These devices generate the pleasant environment of the forest by pulsing the Chi the 24 hours. It is a good idea to have this device in the bedroom because even if you cleaned the dirty electricity with a filter still toxic frequencies from outside will continue arriving there. The Life force generator creates a wonderful ambiance that makes us feel balanced, relaxed and positive. The best atmosphere for an office, kindergarten, hospital or a gym. In this atmosphere is reduced the impact of Electromagnetic pollution almost 80%, it revitalizes cells and helps to sleep deeply with easy.

I consider it important to invest in your health by introducing plants, a Life generator or even a Negative Ion generator in the places where you spend a long time as your bedroom and office to create the environment that will keep you healthy and positive. What is elemental for the kitchen as well is the Water optimizer. These devices create living water, which is the water with a molecular movement and beautiful structure as it is in a river. This high-quality water is much more beneficial for the organism than the dead water you find almost everywhere. When the water remains without movement dies and its structure becomes horrible, then its benefits are greatly reduced. By placing a bottle with water near to the water optimizer for more than 5 minutes, the liquid recuperates its natural structure. The water Optimizer should remain 24 hours on in the kitchen to maintain the area clean of stagnant energy; these devices consume a little electricity and the atmosphere they create is awesome.

Some people do not know about the Life force, and how strategic is the continuous flow of it to have a quality life. Because of that we are offering 10 minutes free consultation. If you want to have more information let´s meet in Skype. If this idea resonates with you write us an email right now to

Take action !

Bring the wonderful atmosphere of the Forest to your home by turning on a Chi generator there, and create an environment that will empower you !




I am Cristian Jordan, author of this blog where I am sharing the best habits, products and nutrients, to promote the preservation of your body. 

In this blog is the knowledge you need to reverse and delay aging, extend your healthspan, and almost never get sick.

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